13.5E: Exercises - Mathematics

Practice Makes Perfect

Exercise (PageIndex{13}) Graph a Hyperbola with Center at ((0,0))

In the following exercises, graph.

  1. (frac{x^{2}}{9}-frac{y^{2}}{4}=1)
  2. (frac{x^{2}}{25}-frac{y^{2}}{9}=1)
  3. (frac{x^{2}}{16}-frac{y^{2}}{25}=1)
  4. (frac{x^{2}}{9}-frac{y^{2}}{36}=1)
  5. (frac{y^{2}}{25}-frac{x^{2}}{4}=1)
  6. (frac{y^{2}}{36}-frac{x^{2}}{16}=1)
  7. (16 y^{2}-9 x^{2}=144)
  8. (25 y^{2}-9 x^{2}=225)
  9. (4 y^{2}-9 x^{2}=36)
  10. (16 y^{2}-25 x^{2}=400)
  11. (4 x^{2}-16 y^{2}=64)
  12. (9 x^{2}-4 y^{2}=36)







Exercise (PageIndex{14}) Graph a Hyperbola with Center at ((h,k))

In the following exercises, graph.

  1. (frac{(x-1)^{2}}{16}-frac{(y-3)^{2}}{4}=1)
  2. (frac{(x-2)^{2}}{4}-frac{(y-3)^{2}}{16}=1)
  3. (frac{(y-4)^{2}}{9}-frac{(x-2)^{2}}{25}=1)
  4. (frac{(y-1)^{2}}{25}-frac{(x-4)^{2}}{16}=1)
  5. (frac{(y+4)^{2}}{25}-frac{(x+1)^{2}}{36}=1)
  6. (frac{(y+1)^{2}}{16}-frac{(x+1)^{2}}{4}=1)
  7. (frac{(y-4)^{2}}{16}-frac{(x+1)^{2}}{25}=1)
  8. (frac{(y+3)^{2}}{16}-frac{(x-3)^{2}}{36}=1)
  9. (frac{(x-3)^{2}}{25}-frac{(y+2)^{2}}{9}=1)
  10. (frac{(x+2)^{2}}{4}-frac{(y-1)^{2}}{9}=1)






Exercise (PageIndex{15}) Graph a Hyperbola with Center at ((h,k))

In the following exercises,

  1. Write the equation in standard form and
  2. Graph.
  1. (9 x^{2}-4 y^{2}-18 x+8 y-31=0)
  2. (16 x^{2}-4 y^{2}+64 x-24 y-36=0)
  3. (y^{2}-x^{2}-4 y+2 x-6=0)
  4. (4 y^{2}-16 x^{2}-24 y+96 x-172=0)
  5. (9 y^{2}-x^{2}+18 y-4 x-4=0)


  1. (frac{(x-1)^{2}}{4}-frac{(y-1)^{2}}{9}=1)


  1. (frac{(y-2)^{2}}{9}-frac{(x-1)^{2}}{9}=1)


  1. (frac{(y+1)^{2}}{1}-frac{(x+2)^{2}}{9}=1)

Exercise (PageIndex{16}) Identify the Graph of each Equation as a Circle, Parabola, Ellipse, or Hyperbola

In the following exercises, identify the type of graph.

    1. (x=-y^{2}-2 y+3)
    2. (9 y^{2}-x^{2}+18 y-4 x-4=0)
    3. (9 x^{2}+25 y^{2}=225)
    4. (x^{2}+y^{2}-4 x+10 y-7=0)
    1. (x=-2 y^{2}-12 y-16)
    2. (x^{2}+y^{2}=9)
    3. (16 x^{2}-4 y^{2}+64 x-24 y-36=0)
    4. (16 x^{2}+36 y^{2}=576)


  1. Parabola
  2. Circle
  3. Hyperbola
  4. Ellipse

Exercise (PageIndex{17}) Mixed Practice

In the following exercises, graph each equation.

  1. (frac{(y-3)^{2}}{9}-frac{(x+2)^{2}}{16}=1)
  2. (x^{2}+y^{2}-4 x+10 y-7=0)
  3. (y=(x-1)^{2}+2)
  4. (frac{x^{2}}{9}+frac{y^{2}}{25}=1)
  5. ((x+2)^{2}+(y-5)^{2}=4)
  6. (9 x^{2}-4 y^{2}+54 x+8 y+41=0)
  7. (x=-y^{2}-2 y+3)
  8. (16 x^{2}+9 y^{2}=144)





Exercise (PageIndex{18}) Writing Exercises

  1. In your own words, define a hyperbola and write the equation of a hyperbola centered at the origin in standard form. Draw a sketch of the hyperbola labeling the center, vertices, and asymptotes.
  2. Explain in your own words how to create and use the rectangle that helps graph a hyperbola.
  3. Compare and contrast the graphs of the equations (frac{x^{2}}{4}-frac{y^{2}}{9}=1) and (frac{y^{2}}{9}-frac{x^{2}}{4}=1).
  4. Explain in your own words, how to distinguish the equation of an ellipse with the equation of a hyperbola.

2. Answers may vary

4. Answers may vary

Self Check

a. After completing the exercises, use this checklist to evaluate your mastery of the objectives of this section.

b. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your mastery of this section in light of your responses on the checklist? How can you improve this?

Syllabus and First-Day Handout

MATH 1332-017 College Mathematics Michael McCarthy, Ph.D.

Synonym: 46837 [email protected]

RGC 303 Office Hours: MW 6:25-7:25

REQUIRED TEXTS/MATERIALS: Using and Understanding Mathematics, 5 th edition Jeffrey O. Bennett and William L. Briggs, Addison-Wesley, ISBN: 9780321652799

Optional: Shrink-Wrapped Bundle with Text and My Math Lab software access ISBN 9780321708953

MyMathLab is an optional interactive online course that accompanies the text. You may purchase access to MyMathLab online for $75.00) from AddisonWesley at:

  • Online access to all pages of the textbook
  • Multimedia learning aids (videos & animations) for select examples and exercises in the text
  • Practice tests and quizzes linked to sections of the textbook
  • Personalized study guide based on performance on practice tests and quizzes
  • Visit www.mymathlab.comfor more information. To use MyMathLab, you'll need:
  • Course ID- mccarthy64383
  • Student access number: provided with purchase of MyMathLab access.

* If your instructor has set up a different course ID for your class, he or she will let you know. If so, use the course ID provided by your instructor.

OPTIONAL TEXT: Student&rsquos Study Guide and Solutions Manual,

TECHNOLOGY:You will need a scientific or business calculator it should have a yx or xy key, e, and log. Graphing calculators are fine but not necessary. You may be working with computers depending on availability and the instructor's discretion.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: MATH 1332 TOPICS IN MATHEMATICS (3-3-0).A course designed for non-mathematics and non-science majors. Topics may include, but are not limited to, sets, logic, number theory, geometric concepts, and an introduction to probability and statistics.

PREREQUISITE:A satisfactory score on the ACC Mathematics Assessment Test. A second option is an appropriate secondary school course (Algebra II) and completion of any TSI-mandated mathematics remediation.

Course Evaluation and Grading Scheme: Final numerical grades will be calculated using the average of five exams and an overall homework grade, each comprising one sixth of the final numerical grade. Exams will be announced well in advance. Letter grades will be assigned as follows:

Radiation Efficiency of Antenna

This example shows calculation of the radiation efficiency of the antenna and antenna arrays in Antenna Toolbox. The radiation efficiency of an antenna is defined as the ratio of the outward radiated power by the antenna to the input power fed to the excitation port of the antenna. The power loss due to the port impedance mismatch is not considered here.

The input power fed to the antenna can be written as

P i n = 1 2 V i n I i n * . (1)

Here, the input voltage and input current are represented by V i n and I i n , respectively. The complex conjugation of the input current is I i n * . The power P r a d radiated by the antenna can be found by integrating the radiation intensity ( U ( θ , ϕ ) ) over the infinite radiation sphere ( S ∞ ) as

P r a d = ∫ S ∞ U ( θ , ϕ ) s i n θ d θ d ϕ . (2)

The azimuth and elevation angles are denoted by ϕ and θ , respectively. The radiation efficiency ( η r ) is defined as

The difference between the input power and the radiated power is due to the conduction loss in the metal-only antennas and due to both the conduction loss and dielectric loss in the metal-dielectric antennas. The radiation efficiency is also alternately defined as the gain and directivity of the antenna. In other words,

G ( θ , ϕ ) = η r D ( θ , ϕ ) . (4)

For ideal lossless antenna, the radiation efficiency ( η r ) is 1.

Metal only Antenna

This example considers a yagi-uda antenna with the same dimensions as given in [1].

Create Geometry

Create the geometry of the yagi-uda antenna with two director elements having the length values of 131.9 mm and 126.5 mm, respectively. The spacing dimensions for the directors are 65.95 mm and 80.34 mm. The length of the Exciter is 139.1 mm. The length and spacing values of the reflector are 141.5 mm and 88.13 mm, respectively. In [1], all the elements were thin wires with the radius of 0.6745 mm. However, equivalent strip modelling is followed using cylinder2strip function.

Visualize Antenna

Visualize of the default perfect electrically conducting (PEC) antenna whose default conductivity and thickness values are infinite and zero, respectively.

The show function provides the name of the conductor and the feed location using different colors in the above figure.

Visualize Radiation Efficiency of PEC Antenna

Plots the radiation efficiency of the PEC yagi-uda antenna using efficiency function within the frequency range of 0.5 GHz to 1.5 GHz with 31 sampling points. As the PEC antenna has no loss, it shows the radiation efficiency as 1 over the frequency range here.

Visualize Directivity of PEC antenna

It provides the directivity of the PEC yagi-uda antenna at a frequency of 1 GHz. Due to the absence of loss, the directivity and gain will be same in the PEC antenna.

Use Copper Metal for Antenna Design

Set the conductor as copper from the metal catalog of the Antenna Toolbox. Modify the conductivity of the finite metal yagi-uda antenna using properties of metal object.

1 Answer 1

Heavy Armor. Heavy Armor. Heavier armor interferes with the wearer's ability to move quickly, stealthily, and freely. If the Armor table shows "Str 13" or "Str 15" in the Strength column for an armor type, the armor reduces the wearer's speed by 10 feet unless the wearer has a Strength score equal to or higher than the listed score.

- Player's Handbook (page 144 Chapter 5: Equipment Armor and Shields)

Not having the requisite Strength score simply means that your speed will be reduced by 10 feet until you meet the requirement again.

Wealth Subclasses

College of Fortune

The Bards who have joined the College of Fortune, have taken to exploring the very aspect of fortune, both with luck and amassing their own. Those who join it, gain knowledge of finances, and are encouraged to gain money.

Their songs will often be about getting a large fortune, or the fickleness of lady luck.

College of Fortune Features
Bard level Feature
3rd Bonus proficiencies, Profitable Show
6th Trick whip, Far hand
14th Fortune wheel

Bonus Proficiencies

Gain proficiency with finance tools, performance (expertise if already), and whip.

Profitable show

At 3rd level, you can imbue your performances with a real feeling of wealth. if someone witnesses 1 minute of your performance using this feature, they must make a wisdom save against your spell save DC. On a fail, they feel that your performance was worth the value of a standard meal for them, and may be more likely to pay you for the performance. They feel in debt until they pay you.

Once you have used this feature, you cannot use it again until you finish a short or long rest. If someone is made aware, they would have advantage in any saves.

Fortune wheel

At 6th level, you can summon a magic wheel that can have random effect. Using an action, roll a d20, and based on the result apply the effect on the table.

YOu can use this effect once per short rest.

Fortune Wheel
roll Effect Roll Effect
1 Lose half your current hit points. 11 Double the wealth of coins on your person.
2 Apply slow effect to yourself, for 1d4 turns. 12 Give advantage on charisma skill checks for 1d4 hours.
3 Apply slow effect to yourself, for 1d4 turns. 13 Give 1d8 inspiration.
4 Give a Detect magic effect to a target. 14 Perform the burning hands, or heat metal spell.
5 A random dead body is animated with no affiliation 15 Apply the Enlarge effect on 2 targets.
6 Apply the Reduce Effect on 2 targets. 16 Use Revivify spell, lesser restoration.
7 Perform the cone of cold or sleet storm spell. 17 Apply the invisibility effect to a target.
8 You have to a random creature for 1d6 rounds. 18 Apply Mirror image to a target.
9 Disadvantages on charisma skill checks for 1d4 hours. 19 Give Haste to a target.
10 Halve the amount of coins you have on your person.Halve the wealth oc coins on your person. 20 Recover the same amount as your current hit points, or give it to another.

Fortune Change

As of 14th level, after seeing the results of an event, you can seemingly reverse the event to give another opportunity to see things play out differently. Taking a seat with lady luck.

When you see someone within 40 feet do an attack, ability check, or saving throw, you can use your reaction as well as expend a bardic inspiration, and have the dice rerolled. You can do so after seeing the dice, such as taking advantage or disadvantage into account, but not after seeing what the result would be.

If it was a non-enemy and was at advantage, you have them disregard both dice and roll twice again. If it was an enemy at advantage, it replaces the highest dice roll and rolls twice more, choosing best of three. Both are true for disadvantage, only it is the lowest that is replaced at disadvantage for an enemy.

13.5E: Exercises - Mathematics

Review for test answer students’ questions. Complete any details from Friday about standard deviation. Characteristics of a normal distribution and a simple example of grading on a curve.

Test: 4.1-4.3 and Mean, Median ,Mode

Determine students’ understanding of histograms, pictographs, stem plots, box plots, mean-median-mode.

Standard deviation hand-in.

The Normal Distribution(cont.)

Reinforce all ideas related to the normal distribution using worksheet “Basics of St. Deviation”. Use technology to find standard deviation.

Complete “Basics of Standard Deviation” if not finished in class.

By Friday: Read/take notes p. 279-281, 285-287, p. 289(bottom)-291, p. 293-4 (top).

Examples of “grading on the curve” including use of technology.

Complete reading assignment. Open notes homework check on reading?

Homework check on reading?

Grading on the Curve cont)

More examples of “grading on the curve” including use of technology.

OPEN NOTES TEST on standard deviation, the normal distribution and grading on a curve. Wednesday, May 1. Take time to organize your materials and learn the material. “Open notes” does NOT mean that no preparation is necessary.

Intro to Statistical Thinking

NOTE: All read/take notes assignments are subject to pop quizzes or open notes quizzes in the 4 th quarter. NO WEEKEND HOMEWORK or MONDAY tests/quizzes if the class continues to work and make steady progress.

4.2 Displaying distributions with graphs (cont): creating stemplots

Review graph shapes practice classifying shapes. Illustrate constructing a stem plot and a back-to-back plot. Discuss center/shape/spread. Draw conclusions.

NOTE: Graph paper works well for stemplots. It keeps data aligned.

Provide more practice drawing stem plots. Spreading data using one and four dots on the stem. Discuss center/shape/spread. Draw conclusions.

Study for quiz on virtual lessons.

Read p. 236-7 taking notes. Do p. 238 #28,30,31,32.

4.2 notes should include advantages/disadvantages of each type of display technique discussed.

Complete details of 4.2 advantages/disadvantages of histograms vs. stem plots. Begin 4.3 “Describing Distributions with Numbers”

Determine students’ understanding of virtual lessons. Quick questions from homework give students solution sheets.

Define and illustrate medians and quartiles.

Correct Tuesday’s homework with solutions sheet.

Hand-in on Friday p. 245 #39 done with a stemplot. Discuss center/shape/spread. Draw conclusions. NO LATES ACCEPTED! Use graph paper.

Read p. 247 (bottom) – 251 taking notes Do p. 250 #41,43,45.

Graphing calculator required for Thursday’s and Friday’s classes. Come prepared.

Quick Quiz: creating a stemplot

Determine students’ ability to create stem plots. Discuss even homework problems not on solution sheet. Determine % within quartiles. Distinguish % from how many. Draw box plots.

Box plot % ditto Read p. 251-254 Do p. 254 #47 Hand-in Tuesday : Create a box plot for the ages of presidents at death (p. 243 Table 4.8) and write two statement about the ages of presidents that use the box plot percents. Use a ruler.

Using the TI calculators for box plots.

Complete Thursday’s objectives. Draw box plots using technology.

Graphing calculator required for next week’s classes as well. Come prepared.

At some point, re-do p. 254 # 47 using technology to practice using the calculator.

“Mean-Median-Mode Facts” (1/2 sheet ditto)

Mean vs. median in real estate sales

Provide more technology practice for box plots as needed. Advantages and disadvantages of mean, median, mode. Practice mean vs. median using real estate data.

Box plot hand-in due tomorrow.

Complete class worksheet: “Mean vs. Median in Real Estate Price Reporting.” Use loose leaf showing all work in an organized manner. Will be checked or collected.

Word problems using mean, median and mode. .

Practice solving assorted mean/median/mode words problems in cooperative groups.

Complete class worksheet of word problems. Be prepared for board work and explanations on Wednesday.

Discuss remaining word problems. Complete any other mean-median-mode details for Monday’s quiz

Quickly review for box plot quiz.

Correct and answer all questions from the m/m/m worksheet.

Read/take notes p. 269 “Poor NY?”

Quick Quiz: Box Plots (in 4.3)

Introduce grading on a curve.

Determine students’ understanding of basic box plots.

Provide an overview of grading on the curve and standard deviation.

Read/notes p. 258-261(top) and


Using the numbers listed in #47 on p. 255, compute the standard deviation by hand. Show all steps in an organized manner.

Ditto: “Intro to Standard Deviation”

Learn to compute standard deviation from a formula.

Test: 4.1 to 4.3 Mean, median and mode but not standard deviation. Tuesday, April 23.

Intro to Statistical Thinking


WEEKS 9 and 10

Discussion of questions/methodology for student conducted survey.

Continue discussion of research ethics using the following problems from the text: Page 180 #44,45,47,48. Page 184 #50. Page 190 #58,60, 61, 65.

Complete hand-in assignment “Are Clinical Trials Safe?”

Read/notes p. 190“Statistics in Summary” and p. 192-193 “Chapter 3 Review” skipping 5. Do p. 193 # 66,68,69, 72.

Hand-in by Thursday (1 per question group): methodology for class’s proposed survey.

Test review including use of book’s website.

Review material for test on Chapter 3.

Study for the test. Consider returning to the book’s website to redo the multiple choice test done in class.

Determine student’s understanding of experiment design and data ethics.

Hand-in by Thursday (1 per question group): methodology for class’s proposed survey.

Real world graph samples, p. 201 Activity 4.1, media clips ditto

Critique real world graphs make students aware of tricks used in graphic displays.

Note: P. 224-226 has more directions for creating a histogram Creating histograms is a grammar school topic.)

Graphing calculator required every day for Chapter 4. Deductions from class participation grade will be made for being unprepared.

Data organization affects perception: Heights histograms using technology

Construct histograms using technology organize the same data set in multiple ways using histograms looking for trends in each, advantages/disadvantages.

Note: p. 238 has calculator directions for a histogram.Read/take notes 4.1(Skip

p. 206 box definition) *

Quiz on Sections 4.1 : Thursday, March 28.

p. 214 #6, 8,10 (Use graphing calculator)

Continue to critique graphs make students aware of tricks used in graphic displays.

Complete all problems and examples related to the previously stated objectives.

Catch-up: Complete all assigned problems and any problems listed in the objectives not done in class.

4.2 Displaying Distributions with Graphs

Introduce an illustrate each of these terms associated with graphs: pattern, deviation, outlier, spread, shape, symmetry, skewing.

Study for quiz. Read/take notes p. 229-232. Do p. 233 #25

Determine student understanding of histograms and an awareness of good/bad display techniques.

Virtual lessons due on Monday, April 8. No late work accepted.

Intro to Statistical Thinking

Determine students’ understanding of modern polling techniques based on research done with Gallup Polling.

“ESP” experiment commentary, one per student due tomorrow. Complete any problems/reading from last week to understand Tuesday’s class discussion.

Determine the soundness of the ESP experiment design. Discuss the statistical significance of results. Complete discussion of any assigned problems to date from text.

Read p. 174-186 (middle) taking notes. On loose leaf, for each of the 7 examples write the title of the example and then state what the point of the example was. Write in complete sentences being careful of grammar and spelling. Due Thursday, March 7. NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED.

Designing a Sample Survey using Biased Questions

Edit students’ biased questions submitted last Friday. Design the survey methodology to conduct a survey at IHS.

Complete assignment due Thursday. Remember: NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED even if you are participating in the blood drive.

Stress the importance of ethics in experimentation. Introduce the 3 characteristics of basic experiment ethics. Discuss sham surgery. Discuss examples summarized in student hand-in.

Read “Are Clinical Trials Safe” article. Summarize the article in your own words. (8-10 sentences) Be careful of grammar and spelling. Your assignment can be hand written or typed but neatness and readability will count.

Continue discussion of research ethics using the following problems from the text: Page 180 #44,45,47,48. Page 184 #50. Page 190 #58,60, 61, 65.

Complete hand-in due Monday.

Complete any problems listed in the objectives for today not discussed in class.

Test on Chapter 3 : Wednesday, March 20.

Intro to Statistical Thinking

Researching Polling Organizations

Introduce students to reputable polling organizations through the internet. Provide work time for on-line polling research. Provide work time for writing biased questions.

Question writing assignment due Friday 3/8. Work on internet research assignment. Only one more day will be provided for work in class. Open notes quiz on 2.3 and polling research Monday 3/11… or Tuesday 3/12 if “E” day gets bumped a day.

Researching Polling Organizations

Continue Monday’s objectives.

Complete all polling related work.

3.1 Experiments, Good and Bad

Use 3.1-3.2 notes sheet to begin putting vocabulary in place for the chapter. Do p.138 #1,3,4 as time permits.

Read/take notes p. 133-139. Do p.138 #1,3,4.

2 day assignment: Read/take notes p. 139-147. Read/notes p. 149-50 “Statistics in Summary” do p. 150 # 15, 21.

Biased questions due. Complete 3.1 as needed.

Discuss open notes test scheduled for Monday.

Hand –in on loose leaf : What was the point of the ESP experiment? (3 – 5 “non-fluff” sentences) due Tuesday 3/12.

Prepare your notebook for the open-notes quiz on 2.3 and polling research for Monday, E Day.

Intro to Statistical Thinking

2.3 Sample Surveys in the Real World

Provide an overview of 2.3. Begin notes for 2.3 using a notes shell worksheet.

Read/take note to p. 110 to supplement class overview.

Read/take notes to p.113 p. 114 #63,65

Answer questions for quick quiz on 2.2. Show samples of biased questions from real world samples. Discuss “loaded” words. Practice writing biased questions.

Read/take notes “Questions to ask…poll” on p.120-21. Read p. 122 #74 to be a better educated adult. Read (only) p.123 to the middle. No problems are assigned from p.123.

Question writing assignment due _______

Hand-in due. (No lates accepted. Hand-in early or with another student if on trip.)

Quick quiz 2.2 (Make-up Friday during class if on trip.)

Researching Polling Organizations

Determine students’ understanding of sampling techniques from 2.2. Introduce students to reputable polling organizations. Provide work time for polling research.

Work on internet research assignment. Open notes quiz on 2.3 and polling research next week.

Junior Prom: 12:30 dismissal

Researching Polling Organizations

Provide work time for polling research.

Work on internet research assignment. Open notes quiz on 2.3 and polling research next week.

Possible short quiz on 2.3 next Tuesday.

Intro to Statistical Thinking

2.2 What do samples tell us?

Discuss any even numbered exercises assigned from 2.1. Introduce sampling as a window into a population. Define “parameter” and “statistic.”

Answer questions for 2.1 quiz. Discuss and illustrate bias and variability in estimations. Use calculator random number generator to produce samples for analysis.

Study for Quiz 2.1. The random number generator of your calculator is required.

Determine students’ understanding of bad sampling and SRS. Review and practice identifying small/large bias/variability.

Study your notes. Complete any class work dittos as needed. Catch-up in general.

Spartan Spirit Uniform Color

Discuss the meaning of margin of error and the formula tied to sample size. Explain the meaning of a confidence statement. Practice writing confidence statements.

Read/take notes to p. 101 “Statistics in Summary” is very important. Do p. 102 #47 (directions are above #47), 49, 53.

Hand-in on loose leaf Monday 2/25 Page 100 “Application 2.2” #1,2. Write in complete sentences. Do not give “cheap” responses just to get the work done quickly. Be careful of grammar and spelling. Typed submissions are also acceptable.

Spartan Spirit Dress Down

2.3 Sample Surveys in the Real World

Complete any 2.2 objectives remaining. Provide an overview of 2.3. begin notes for 2.3 using a notes shell worksheet.

Plate theory and complementary displacement method

With the complementary displacement method introduced in this article regarding plates, it is possible to deduce a constitutive law of a mechanical model from that of the usual three-dimensional (3-D) model. The model studied here is that of a plate undergoing infinitesimal transformations. The method is based on an appropriate kinematic formulation: it decomposes the field of displacements into the sum of a principal displacement, which allows the usual plate theory concepts to be introduced, and a complementary displacement which has been greatly neglected in the classical approach.

The classical hypotheses, whether kinematic like those of Kirchhoff or Reissner, or static like that of plane constraints, are replaced here by the sole hypothesis that the laws of external forces are plate laws: the forces are independent of the complementary displacement and develop no virtual work in a virtual complementary displacement. This being assumed, we show the existence of a global constitutive law linking the fields of generalised deformations and generalised constraints, and also the identical nature of plate equilibrium and three-dimensional solid problems.

A local constitutive law for plates can only be approached provided the plate is thin enough for its vast majority to be far enough from the edge. The most natural way is to assume that the field of generalised deformations is constant hence the complementary displacement is the solution of an ordinary differential equation which, when solved, gives the constitutive law sought. The cases to which the equation is applied are an elastic isotropic material, producing classical results, and an elastic sandwich plate, leading to new results. Finally, when the field of generalised deformations is polynomial, the fields of complementary displacements and constraints can be found by polynomial identification, thus providing Saint-Venant polynomial solutions, as well as the stiffness matrix of a plate finite element.


Study Aids The Keys to Success Negotiation, Correspondence Foreign Languages in 15 Minutes per Day First Steps Communication Guides Calligraphy in Foreign Languages Travel Phrasebook Little Survival Guides

HARRAP’S FOREIGN LANGUAGES Bilingual Dictionaries Study Aids Vocabulary, Grammar, Verbs Self-Study Book Press, Idiomatic Expressions, Business, Slang


Cooking Excellency & Reference

Wisdoms, Coloring Books, Mini-Essentials Well-Being Workshops Meditation, Massages & Gym

Brain-Teasing Boxes & Games

Conversation Guides Start a Language in 20 Five-minutes Sessions Harrap’s Phrase Books

Collection Mon mini imagier

Le Larousse des 1 000 animaux THE LAROUSSE OF 1,000 ANIMALS

SERIES : MY LITTLE PICTURE BOOK Mini picture books with many very nice photos with captions, to enrich the youngests’ vocabulary and make them discover the world that surrounds them. From 2 to 4 years old. Each volume : Padded hard cover, 13 x 13 cm, 256 pages, 300 photos, around 3,000 characters. Retail price : 6.95 €

Agnès Besson, Manuel Alves (ill.)

The first encyclopedia to learn everything about animals, either for a first discovery or for a regular use until 5-6 years old. After naming the animals, the encyclopedia focuses on 3 sections: the animals in their environment, the way they live (habits, homes, calls and sounds, defensive strategies…), amazing animals (lost ones as dinosaurs, imaginary ones, amazing ones, records, etc.)

Collection Baby Encyclopédie hors-série TODDLERS’ SPECIAL ENCYCLOPEDIA A special enlarged volume, with more pages and a wire’o binding.

From 18 months to 5-6 years old. Hard padded cover, 25.5 x 32 cm 64 pages, over 1,000 illustrations 8,000 characters. Retail price : 14.90 € Book code : 7255586

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Le Larousse des 1000 mots THE LAROUSSE OF 1,000 WORDS Caroline Modeste (ill.)

The very first encyclopedia for the youngest to learn their first words! Words are all illustrated and presented in three parts : the day, the activities and the environment. From 18 months to 4 years old. Hard padded cover, 25.5 x 32 cm, 64 pages, over 1,000 illustrations, around 10,000 characters. Retail price : 14.90 € Book code : 5982129

Le Larousse des premières découvertes The LAROUSSE OF THE FIRST DISCOVERIES Agnès Besson, Séverine Cordier (ill.)

The first encyclopedia for toddlers, to learn how to name colors, forms, numbers and express the contraries. Treated with humor, each theme is illustrated with 30 to 40 words per double page and sketches, placed in the centre of the page, establish a relationship between opposite notions. From 2 years old. Hard cover, 25.5 x 32 cm, 64 pages around 1,040 illustrations and 10,000 characters. Retail price : 14.90€ Book code : 2277802

The most frequent questions children ask, organized thematically in 4 sections : the body, nature and science, animals, everyday life. The questions, typically childish such as “Why do we have a navel” or “Why don’t fishes be cold in water?” introduce to a scientific explanation about birth or aquatic life. In addition, at the end of the book, 8 pages of games are altogether entertainment and a way to check what the child learned. 3-4 years old. Each volume : padded hard cover with wire’o, 22.5 x 21.5 cm 64 pages + 8 sticker pages around 100 illustrations and 10,000 characters. Retail price : 14.90 € Book code : 7433364

Forthcoming in April 2016 Comment ? HOW?

Collection Ma Baby Encyclopédie SERIES : THE BABY ENCYCLOPEDIA Short illustrated documentaries on very popular topics among young children (dinosaurs, pirates, the human body, the farm). Each double-page consists of 3/4 sketches on the left-hand page, and one big scene on the right-hand page. A double-page of games at the end of the book plus an envelope that contains a 12-piece puzzle on the theme of the documentary. From 3 / 4 years old. Each volume: padded hard cover with rounded corners, 20.5 x 19 cm 28 pages + 2 sticker pages 50 illustrations, an envelope with a 12-piece puzzle around 4,500 characters. Retail price : 6.90 €

Chevaliers et châteaux forts KNIGHTS & CASTLES

Jean-Michel Billioud, Romain Guyard (ill.)

Agnès Besson, Colonel Moutarde

This book helps children afraid of water to be more familiar with swimming, learn the rules and have fun at the swimming pool.

Discover Paris through all its richness! On the round-trip boat, in front of Notre-Dame cathedral, in the underground, at the Louvre, the zoo or the Plant Garden, along the streets…

Les Transports MEANS OF TRANSPORT All kinds of transportation means : 2 or 3 wheels vehicles, cars, trucks, ships, trains, planes… but also garage, port, railway station, etc.

La Planète Terre PLANET EARTH Sophie Crépon

Types of landscapes, mountains, rivers, volcanoes, deserts, woods, seaside, natural disasters : our planet is unique and we need to protect it! Book code : 5996897

Les Petites bêtes TINY CREATURES Sophie de Mullenheim

The tiny world of ants, bees, spiders, butterflies, bothering, itching, helping flowers to flourish everywhere : in the vegetable garden, along the pond, on the tent canvas… Book code : 8300128


Les Bébés THE BABIES Élisabeth de Lambilly, Eugénie Varone (ill.)

From his mother’s pregnancy to the baby’s arrival at the nursery, the point of view of a child whose daily life is upside down by the arrival of the baby and who learns how to understand what happens. Book code: 1233405

Les Instruments de musique MUSIC INSTRUMENTS Élisabeth de Lambilly, Sophie Verhille (ill.)

The discovery of the various types of instruments and their uses: plucked or rubbed, blown, hit… And the world of music: song, alone or in choir, concert… Book code: 1244516

Chez le docteur AT THE DOCTOR’S Agnès Besson, Colonel Moutarde

Le Cirque CIRCUS Sylvie Baussier, JS Deheeger


Anne Jonas, Aurélie Vitali

Les Animaux de la savane ANIMALS OF THE SAVANNAH

Valérie Guidoux, Charlie Pop

Les Animaux domestiques PETS Sandra Lebrun, Céline Riffard

Les Bébés animaux BABY ANIMALS Émilie Gillet

Le Chantier THE BUILDING SITE Elisabeth Marrou, Benjamin Bécue

Cheval et poney HORSES & PONYS Emilie Gillet, Sejung Kim

Valérie Guidoux, Charlie Pop

La Ferme THE FARM Valérie Guidoux, Benjamin Bécue

Le Jardin THE GARDEN Anne Royer

Je grandis I’M GROWING UP Valérie Guidoux, Claire Wortemann

La Maternelle THE NURSERY SCHOOL Malou Adam, Claire Wortemann

La Mer THE SEA Valérie Guidoux

Noël CHRISTMAS TIME Sophie Crépon

La Montagne MOUNTAINS Anne Jonas, Vanessa Gautier

Les Pirates PIRATES Valérie Guidoux, Charlie Pop

La Politesse POLITENESS Valérie Guidoux, Charlie Pop

Les Pompiers FIREMEN Mireille Fronty, Baptiste Amsallem

Les Saisons SEASONS Sylvie Baussier, Magali Clavelet

L’Univers THE UNIVERSE Valérie Guidoux, Fanny Da

Forthcoming in 2016 JANUARY


Le Football SOCCER Les Chiens DOGS

Collection Mon encyclopédie Larousse

SERIES : MY LAROUSSE ENCYLOPEDIA General content encyclopedias, divided thematically, with large clipped images with captions, encyclopedic boxes, a small comic story. Simple texts, but rich enough to bring knowledge to the children. “Have fun” boxes help children to participate. Mon tout premier dictionnaire Larousse (maternelle) MY FIRST LAROUSSE FRENCH DICTIONARY FOR PRE-SCHOOL

Mon premier dictionnaire Larousse à coller MY FIRST LAROUSSE FRENCH DICTIONARY WITH STICKERS

1,000 day-to-day words, expressions and examples : a dictionary especially designed for young children to make their first steps in French with fun while placing stickers.

An illustrated dictionary with 1,000 words or expressions adapted to the children’s level, with playful examples and “cultural” topics to start French. From 4 years old. Padded hard cover with rounded corners, 20 x 23 cm, 256 pages. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 4333348

From 5 years old. Each volume : padded hard cover with rounded corners, 20 x 23.3 cm around 120 pages and 1,300 illustrations around 75,000 characters. Retail price : 14.95 €

From 4 years old. Padded hard cover, 22 x 29.5 cm, 80 pages, 16 sticker plates. Retail price : 7.90 € Book code : 5981758

L’Encyclopédie Larousse des transports THE TRANSPORT MEANS ENCYCLOPEDIA

L’Encyclopédie des animaux THE ANIMALS ENCYCLOPEDIA

L’Encyclopédie des petits THE KIDS’ ENCYCLOPEDIA

Animals are sorted by their way of living instead of their environment.

Topics : the body, the city, history, nature, the Earth, the Universe…

An illustrated dictionary especially designed to start English at the primary school and reach the A1 level of the CECRL. From 7 years old. Padded hard cover with rounded corners, 20 x 23 cm, 128 pages. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 5967625

A dictionary for young children to make their first steps in English and gain vocabulary with fun while placing stickers. From 4 years old. Soft cover, 22 x 28.5 cm, 80 pages. Retail price : 7.90 € Book code : 5967740

An animated and illustrated series of documentaries to learn a lot of vocabulary while having fun. Simple and humorous texts, and various flaps or pullovers will test the children on their knowledge.

L’Encyclopédie de la nature THE NATURE ENCYCLOPEDIA

Mon premier dictionnaire d’anglais à coller MY FIRST LAROUSSE ENGLISH DICTIONARY WITH STICKERS


From 5 years old. Each volume : hard cover, 23 x 21 cm 48 pages, illustrated full page around 22,000 characters. Retail price : 12.90 €

From the vehicles of the past to those of the future, on the road, in the air or on the sea, downtown, in the countryside and all over the world.

Mon premier dictionnaire d’anglais Larousse MY FIRST LAROUSSE ENGLISH DICTIONARY

Mon Larousse animé des mots

La Ferme THE FARM Sylvie Bézuel, Coralie Valageas (illustr.)

Dictionnaire des bonnes manières THE GOOD MANNERS’ BOOK FOR CHILDREN Philippe Jalbert

For children but not only… a humorous way to remember and take in account the basic rules of social life : say hello, ask for permission… On the left part of each double page, the manner to learn on the right, an illustration using animals to explain what to do and what to avoid. From 5 years old. Format : 20 x 20 cm, padded hard cover, 96 pages 44 illustrations, 2,150 characters. Book code : 5297163 Retail price : 13.50 €

Les Animaux THE ANIMALS Sylvie Bézuel, Dankerleroux (illustr.)

SERIES : TELL ME All the basic questions that most children regularly ask. Includes activities and 3 sticker plates in each volume. From 7 years old. Each volume : 14 x 20.4 cm, hard cover with spiral, 110 pages 400 illustrations, around 70,000 characters. Retail price : 14.90 €

Dis-moi, Combien ? TELL ME, HOW MUCH?

Dis-moi, ça alors ! TELL ME, WOW !

212 questions corresponding to the children’s more usual questions : how many teeth do we have? how old is the Earth? how many dots has the ladybird? 5 sections : animals, human body, nature, civilizations, Earth.

Over 200 questions and games, wacky activities and astonishing information that will amaze your children! Book code : 5929138

Dis-moi, C’est où ? TELL ME, WHERE IS THIS?

Dis-moi pourquoi ? TELL ME WHY ?

Author : Elisabeth Marrou Illustrators : Lucile Thibaudier, Benjamin Strickler, Gérald Guerlais and Loïc Méhée

212 questions organized in 4 sections : nature records, famous monuments, human traditions, fauna and flora.

180 basic questions around 6 major fields (the Human body, Day-to-day life, History, Nature, the Universe and Animals).

L’incroyable encyclopédie junior THE INCREDIBLE JUNIOR ENCYCLOPEDIA Collective work

A general encyclopedia organized in several sections : history (from the dinosaurs to today), animals (sea, savannah, reptiles, insects…), Earth (reliefs, climates, natural disasters), Universe (from the Big Bang to the hidden face of the Moon), human body (organs, functions), environment (pollution, recycling, protecting the planet). From 8 years old. Hard cover, 19.5 x 21.5 cm 128 pages, over 1,000 illustrations, around 150,000 characters. Retail price : 14.95 € Book code : 1536566

Dis-moi, C’est quoi ? TELL ME, WHAT IS THAT?

Dis-moi, Comment ? TELL ME, HOW?

210 questions about the body, animals, plants, the Earth.

180 questions about the body, everyday life, nature, culture.

Forthcoming in April 2016 Sciences et inventions SCIENCES & INVENTIONS Les Dinosaures DINOSAURS

Incroyables dinosaures INCREDIBLE DINOSAURS Jean-Philippe Noël, André Boos, Franck Bouttevin (ill.)

Discover the dinosaurs’ world with a 32-page documentary : origins, characteristics (the tallest, the heaviest, the most frightening, the smallest, the most agile…), species, extinction… And build a T-Rex skeleton in 3-D with 29 wooden pieces! From 6 years old. Hard cover book, 18.2 x 22.5 cm 32 pages, around 50 illustrations and 15 photos 28,000 characters. Size of the finished dinosaur : 23 x 32 cm. Retail price : 13.95 € Book code : 1641749

Documentaries & Learning New

Fou de foot SOCCER FAN Collective, Valentin Verthé (ill.)

All you need to know about soccer, from the past to today : players (legendary stars, nowadays stars, promising players), teams, major competitions, soccer coaches, stadiums and supporters, material and rules, feminine soccer, specific vocabulary, records and unusual information. Amazing stories and unforgettable tokens of the players add some spice to reference. From 10 to 14 years old. Padded hard cover, 20 x 34 cm 96 pages, 320 illustrations around 100,000 characters. Retail price : 14.95 € Book code : 1268493

Le Larousse des records THE LAROUSSE OF RECORDS Sophie de Mullenheim

A collection of the greatest records made by men or given by the nature. From 7 years old. Padded hard cover, 20 x 34 cm, 96 pages 320 illustrations, around 120.000 characters. Retail price : 15.90 € Book code : 5928924

Forthcoming in 2016 Le Corps humain HUMAN BODY Drapeaux et pays COUNTRIES & FLAGS OF THE WORLD

Atlas des records ATLAS OF RECORDS Collective work

A way to discover continents through amazing and surprising records. A serious content, well documented, is mixed with humor, anecdotes, bizarre information. For each continent, in the “strange” approach : relief, climates, population, animals, plants, monuments… with maps, “incredible” double pages, and playful focus in a dynamic layout. From 8 years old. Padded hard cover, 20 x 34 cm, 96 pages 320 illustrations, around 120.000 characters. Retail price : 15.90 € Book code : 7366697

Le Très grand livre des inventions THE INVENTIONS VERY BIG BOOK

20 Histoires extraordinaires de chevaux 20 AMAZING STORIES OF HORSES Olivier Lhote

20 stories, based or inspired by real situations, about the relationship between the horse rider and the horse. For each one, a photo of the horse. 10 of them are reproduced in poster size and put in a pocket inside the cover.

100 % Cheval 100 % HORSE Emilie Gillet

All the answers to the most frequent questions asked by horses-lovers. From 8 years old. Hardcover, 18.5 x 21,4 cm, 128 pages, 120 illustrations. Retail price : 15.15 € Book code : 5981832

From 8 years old. Soft cover, 21 x 27.5 cm, 48 a pocket with 10 posters, around 54,000 characters. Retail price : 10.90 € Book code : 3566688

More than 40 inventions as tooth paste, rollers, jeans, mobile phone, scooter… organized thematically to let children understand better the evolution of technique while enjoying knowledge. 8 topics : health, leisure, clothes, toddler age, school, food, communication, transports. From 8 years old. Padded hard cover, 20 x 34 cm, 96 pages 320 illustrations, around 120.000 characters. Retail price : 15.90 € Book code : 7355586

Je rends mon cheval heureux I MAKE MY HORSE HAPPY Charlotte Clergeau, Laure Marandet

Le Girls’ Book de la cavalière THE HORSERIDERS’ GIRLS’ BOOK Linda-Laure Greff

Hard cover, 29 x 22.5 cm, 96 pages, 100 illustrations. Retail price : 14.90 € Book code : 5923966

From 8 years old. Hard cover, 21 x 27 cm, 80 pages, 500 illustrations. Retail price : 13.90 € Book code : 5935218

Collection Boîtes Quiz SERIES : QUIZ GAME BOXES A box-game series including for each title 100 playing cards, each with its own quiz question, dividers to organize cards by category, a mini-book with rules to the game and the questions-answers. Multiple choice questions will help kids find the answer. A real board game, easy to transport. Up to 5 players, the ideal game to play with family or friends! Box size : 14.6 x 8.9 x 7.9 cm. Cards : 100 cards (6.5 x 13.3 cm). Booklet : soft cover, 7 x 13.3 cm, 96 to 128 pages 200 illustrations 60 to 70,000 characters. Retail price : 10.50 €

Valentin Verthé, Patrick Chenot (ill.)

100 cards divided in 2 categories: for “Solo”, a single player has to answer questions for “Challenge”, the fastest wins. 7 topics : animals, sport, sciences and techniques, art and entertainment, history and architecture, Planet Earth, society.

100 cards divided in 2 categories : “Solo” and “Challenge”. 7 topics : history of rugby, material and rules, competitions (6-Nations Championship, World Cup…), unusual stories, players, teams, records.

Quiz des records THE RECORDS QUIZ

From 9 to 12 years old. Book code : 3311231

Le Quiz des Comment THE HOW QUIZ

Le Quiz des sciences et inventions THE SCIENCES QUIZ

From 4 to 7 years. Book code : 5937479

For 7-12 years old Book code : 5981949

Le Quiz des Pourquoi THE WHY QUIZ

Le Quiz des animaux THE ANIMALS QUIZ

From 4 to 7 years. Book code : 5924139

From 7-12 years old. Book code: 2288889

Le Quiz des filles THE GIRLS QUIZ Michèle Lecreux

From 7-12 years old. Book code : 5916465

Quiz du rugby THE RUGBY QUIZ

From 7 to 12 years old. Book code : 3322342

Le Quiz des garçons THE BOYS QUIZ Michèle Lecreux

From 7-12 years old. Book code : 5916473

Le Quiz de ma soirée pyjama THE PYJAMA PARTY QUIZ Sandra Lebrun

For 7-12 years old Book code : 5982111

Quiz du code de la route THE HIGHWAY CODE

Le Quiz du cheval et du poney THE HORSE AND PONEY QUIZ

Sophie de Mullenheim, Thérèse Bonté (ill.)

100 cards divided in 2 categories: “Solo” and “Challenge”. 7 topics: road signs, bike riding, security, pedestrian walking, vehicles, all around the world, some history. From 7 to 12 years old. Book code : 1133948

From 7 to 12 years. Book code : 5935283

Le Quiz des dinosaures THE DINOSAUR QUIZ

Quiz du football THE SOCCER QUIZ

From 7-12 years old. Book code: 2300000

From 7 to 12 years old. Book code : 5997135

Forthcoming in April 2016 Les Jeux Olympiques OLYMPIC GAMES Valentin Verthé

Tales & Stories Collection

Un soir, une histoire SERIES : ONE NIGHT, ONE STORY - 30 STORIES Oh ! Un petit bisou ! JUST A LITTLE KISS!

Il paraît que le loup… IT SEEMS THAT THE WOLF…

Hélène Montardre, R. Michaud (ill.)

Christelle Vallat, Frédéric Multier (ill.)

A board book showing animals kissing each other, with different vernishes to touch on each double page : soft with rabbits’ kiss wet with ducks hairy with foxes sharp with birds bubblepadded with fishes…

There are many legends about the wolf : he lives in an igloo, sings with a raspy voice, doesn’t know how to read, never washes himself or snores very loudly… The wolf is fed up with all these tales and decides to tell his own truth : he wants to be loved!

From 2 years old. Board book, 25 x 25 cm, 12 pages, around 350 characters. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 2166689

Each book : 30 simple, beautifully illustrated and magical stories. For each volume : hard cover, 26 x 26 cm, 64 pages, around 70,000 characters. Retail price : 12.90 €

30 Histoires en attendant l’école 30 STORIES FOR STARTING PRE-SCHOOL One specific author and illustrator for each story.

Histoires douces à lire avec son papa et sa maman SWEET STORIES TO READ WITH DAD AND MOM Agnès de Lestrade

15 sweet and funny stories about usual little worries, fears and victories of everyday life, staging a frog, a penguin, a super-hero dad, Father Christmas’ son…to overcome fear of darkness, water, monsters to grow up, succeed, be patient, avoid mischief… From 2/3 years old. Hard cover, 18 x 22 cm, 64 pages, around 120,000 characters. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 5744464

To help children to be prepared for their first contact with school : first arrival, meals, games, friends, teachers, nap time, little troubles… Monsieur loup a très très faim MR WOLF IS VERY, VERY HUNGRY Elisabeth de Lambilly, Francesca Carabelli (illustr.)

Mister Wolf is very greedy and always hungry. He drinks a big bottle of milk for his breakfast, eats 3 plates of spaghettis, 4 chickens and 5 kilos of candies for lunch but it is never enough. So when he sees 10 mouthwatering children, he tries to catch them. But he had eaten too much and falls in the dust… From 2/3 years old. Hard cover, 21 x 28 cm, 32 pages, around 3,000 characters. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 5969720

Collection Même pas peur ! SERIES : NOT AFRAID! Small albums focusing on the childhood fears and aimed at helping overcome them. Each funny short story stages a young animal confronted to one type of fear. Foreword written by Doctor in psychology Beatrice Millêtre. From 2 to 5 years old. Each volume : hard cover, 18.5 x 18.5 cm 24 pages fully illustrated, 1,500 characters. Retail price : 5.90 €

From 2/3 years old. Hard cover, 25 x 25 cm, 32 pages, 3,000 characters. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 4000010

Orianne Lallemand, Alain Boyer (ill.)

Carole Bauvers, Alain Boyer (ill.)

Violette is a tiny, funny and mischievous mouse who decided to defy the mighty storm…

Suzie, a young wolf, is afraid of the slightest grumble though her nature would have been to frighten the others…

Même pas peur… de l’orage ! I’M NOT AFRAID OF STORM!

Même pas peur… des monstres ! I’M NOT AFRAID OF MONSTERS!

For 2/3 years old. Book code : 8655549

… Pour un anniversaire BIRTHDAY STORIES Catherine Mory

For 4/7 years old. Book code : 5925904

… En attendant Pâques WAITING FOR EASTER Catherine Mory

For 4/7 years old. Book code : 5937875

… En attendant Noël WAITING FOR CHRISTMAS Catherine Mory

For 4/7 years old. Book code : 5924188

Même pas peur… du noir ! I’M NOT AFRAID OF DARKNESS! Carole Bauvers, Sandra Solinet (ill.)

A cat afraid of darkness, that is rather unusual, but it is what occurs to Sacha… Book code : 2788962

Même pas peur… du docteur ! I’M NOT AFRAID OF THE DOCTOR! Cécile Lamour-Crochet, Patrick Morize (ill.)

Hugo is a crocodile. He is actually much more frightening than the doctor he has to visit. But it is just an idea… Book code : 2800073

Collection Fables de La Fontaine SERIES : LA FONTAINE’S FABLES Six moral tales of a famous 17th century writer that offer a very accurate and humoristic painting of society. Each fable is divided into 7 key moments presented in a full-page illustrated double page. From 6 years old. Each volume : Soft cover, 14 x 19 cm 16 pages illustrated full-page 700 to 1,500 characters. Retail price : 2.90 €

Contes extraordinaires de Noël AMAZING CHRISTMAS TALES

E. de Lambilly E. Lambrechts, R. Mennetrier, C. Deregnaucourt (ill.)

Ten Christmas funny tales: when Santa Claus, sick, is replaced by his wife when he becomes so fat that he can no longer come down the chimney… From 3 years old. Hard cover, 19.5 x 22.5 cm 64 pages, 80 illustrations 45,000 characters. Retail price : 13.90 € Book code : 1386171

La Grenouille qui veut se faire aussi grosse que le bœuf THE FROG THAT WISHED TO BE AS BIG AS THE OX Illustrated by Élodie Bossrez

The frog, who wants to emphasize her importance, grows and grows and grows until she explodes… So just stay humble.

Le Loup et l’agneau THE WOLF AND THE LAMB Illustrated by Romain Guyard

A lamb dares to drink water in the river where the wolf does. Angry, the wolf eats the lamb. The strongest’s reason is always the right one! Book code : 3622301

Contes extraordinaires d’ici et d’ailleurs TALES FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD Sandra Lebrun, Loïc Audrain.

Ten tales from different countries, staging each time a child as the hero of an amazing adventure: Yuna, who represents her village in a race in Mongolia Saïtoti, a young Maasai shepherd whose love for baobab fruits will be the source of many tricks… From 5 to 8 years old. Hard cover, 20.5 x 23.5 cm 64 pages, around 60 illustrations and 45,000 characters. Retail price : 13.90 € Book code : 2966686

La Cigale et la fourmi THE GRASSHOPPER AND THE ANT

Le Lièvre et la tortue THE HARE AND THE TORTOISE

La Poule aux œufs d’or THE HEN THAT LAYS GOLDEN EGGS

Illustrated by Alain Boyer

Illustrated by Jocelyn Millet

Illustrated by Romain Guyard

Le Corbeau et le renard THE RAVEN AND THE FOX

Le Lion et le rat THE LION AND THE RAT

Illustrated by Prisca Le Tandé

Illustrated by Prisca Le Tandé

Le Rat des villes et le rat des champs THE CITY MOUSE AND THE COUNTRY MOUSE

Illustrated by Mathieu Maillefer

Le Grand livre des Fables de La Fontaine LA FONTAINE’S FABLES BIG BOOK The book gathers the 8 fables of the series, that are among La Fontaine’s best-known ones, in a large-format book that includes : The Raven and the Fox, The Hare and the Tortoise, The Grasshopper and the Ant, The City Mouse and the Country Mouse, The Hen That Lays Golden Eggs, The Lion and the Rat, The Wolf and the Lamb, The Frog That Wished To Be As Big As the Ox. From 7 to 10 years old. Hard cover, 29 x 25 cm 96 pages, around 8,000 characters. Retail price : 14.95 € Book code : 1134563

Collection Imagier Larousse à coller

Collection Mes premiers tableaux à colorier



A playful approach of the children’s favorite universe, between an image book and the very first documentary. The child enjoys to find the right sticker and to position it at the right place, guided by the instructions and the figure. From 2 years old. Each volume : soft cover, 20 x 21 cm 16 pages + 2 double pages of stickers (40 stickers) 1,800 characters. Retail price : 4.90 €

L’École maternelle PRESCHOOL Agnès Besson, Isabelle Jacqué (ill.)

Les Pompiers FIREMEN Agnès Besson, Jean-Sébastien Deheeger (ill.)

From 3 years old. Each volume : 20 x 23 cm, 48 pages, 48 illustrations. Retail price : 6,90 €

Les Animaux domestiques PETS

Agnès Besson, Jean-Sébastien Deheeger (ill.)

Agnès Besson, Sophie Verhille (ill.)

Ideal for children who begin to learn how to draw. 24 drawings with, on the left page, the colored pattern and, on the right, the drawing to color, delimited by large glitter glaze borders that do not keep the color, even if the child crosses the limit. Afterwards, he can take the sheets off to offer them for gifts.

Les Bébés animaux BABY ANIMALS

Agnès Besson, Mélisande Luthringer (ill.)

Agnès Besson, Christelle Lardenois (ill.)

Les Transports TRANSPORTS

Noël arrive CHRISTMAS IS COMING Book code : 7211158


Mes jolis tableaux à colorier

Collection Mes contes à décorer SERIES : FOLK TALES TO DECORATE


An introduction to the most popular tales by being part of their illustration. The reader has to place the stickers in order to create a finished album of the story. 20 stickers introduce the lacking characters the 30 left decorate the pages to the child’s own imagination.

16 drawings delimited by large glitter glaze borders that do not keep the color in a small format, easy to use for toddlers.

Except for Le Chat botté and La Petite poule rousse, the texts have been adapted by Sandra Lebrun.

From 2-3 years old. Each volume : soft cover, 18 x 20 cm, 32 pages around 9,000 characters. Retail price : 4.50 €

From 3 years old. Each volume : soft cover, 17.5 x 23 cm 24 pages + 50 stickers 3,300 characters. Retail price : 5.90 €

Les Animaux de la ferme FARM ANIMALS

Blanche-Neige et les 7 nains SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS

Agnès Besson, Marie Kiprianou (ill.)

La Petite poule rousse THE LITTLE RED HEN

Le Chat botté PUSS IN BOOTS

Agnès Besson, Coralie Vallageas (ill.)

Le Petit chaperon rouge LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD

Les Trois petits cochons THE THREE LITTLE PIGS

Illustrator : Elodie Bossrez

Boucle d’or et les trois ours GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS

Les Animaux de la savane SAVANNAH ANIMALS Book code : 2644517

Illustrator : Charlotte Ameling

Le Petit Poucet TOM THUMB Book code: 2677850

8 drawings, such as an egg, a chocolate hen, a rabbit, a bell… delimited by thick colored paths to color and 8 scenes to complete by stickers.

8 drawings, such as eggs, rabbits, bells, baskets… to complete either by coloring or by adding stickers or both.

From 3 years old. Soft cover, 22.5 x 22.5 cm, 16 pages. Retail price : 3.90 € Book code : 3222295

From 3 to 5 years old. Soft cover, 22.5 x 22.5 cm, 24 pages of illustration to decorate with stickers, 6 sticker pages. Retail price : 5.90 € Book code : 4555639



8 drawings, such as Santa Claus, a reindeer, a sleigh, a village under the snow… delimited by thick colored paths to color and 8 scenes to complete by stickers.

8 drawings, such as Christmas trees, Santa’s elves, reindeers, gifts… to complete either by coloring or by adding stickers or both.

From 3 years old. Soft cover, 22.5 x 22.5 cm, 16 pages, 2 sticker plates with 40 stickers. Retail price : 3.90 € Book code : 1240996

From 3 to 5 years old. Soft cover, 22.5 x 22.5 cm, 24 pages of illustration to decorate with stickers, 6 sticker pages. Retail price : 5.95 € Book code : 1241242

Mes jolis sapins de Noël à décorer CHRISTMAS TREES TO DECORATE Karine Naye (ill.)

A shaped book in form of a Christmas tree, with trees to color, freely or according to a pattern, to decorate with stickers, to finish by following dotted lines or to achieve according to its finished half part. From 3 years old. Soft cover, 23.5 x 29 cm 32 pages, 30 illustrations, 100 stickers. Retail price : 5.95 € Book code : 1440431

In a resealable pouch, a notepad with 32 sheets of paper and 150 stickers. Each sheet refers to a different scene, so the child can choose his favorite among snow men, animals, city, Santa Claus etc. Most of the letters include the beginning of a sentence in order to help children find inspiration to write.

A 48-page notepad with nice illustrations to color with pencils, felt-pens or paint, and to offer as gifts. It is supplied with 5 pre-cut envelopes and 5 sticker plates with holographic-color foil.

J’écris ma lettre au Père Noël LETTERS TO SANTA CLAUS

From 6 years old. Plastic pouch including a notepad, 32 sheets, format 15.5 x 21.5 cm 5 sticker plates, format 14.8 x 20.8 cm. Retail price : 6.95 € Book code : 1268739

Mes tableaux de Noël à colorier et à offrir CHRISTMAS SCENES GIFTS TO COLOR

From 4 years old. Notepad, 20 x 24 cm 48 pages, around 60 illustrations, 5 sticker plates, 5 pre-cut envelopes. Retail price : 8.95 € Book code : 1269354

Collection Coloriages très magiques SERIES : MAGIC COLORING BOOKS Alain Boyer (ill.)

32 drawings to color, using, in each volume, three coloring codes : color dots, numbers and letters or symbols and fruits. A form adapted to the age group, with a color range easy to recognize and some areas already colored to guide the child. Recreational as well as educative. From 5 years old. Each volume : soft cover, 21 x 29.7 cm, 32 pages. Retail price : 4.90 €

Mon Art Book à colorier SERIES : MY ART BOOK TO COLOR Models to complete with marker pens, pencils, pastels. 10 sketches of drawings to continue, appealing to the child’s imagination. Possibility of taking off the drawn pages to offer them as a gift or put them on the wall with a picture frame. From 8 years old. Each volume : soft cover with rounded corners, 21 x 20.5 cm, 64 pages. Retail price : 6.90 €

Couleurs, chiffres et lettres COLORS, NUMBERS AND LETTERS

Couleurs, symboles et fruits COLORS, SYMBOLS AND FRUITS


Couleurs, symboles et contes COLORS, SYMBOLS AND TALES Book code : 3422335

Couleurs, symboles et vacances COLORS, SYMBOLS AND HOLLYDAYS Book code : 3411223

Mandalas – Illusions d’optique OPTICAL ILLUSIONS MANDALAS


Mandalas – Nature & Animaux NATURE & ANIMALS MANDALAS Book code : 3200072

Mandalas - 60 modèles à colorier MANDALAS - 60 MODELS TO COLOR Book code : 8644455

Croquis de mode 500 modèles à colorier FASHION SKETCHES 500 MODELS TO COLOR Book code : 8733343

From 6-7 3 years years old old NEW


All that girls need to play and have activities, such as: build a chest of drawer for your secret stuff or a shadow theatre, make Brazilian bracelets… Step-bystep diagrams, tear-off-sheet games, stickers, activity pockets and a poster. From 6-7 years old. Hard cover, 25.5 x 25.5 cm, 36 pages with stickers, tear-off sheets, pockets with activities and, inside the cover, a large pocket with a poster on one side, a writing pad on the other. Retail price : 15.15 € Book code : 5599022

Boys’ Book Junior THE JUNIOR BOYS’ BOOK Michèle Lecreux

Bracelets, manchettes et breloques en élastiques RUBBER-BAND BRACELETS, CUFFS AND CHARMS Collective work

Girls’ Book Le Petit manuel des filles curieuses et débrouillardes THE GIRLS’ BOOK THE LITTLE GUIDEBOOK FOR SMART & RESOURCEFUL GIRLS

12 models of sophisticated rubber-band bracelets and charms. Photos and patterns, tips, tricks and advice to choose the material, use the loom and acquire the technical skill.

Girls’ Book Cahier de filles – Spécial vacances GIRLS’ BOOK – MY HOLIDAY NOTEBOOK

For 8 to 12 years old. Otabind, rounded spine, 16.5 x 20 cm, 128 pages over 350 illustrations, around 110,000 characters. Retail price : 13.10 € Book code : 5923909

THE essential notebook for teenage girls to spend an unforgettable holiday time! Useful advice such as “How to make friends during the holiday”, games, tests, coloring, cooking recipes for afternoon snacks and evening parties, girl craft activities (nail party, paracord jewelry).

Numerous activities for boys: build a fortified castle, perform magic tricks, become a spy, make a cartoon, play marbles, become an expert in soccer… Step-by-step diagrams, activity pockets, tear-off-sheet games, stickers and a poster. From 6-7 years old. Hard cover, 25.5 x 25.5 cm, 36 pages with stickers, tear-off sheets, pockets with activities and, inside the cover, a large pocket with a poster on one side, a writing pad on the other. Retail price : 15.15 € Book code : 5599030

For 8 to 12 years old. Otabind, rounded spine, 16.5 x 20 cm, 128 pages over 300 illustrations, around 110,000 characters. Retail price : 13.10 € Book code : 5916481

L’Atelier des petits gourmands THE LITTLE GOURMETS’ PASTRY WORKSHOP Olivier Stehly

From 11 to 14 years old. Soft cover, 18.5 x 24.5 cm 96 pages, 250 illustrations 8,000 characters. Retail price : 8.90 € Book code : 8847999

Le Boys’ book des petits aventuriers THE ADVENTURE BOYS’ BOOK

From 8 to 12 years old. Soft cover, 21 x 21 cm 48 pages, 12 full-page photos plus patterns 35,000 characters. Retail price : 8.90 € Book code : 3155628

Girl’s Book Mon carnet de l’année GIRLS’ BOOK MY YEAR NOTEBOOK Caroline De Hugo

A practical notebook for girls to customize and make it own with attached sticker boards. Information about topics of interest for 11-14 year-old: cooking, activities, tests, junior high-school life, questions about puberty, friends, love… From 11 years old. Hard cover with wire’o, 16.5 x 20 cm, 128 pages with stickers 110,000 characters. Retail price : 14.90 € Book code : 7411142

A young and talented chef shares his passion for pastry with young readers in 27 amazing recipes, such as Pistachio and chocolate financiers or Nutella® cupcakes… For each recipe : 5 step-by-step photos plus one for the final result, time needed and level of difficulty. From 7 to 12 years old. Hardcover, 21 x 27 cm 64 pages, over 160 photos 8,000 characters. Retail price : 14.90 € Book code : 5297080

Plastique fou CRAZY PLASTIC

The box includes a booklet explaining how to make all sorts of objects using plastic, with patterns for creating badges, hair clips, objects to stick on every kind of support and the material required to make earrings, necklaces and bracelets, magnets, rings and a key ring.

SERIES : GAME NOTEBOOKS Over 30 brain-stimulating games for children : observation, logic, drawing by following numbers… From 7 years old. Each volume : soft cover, 16.8 x 22 cm 48 pages. Retail price : 4.90 €

From 9 to 12 years old. Box : 24 x 12 x 2.5 cm. Booklet, 12 x 17 cm 32 pages 8,000 characters. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 1377859

Mes bracelets Kumihimo MY KUMIHIMO BRACELETS Sandra Lebrun, Olivier Ploton (phot.)

In a box, a 32-page booklet to create 10 Kumihimo bracelets, a weaving wheel and 4 skeins of satin thread (rose, orange, turquoise, multicolored). It gives also tips and tricks to create your own models, inspired from the kit shown. From 9 to 12 years old. Box : 24 x 12 x 2.5 cm. Booklet : 12 x 17 cm 32 pages 9,000 characters. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 4666774

Cherche l’erreur ! WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? Aurore Meyer, Laurent Audouin (ill.)

Differences, hidden objects, anomalies, odd one out, etc. Book code : 7588998

Remue-méninges BRAIN TEASERS Aurore Meyer, Laurent Kling (ill.)

Labyrinths, logic games, calculation, drawing by numbers… Book code : 7688999

Cartes à gratter SCRAPING DRAWING CARDS Collective work

This box includes the accessories needed to make 20 scraping drawing cards (more if you divide the plates) : an 8-page booklet to explain the technique, give tricks and advice a bamboo stylus, 10 scraping drawing plates, 20 scraping drawing cards with various colors : blue, orange, red, violet and silver, glittering, holographic and rainbow-colored. From 9 to 12 years old. Box : 24 x 12 x 2.5 cm. 20 cards to scratch. 10 stencil plates, 10.6 x 16.2 cm colors : red, orange, silver, rainbow, blue, purple, holographic silver 100 illustrations. Booklet, 12 x 17 cm 8 pages 3,000 characters. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 4677885

Perles à repasser FUSIBLE PLASTIC BEADS Marie Debuisson, Olivier Ploton (phot.)

The box includes a booklet with 35 objects made out of fusible plastic beads (jewels, key rings, birthday and Christmas cards, magnets, coasters, bookmarks…), 800 beads of 8 different colors, 2 pegboards (round + square), a metallic chain, 2 earring loops, a key ring, 10 small rings, a baking paper sheet (to use with a clothes iron to melt the beads together once they’re on the pegboard). From 9 to 12 years old. Box : 24 x 18 x 2.5 cm. Booklet : soft cover, 12 x 17 cm 32 pages, around 40 photos and 12,500 characters. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 1400081

Bracelets chics CHIC BRACELETS Bonjour Darling

A whole-in-one box : all the equipment to produce 12 trendy bracelets and a 32-page book with tips and tricks to customize them and create your own models. 30 beads, 4 skeins (2 in metallic color), 5 charms, 2 satin strings, 1 golden chain, clasps, rings… From 11 years old. Box : 24 x 18 x 3.2 cm Box-set : one 32-page book, 30 beads, 4 skeins, 5 charms, 2 satin strings, 1 golden chain, clasps, rings. Book : 17 x 23 cm Retail price : 13.90 € Book code : 7266697

Collection Cahiers anti-stress

Collection Blocs anti-stress



A series of drawing books designed to relax, in a spirit of letting off steam and freeing inspiration. This notebooks series offers superb patterns, inspired by several artistic forms, to color : 50 drawings, traced in black, to fill with colors at the end of the book, 10 sketches to continue on one’s own.

A series of drawing notepads designed to relax, in a spirit of letting off steam and freeing inspiration. A drawing pad, with thick tear-off sheets of paper to be placed on a wall after coloring. 5 to 10 minutes to spend each day: a trendy and relaxing leisure.

Each volume : soft cover, 16.8 x 22 cm 64 pages, 50 illustrations and 10 drawings to continue. Retail price : 4.99 €

Each volume: a soft covered notepad with a hard back, 21 x 21 cm 72 pages, 50 illustrations and 10 drawings to continue 1,500 characters. Retail price: 8.90 €

Inspiration Toltèque INSPIRATION : TOLTEC


Inspiration Aztèques INSPIRATION : AZTECS Book code : 5300128

Inspiration Illusions d’optique INSPIRATION : OPTICAL ILLUSIONS

Inspiration Chats INSPIRATION : CATS


Inspiration Amazonie INSPIRATION: AMAZONIA


Inspiration Tattoos INSPIRATION : TATTOOS


Inspiration d’Orient INSPIRATION : ORIENTAL MANDALAS Book code : 5939632

Inspiration vintage INSPIRATION : VINTAGE MANDALAS Book code : 5939491

Dessins aux carreaux GRID DRAWING Book code : 2877859

Inspiration Fleurie INSPIRATION: FLOWERS Book code : 6188958

Inspiration Bollywood INSPIRATION: BOLLYWOOD Book code : 8344492

Inspiration Japon INSPIRATION: JAPAN Book code : 3288878

Inspiration Nature INSPIRATION: NATURE Book code : 3299989

Collection Coloriages anti-stress par

Collection Coloriages anti-stress point



Recreate animal portraits, beautiful landscapes, imaginary worlds… Each scene is divided in small numbered zone and each number corresponds to a color. A color scale is given at the top of the drawing and a model of the finished colored given at the end.

30 mysterious drawings to reveal by tracing lines through 350 to 500 numbered points. Find number 1 and then follow the numbers to discover a newspaper stand, a wild geese fly or a cactus landscape… Each time a number appears in a bigger size, raise your pencil and begin a new line of drawing… Use color pencils according to the colors of the numbers.

Each volume : a soft covered notepad with a hard back, 23.3 x 29.7 cm 64 pre-cut pages, 31 illustrations. Retail price: 9.90 €

Paysages à colorier par numéros LANDSCAPES YO COLOR BY NUMBERS Book code : 4033414

Animaux & Cie à colorier par numéros ANIMALS & CO TO COLOR BY NUMBERS Book code : 4011192

La Ville point à point THE CITY, POINT-TO-POINT Book code : 4066747

Collection Sous-main à colorier You like scribbling on your planning while talking on the phone? This desk pad is for you! In a large-format page for each week of the year: scenes and landscapes to color, a Monday-to-Sunday calendar and place to note your to-do list, appointments, memento, phone numbers. Each volume : soft cover, 37 x 27.5 cm 56 pages, 56 illustrations. Retail price : 8.90 €


Each volume : a soft covered notepad with a hard back, 23.3 x 29.7 cm 64 tear-off pages, 31 illustrations. Retail price : 9.90 €

Voyages point à point JOURNEYS, POINT-TOPOINT Book code : 4088969

Voyages extraordinaires AMAZING JOURNEYS

Jardins merveilleux WONDERFUL GARDENS

Collection Calendriers à colorier SERIES: CALENDARS TO COLOR A playful and original way to relax and keep organized. Thanks to its hard-cover binding and its ribbon closing the calendar, it stands on a desk, a shelf. Each volume: hardcover notepad, 20.4 x 14 cm 148 detachable pages, 74 illustrations. Retail price : 9.95 €

100 Mandalas zen 100 ZEN MANDALAS

Mondes imaginaires à colorier par numéros IMAGINERY WORLDS TO COLOR BY NUMBERS Book code : 4055636

Various patterns of all kinds, traditional or creative… Hard cover with window, format 20 x 21 cm 128 pages. Retail price : 11.90 € Book code : 5939483

La Nature point à point NATURE, POINT-TO-POINT

Chats point à point CATS, POINT-TO-POINT


Esprit Urbain URBAN SPIRIT

Collection Coloriages d’art anti-stress

Cartes postales à colorier



Relax while coloring paintings from famous artists and discover some major large-format art reproductions.

Recreate the wonder of art reproductions. Each scene is divided into tiny delimited areas that include reference color dots to fill the area.

Each volume : soft cover with jacket, 21 x 29.7 cm 40 pages. Retail price : 8.90 €

Each volume : soft cover, 20 x 20 cm 96 pages of thick paper, more than 25 illustrations. Retail price : 7.90 €

SERIES : ART POSTCARDS TO COLOR In a tear-off pad, 18 large-format pre-cut postcards that you can pull-off, keep or send to your family or friends. In addition, 18 patterns that you can use in the same way. Each volume : soft cover with jacket, 23.5 x 16.5 cm 40 pages. Retail price : 6.90 €

Merveilles de la nature AMAZING NATURE Book code : 5588981

Forthcoming in 2016 Monet MONET Van Gogh VAN GOGH

Chefs d’œuvre du musée d’Orsay MASTERPIECES OF ORSAY MUSEUM Book code : 8823766


Urban graffiti URBAN GRAFFITI

Collection Cartes à l’aquarelle anti-stress Collection 52… à colorier et méditer

Collection Coffrets « Sagesse »



Twelve patterns of amazing cities, places or monuments of interest, presented in the form of an accordion fold postcards pad. A watercolor palette is included + a paint brush to paint the drawings. Once painted, the 12 postcards can be torn-off and sent to your friends.

Drawings to color, presented on tear-off cards with messages. Once colored, the illustrated message cards can be offered as gift or greeting cards. The activity will help you look on the bright side of life!

In a boxed-set, 48 postcards folded in accordion with 3 doubletipped felt pens. The drawings can also be used with pencils. Let your mind wander through exotic wisdoms…

Each volume : soft cover, 20.5 x 24 cm 24 pages, 12 patterns. Retail price : 7.90 €

Each volume : soft cover, 16.5 x 16.5 cm 112 pages, 52 illustrations around 4,500 characters. Retail price : 7.90 €

52 messages zen et antistress à colorier 52 ZEN AND ANTISTRESS MESSAGES TO COLOR

Sagesses chamaniques SHAMANIC WISDOM

Sagesses polynésiennes POLYNESIAN WISDOM

52 bonnes résolutions à colorier 52 GOOD RESOLUTIONS TO COLOR

52 pensées positives et remonte-moral à colorier 52 POSITIVE THOUGTS TO COLOR & CHEER UP

Box : soft cover, 16.7 x 15.7 x 2.1 cm 48 pages, 24 postcards. 3 double-tipped felt pens. Retail price : 8.90 €

52 messages de sagesse à colorier 52 WISDOM MESSAGES TO COLOR

Sagesses hindoues HINDU WISDOM

Collection Coffrets « Esprit »

SERIES : “SPIRIT”COLORING BOXES In a boxed-set, a drawing pad with 32 tear-off thick sheets and 4 double-tipped felt pens. Each box focuses on a particular theme : Indian-style, Japanese-style, Arabesque-Style, Spring-style. The coloring can also be done using color pencils. Box : soft cover, 27.5 x 21 x 1.5 cm. Book : 64 pages, 31 illustrations. 4 double-tipped felt pens. Retail price : 12.90 €


A boxed-set including all the necessary material to paint a triptych representing a lake shore: 3 artworks, forming a triptych, to paint, following numbered zones 1 paint brush and 10 cups filled with acrylic painting.

A 32-page paper pad with large letters to color with floral patterns. 10 doubletipped felt pens included. Box : 20 x 29.5 cm x 2.5 cm. Paper pad: 32 pages. Retail price : 17.90 € Book code : 1412993



Box: 19.9 x 29 x 2.5 cm cm 3 patterns of 19.6 x 29 cm 10 paint cups. Retail price: 10.95 € Book code: 1413362

Sur les quais ALONG THE RIVER FRONT Camille de Montmorillon

Esprit Printemps SPRING SPIRIT COLORING BOX Book code : 5200088

Arabesques ARABESQUE SPIRIT COLORING BOX Book code : 7644548

Initiation au voyage INVITATION TO AN ANTI-STRESS JOURNEY Collective work

50 drawings to color and 12 doubletipped felt pens. Box : 36.5 x 21.2 x 1.6 cm. Paper pad: 64 pages. Retail price : 19.95 € Book code : 1520323

A box-set including all the material necessary to paint a triptych representing a Parisian view of the Seine river: 3 artworks to paint, following numbered zones 1 paint brush and 10 cups filled with acrylic painting. Box : 19.9 x 29 x 2.5 cm cm 3 patterns of 19.6 x 29 cm 10 paint cups. Retail price : 10.95 € Book code : 1401302

Collection Les carnets de croquis

A series of painting and drawing exercises that give concrete technical learning in the form of very nice travel notebooks.

A series of sketching exercises and techniques, accessible for both amateurs and beginners.

Each volume : reinforced soft cover, 25 x 21 cm, 150 illustrations, 96 pages, around 140,000 characters. Retail price : 18.20 € (except Le dessin botanique : 19.50 €)

For each title : Integra cover, 25 x 21 cm, 180 illustrations, 96 pages, around 85,000 characters. Retail price : 18.20 €

From scratch to elaborated sketches, all the useful tips and step-by-step to make your own travel notebook.

Objets du quotidien à l’aquarelle WATERCOLOR DAY-TO-DAY OBJECTS

Le Dessin naturaliste en bord de mer NATURALIST DRAWING BY THE SEASIDE

The author, altogether architect, drawer, watercolorist and traveler, gives his advice to choose the material, settle down, free the picturesque gesture, learn how to watch, acquire the space perception… in 4 chapters: objects in perspective and space, simple objects, objects details, objects with more complexity.

Observe, draw and paint the nature by the seaside. Basics of drawing, materials, tips, examples and steps to follow. Book code : 5923479

Le Dessin de nu. Anatomie et modèle vivant NUDE DRAWING, THE LIVING MODEL Thomas Wienc

Understand the human anatomy and learn how to place yourself to draw the nude and the living model. Book code : 5577754

Le Dessin en perspective à main levée FREEHAND PERsPECTIVE DRAWING

Le Dessin naturaliste. Dessiner la nature dans le détail NATURALIST DRAWING, DRAW NATURE IN DETAILS… Agathe Ravet-Haevermans

A progressive approach to draw and paint freehand from nature without losing the perspective.

How to practice naturalist drawing. A precise observation and description of the natural environments (humid setting, plain, forest…).

Carnets de voyages TRAVEL NOTEBOOK Cécile Alma-Filliette

Le Dessin botanique BOTANICAL DRAWING Understand and practice botanical drawing. Step-by-step techniques, advice, illustrated examples to draw flowers and plants.

Saisir les personnages à l’aquarelle SKETCH CHARACTERS WITH WATERCOLOURS Jean-François Galmiche

Draw characters using charcoal, pencil, ink pen, watercolor or wash ink… Learn how to respect proportions, work with a live model, sketch in a short time and find your own style. Book code : 5909148

Villes et architectures à l’aquarelle WATER COLOURS CITIES & ARCHITECTURE Jean-François Galmiche

With little material, learn how to sketch on the spot urban landscapes with water colors.

Cahier de styles à dessiner STYLES DRAWING BOOK Annabel Bénilan

Draw fashion styles (clothes and accessories) such as Lolita, Bohemian Bourgeois or Rockabily. For teenagers and adults. Soft cover, 21 x 27, 5 cm, 128 pages, 70 illustration plates, 42 silhouettes to dress up, 8,000 characters. Retail price : 11.90 € Book code : 5923784

Comment saisir les paysages à l’aquarelle SKETCH LANDSCAPE WITH WATERCOLOURS Jean-François Galmiche

Learn how to sketch on the spot and with watercolors the various landscapes you come across. Book code : 5585567

Comment dessiner des projets d’aménagement à main levée SKETCH YOUR HOME Gilles Ronin

Draw freehand your inside home to carry out fitting changes and new projects. Book code : 5578075

Petit cahier de griffonnage spécial mode THE LITTLE FASHION DOODLE BOOK Annabel Bénilan & Violette Bénilan

Fashion clothes, accessories and scenes to color and complete, sometimes guided, or following artist’s steps, or feeling free to invent from scratch. Soft cover, 18.5 x 26 cm, 144 pages, 1,000 illustrations, 2,500 characters. Retail price : 11.05 € Book code : 5923594

Collection Carnets de griffonnage

Nice and handy notebooks to handle everyday while sketching at the same time. Basic drawing techniques for beginners and various patterns explained step by step to develop your drawing skills. Each volume : hard cover, elastic band, 13 x 19 cm 128 pages, 200 to 350 illustrations one pencil or ballpoint pen. Retail price : 8.50 €

Lettres enluminées ILLUMINATED LETTERS Jane Sullivan

Gardening Doodle Books / Origami

Original models for all ages by one of the best origami French authors. Aside the patterns, explained step-by-step, 112 to 144 pre-cut sheets, full-color decorated, provide a wide range of possibilities for origami foldings. Each volume: soft cover, 21 x 19.5 cm 300 to 344 pages, including 112 to 144 pre-cut sheets illustrated in 4 colors. Retail price : 15.90 & 15.95 €

Jolies cartes à découper PRETTY PRE-CUT CARDS, POP-UP EFFECT

A to Z illuminated letters. Letter drawing, design and decoration, interlacing and color application techniques…

Fold and cut 26 original cards with a pop-up effect. In extra, 15 ready to use pre-cut popups.

Paris-Londres-New York PARIS-LONDON-NEW YORK

Mandalas MANDALA DOODLE-BOOK Collective work

Relaxing images to complete, reproduce, color… according to your mood as well as notebook. Book code : 1627726

The drawing basics: proportions, space, volumes, perspective… Book code : 5923826

Gourmandises à dessiner au stylo à bille CUPCAKES, CANDIES… TO DRAW WITH A BALLPOINT PEN Isabelle Kessdjian

In a stationary spirit, start drawing various sweet treats with a ballpoint pen. Book code : 5923719

Objets de tous les jours DAILY OBJECTS Gilles Ronin

Zen ZEN DOODLE-BOOK Violette Bénihan

Relaxing images, around holiday, nature, etc. Book code : 2855604

Learn how to draw day-to-day objects, starting with simple geometrical forms to more complex ones: shadows, 3-D objects… Book code : 5923800

Forthcoming in 2016 Chats CATS

Meubles miniature en origami ORIGAMI MINIATURE FURNITURE Decorate a whole flat interior with origami furniture : 3 kitchen suites, 3 office sets, 6 livingroom sets, 2 bedroom suites, 1 entrance, 1 terrace. 72 pages of step-by-step explanations of 30 models of furniture to fold with 127 vintage-style illustrated sheets front and back. Soft cover, 328 pages, 120 patterns, 15 full-page illustrations, around 49,000 characters Book code : 5939566

Origami pour les petits, dès 6 ans EASY ORIGAMI FOR CHILDREN, FROM 6 15 easy-to fold models (ship, penguin, rocket, cat…) with stickers for eyes, mouths, noses. 300 pages 2 sticker plates 17,000 characters. Retail price : 15.90 € Book code : 5939509

Le Kit Origami ORIGAMI KIT

35 patterns of animals: bear, monkey, dog, rabbit, owl, frog, butterfly, cat… 112 pre-cut sheets, 2 sticker plates.

40 origami projects: flying planes, hairy, winged, feathered or sea animals, useful objects.

344 pages, 49,000 characters. Book code : 5907910

Soft cover, 21 x 28.5 cm, 64 pages 60 illustrations + patterns around 45,000 characters. Retail price : 12.50 € Book code : 5939574

344 pages 49,000 characters. Book code : 5939582

Cartonnage coup de cœur FAVORITE CARDBOARDS Drôles d’origamis pour les garçons FUNNY ORIGAMIS FOR BOYS

Drôles d’origamis pour les filles FUNNY ORIGAMIS FOR GIRLS

40 patterns for making planes, clothes, masks, games and other accessories.

40 patterns for making jewels, decorative objects, gifts and stationary.

344 pages 2 sticker plates 49,000 characters. Retail price : 15.90 € Book code : 5908975

344 pages 2 sticker plates 49,000 characters. Book code : 5909056

Around 15 boxes (ball, diamond…) and decoration objects (lamp base, curtain loop, magnetic frame…) Soft cover, 19.5 x 28.5 cm, 80 pages 120 photos with step-by-step, 50 diagrams. Retail price : 12.50 € Book code : 8911361

23 Petits hauts tout simples SIMPLE LITTLE TOPS Christine Palmaccio

Soft cover, jacket with flaps, 21 x 26 cm, 88 pages 25 photos, over 80 diagrams around 50,000 characters. Retail price : 15.30 € Book code : 5909064

Tuniques chics CHIC TUNICS Christine Palmaccio

Couture vintage VINTAGE SEWING

Animaux à créer tout en tissu HANDMADE CLOTH ANIMALS

25 vintage models (dresses, blouses, skirts…) of the 70’s revisited for today’s female forms, with real-size patterns : sizes 36-38, 38-40, 40-42.

Soft cover, jacket with flaps, 21 x 26 cm, 88 pages 25 photos around 40,000 characters. Retail price : 13.50 € Book code : 5923813

Soft cover, jacket with flaps, 21 x 25.7 cm, 80 pages + 2 life-size patterns 25 photos, 160 diagrams around 52,000 characters. Retail price : 16.90 € Book code : 5939442

Tricoter et crocheter au fil coton XXL KNITTING & CROCHETING WITH GIANT THREAD Sandra Lebrun

Soft cover, 21 x 28.5 cm, 64 pages 30 photos around 52,000 characters. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 5939392

Soft cover, jacket with flaps, 21 x 26 cm, 88 pages + 2 pattern-sheets 25 photos, 80 diagrams around 52,000 characters. Retail price : 16.90 € Book code : 5909072

Coudre et broder pour « elles » SEWING & EMBROIDERY FOR “HER” Irène Lassus & Marianne Niney

Soft cover, jacket with flaps, 19.5 x 23.5 cm, 88 pages + 2 pattern-sheets 25 photos, 80 diagrams around 52,000 characters. Retail price : 15.30 € Book code : 5909080 g

Basiques pour les 2 à 6 ans BASICS FOR THE 2/6 YEARS OLD Carole Favero

Soft cover, jacket with flaps, 21 x 26 cm, 84 pages 25 photos, over 80 diagrams around 22,000 characters. Retail price : 15.30 € Book code : 5909114

Broderie Fifties EMBROIDERIES FROM THE 50’s Sandra Dufour

Patterns for vintage-style embroideries, by hand or with a sewing machine. 4 topics : fashion and beauty (hair style, perfume bottles), house (washing machine, cooking utensils), leisure (Vespa, disc cases, posters, radios), everyday life (typewriter, architecture). Soft cover, jacket with flaps, 21.6 x 25.7 cm, 88 pages 30 creation photos + ambiance ones. Retail price : 13.50 € Book code : 5939384

Sacs et rangements à la japonaise JAPANESE BAGS AND STOWAGE Akiyo Kayiwara

Soft cover, 21 x 28.5 cm, 64 pages 23 photos, diagrams and assembly patterns around 50,000 characters. Retail price : 12.10 € Book code : 5909197

Basiques pour les rondes BASIC FOR BUXOM WOMEN Florence Bossec

Soft cover, 21 x 25.7 cm, 80 pages 30 photos, 2 real-size patterns around 52,000 characters. Retail price : 16.90 € Book code : 5923586

Premiers pas au crochet CROCHET : FIRST STEPS Camille Clavi

Soft cover, 21 x 28.5 cm, 64 pages 20 photos around 57,500 characters. Retail price : 12.50 € Book code : 5923438

Premiers pas au tricot KNITTING : FIRST STEPS Camille Clavi

Soft cover, 21 x 28.5 cm, 64 pages 20 photos around 55,000 characters. Retail price : 12.50 € Book code : 5923420

Total Liberty pour les petits LIBERTY PRINT FOR KIDS Annabel Bénilan

Soft cover, jacket with flaps, 21 x 26 cm, 84 pages 25 photos, over 80 diagrams around 22,000 characters. Retail price : 15.30 € Book code : 5909106

Coudre et broder pour bébé SEWING & EMBROIDERY FOR BABY Irène Lassus & Marianne Niney

Soft cover, jacket with flaps, 19.5 x 23.5 cm, 64 pages around 20,000 characters. Retail price : 12.50 € Book code : 5585179

Headbands - 27 bijoux de tête à réaliser soi-même HEADBANDS

20 trendy jewels to weave according to the Japanese tradition, thanks to a tear-off disk integrated in the cover : 12 bracelets, 3 necklaces, 3 headbands, 2 pairs of earrings.

Parachute cords, originally used for suspension lines of parachutes, are here used to produce over 10 models of bright and fresh jewels (bracelets, necklaces…)

20 jewels and matching buttons, such as Princess Pea (necklace and bracelet), Thumbelina (earrings, necklace and buttons) or Little Chicken (ring and button).

A wide range of styles, using braiding materials (textiles, trimmings, chains), knots (leather, vinyl, ropes), textile inclusions, metal decorations inserted on chains, ribbons…

Hard cover, 19.3 x 19.3 cm 72 pages, 20 full-page ambiances 15,000 characters. Retail price : 8.90 € Book code : 5939665

Soft cover, 21 x 21 cm 64 pages, 12 full-page ambiances and around 130 step-by-step 28,500 characters. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 5000130

Soft cover, 21 x 28.5 cm 64 pages, 270 illustrations 77,000 characters. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 5939434

Soft cover, jacket with flaps, 21.5 x 25.7 cm, 88 pages 140 photos + assembly diagrams around 53,000 characters. Retail price : 13.50 € Book code : 5923891

Bracelets brésiliens BRAZILIAN BRACELETS

Bijoux en paracorde PARACORD JEWELRY

Bracelets en élastiques ELASTIC BANDS BRACELETS Sandra Lebrun

A complete small book to make 10 models of bracelets with colored elastic bands. All steps are explained and illustrated with photos, step-bystep. Soft cover, 9.5 x 12 cm 96 pages, 100 illustrations approx. 31,000 characters. Retail price : 4.90 € Book code : 7244546

Jolis bijoux en pâte polymère PRETTY JEWELS IN POLYMER CLAY

In a box, the techniques and material to make Brazilian bracelets : how to start, make a braid, do basic nods, finish the work and customize it. And 5 step-by-step bracelets patterns (with rays, parallel, lattice,etc.) Box size : 29 x 14 x 2 cm. Box set : 10 thread skeins, a paper ring, a safety pin, 10 finishing beads, 1 glitz ribbon, 1 small chain with balls, 1 soft cover book. Book : soft cover, 10 x 12.8 cm, 64 pages 66 illustrations 12,300 characters. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 4855576

Bijoux en Liberty LIBERTY PRINT JEWELS Anne Khâ

30 easy creations of jewels and accessories with various techniques and materials, including liberty print bias binding. Soft cover, 21 x 25.7 cm, 88 pages, 130 photos including 25 stylized ones, 70 detail close-ups, 6 technical photos + assembly diagrams around 50,000 characters. Retail price : 13.50 € Book code : 5923578

Collection DIY - Do It Yourself SERIES : DIY Original and trendy activities for teenagers and young women : jewelry, nail art, napkin folding, crochet, knitting… Each volume : Soft cover, jacket with flaps, 14.7 x 21 cm, 64 pages 140 photos + assembly diagrams. Retail price : 7.90 €

15 bracelets and their step-by-step making process, to succeed in making complex models with two levels of difficulty.

20 bracelets using various techniques : macramé knots, customized chains, bracelets to wrap around your wrist…

Various models to discover and learn how to use knots : lark’s head knot, twisted knot, Carrick knot, core knot…

40,500 characters Book code : 7333436

42,500 characters Book code : 5777797

13,800 characters. Book code : 6733408

Bracelets en élastiques ELASTIC BAND BRACELETS Valérie Janssen

Crochet premiers pas FIRST STEPS IN CROCHET

Gourmettes, wraps et macramé, les bracelets de Gabulle BRACELETS, WRAP & MACRAME

Tricot premiers pas KNITTING FIRST STEPS

Initiation to the crochet techniques : basic dots crocheting back and forth, in circle, increasing and decreasing reading a diagram the variety of dots and motifs…

Initiation to knitting techniques : material and basic techniques dots and motifs (simple, twisted, jacquard…)

15,000 characters. Book code : 5939525

15,000 characters. Book code : 5939517

Bijoux en nœuds celtiques et marins NAUTICAL KNOTS JEWELS

Gâteaux miniatures en pâte Fimo® POLYMER CLAY MINI DELICACIES

Shamballas et doubles shamballas TIBETAN BRACELETS SIMPLE & DOUBLE Sandra Lebrun

21 patterns of Tibetan bracelets. Weaving technique is here used for color-cast models.

Bijoux à moins de 5 € JEWELS AT LESS THAN 5.00€ Sandra Lebrun

13 jewels : Brazilian chain, braid chain, beads in circular, macramé ribbon, cord cuff, bead wrap… 20,000 characters. Book code : 8055565

16,500 characters. Book code : 6766741

Décors de table et pliages de serviettes TABLE DECORATION & NAPKIN FOLDINGS

Didier Boursin and Anne Gaudry

16 miniatures of various cakes : individual one, cakes to share, multilayer ornamental cakes.

15 napkin folding, abstract (hexagone, coral) or figurative (heart, knot, fan) and several small sets as lush foliage, table runner, table place-card…

28,500 characters Book code : 5939624

32,500 characters Book code : 5939541

Nail Art NAIL ART Reine Bellivier and Bérangère Roelandt

A very trendy topic. 21 manicures explained and illustrated step-by-step (with the time required to do them and a growing level of difficulty) a flash code link to 7 descriptive videos. 43,000 characters. Book code : 8877769

Boîtes de jeux « allumettes » SERIES : “GIANT MATCH BOX” GAMES Presented in a giant match box, around 60 brain-teasing puzzle games, scientific experiments, magic tricks… Box : 15 x 11 x 7 cm. Inside : 60 game cards (40 tricks for Magic), various accessories included. Around 120 illustrations. Retail price : 10.90 € and 10.95 €

Apéro mimes WHO AM I? Isabelle Brans

Each player has to mime the word written on the card he draws. Six topics : object, animal, profession, character, action, expression. 4 levels of difficulty, with “help” and “challenge” cards.

Casse-tête infernaux MADDENING PUZZLES Logic tests (orientation, sight, psychotechnical tests), tower of Hanoi (disks to assemble), scientific challenges. Included : one tower of Hanoi. 30,000 characters. Retail price : 10.95 € Book code : 1301352

À vos méninges ! – 100 cassetête infernaux BRAINSTORMING! Logic, funny arithmetic problems, magic tricks with numbers, crazy tangram puzzles (Chinese dissection puzzle), matches puzzles. Included : tangram geometrical forms, matches. 24,000 characters. Retail price : 10.90 € Book code : 7955609

Illusions et jeux d’optique ILLUSION & OPTICAL GAMES Classic optical illusions on distance, perception, persistence of vision, etc. 3-D illusions observation games (« spot the difference », « spot the odd one out »…) Included : a pair of 3-D glasses. 30,000 characters. Retail price : 10.90 € Book code : 3244504

Expériences 100 % stupéfiantes 100% AMAZING EXPERIMENTS Clever and easy experiments in physics, geometry, etc., using all kinds of day-to-day simple objects : needle, pin, cork plug, bottle, eggs, paper, cord or string… Included : one string. 70,000 characters. Retail price : 10.90 € Book code : 7977831

Box : 13.5 x 7.8 x 7.5 cm. Inside : 450 game cards, a 32-page booklet. Retail price : 10.95 € Book code : 8872238

40 tours de magie 40 MAGIC TRICKS Tricks with matches, coins or banknotes, a false thumb, a scarf or playing cards, all proposed by a professional magician. Included : one false thumb and one scarf. 54,000 characters. Retail price : 10.95 € Book code : 1493009

Gastronoquiz GASTRONOMY QUIZ Nathalie Helal

THE food and wine quiz. 13 topics with 3 levels of difficulty : vocabulary, utensils, chefs & people, classic recipes, bread and yeast-based pastry, cooking and art, sweets, wine and liquors… Box : 23 x 12 x 7.5 cm. Inside : 450 cards, 1 booklet, 7.5 x 11 cm, 96 pages around 140,000 characters. Retail price : 15.90 € Book code : 5277786

Cherchez l’intrus ! FIND THE ODD ONE OUT!

Brain-Teasing Games Collection SERIES: 100 GAMES

Spot the odd one in 45 photos reproduced in a large format. Various-level clues are scattered all over the book, and the answers given at the end.

Various logic games that can be done in various circumstances: after work, during the week end, on holiday.

Padded hard cover, 20 x 34 cm, 96 pages 45 illustrations 10,000 characters. Retail price : 14.95 € Book code : 8963025

Hard cover, 11 x 13.7 cm, 144 pages. Retail price : 5.90 €

SERIES : 150 ENIGMAS Logic and brain teasing are associated with journeys in the past, following the steps of famous investigators. Become the hero who solves problems thanks to his own deductive capacities. 300 Jeux de logique diaboliques 300 DIABOLIC GAMES OF LOGIC

Hard cover, 20 x 20 cm, 128 pages. Retail price : 7.90 € Book code : 5566759

Each volume: soft cover, 14.5 x 21 cm 192 and 256 pages around 70 to 100,000 characters. Retail price : 7.90 €

Trouvez l’intrus ! SPOT THE ODD ONE OUT! Collective work

Find what’s wrong in 45 photos reproduced in large format : one detail added, changed or deleted. Clues are scattered all over the book, and the answers given at the end. Padded hard cover, 20 x 34 cm, 96 pages 45 illustrations 10,000 characters. Retail price : 14.90 € Book code : 1933343

Brain teasers, magic squares, puzzle of numbers, number suite…and more than 50 challenges of pure logic. Soft cover, 21.5 x 28.5 cm. 64 pages. Retail price : 5.99 € Book code : 8544601

150 énigmes dignes d’Arsène Lupin 150 ENIGMAS OF A GENTLEMAN THIEF

Hard cover, 11 x 13.7 cm, 144 pages. Retail price : 5.90 € Book code : 4377846


Super Logi-quiz SUPER LOGIC QUIZ

100 Jeux spécial entraînement cérébral 100 BRAIN STORMING GAMES

100 Casse-tête infernaux 100 BRAIN-TEASER GAMES Hard cover, 11 x 13.7 cm, 144 pages. Retail price : 5.90 € Book code : 4411179

Logic enigmas, mathematical series, riddles, quiz, optical illusions, math puzzles… Experiments, challenges and tests to perform on your own or with friends. 3 levels of difficulty. Padded hard cover, 17 x 25 cm. 288 pages 260,000 char. Retail price : 20.90 € Book code : 4377816

In the fascinating atmosphere of Paris at the turn of the 20th century, use your deductive abilities and solve 150 mysteries, brain-teasers and other games of logic…

150 énigmes du Docteur Watson ELEMENTARY, MY DEAR WATSON! Be absorbed into the 19th century London atmosphere, haunted by Sherlock Holmes’ and Jack the Ripper’ shadows and increase your deduction and logic abilities… Book code : 5999560

150 énigmes de Brocéliande 150 ENIGMAS TO GET THE GRAIL! The adventures of Merlin the Magician, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are marked out by tests and enigmas to solve… Book code : 5999578

SERIES : 100 GAMES Enjoy discovering foreign cultures while playing. At the same time, enrich your vocabulary and increase your level in those languages. Hard cover, 11 x 16 cm, 144 pages. Retail price : 5.90 €


Develop your English skills without realizing it! Funny stories, cult quotes, famous music lyrics, short news of the British press, idiomatic expressions, quiz, enigmas…

100 Jeux So British 100 BRITISH LANGUAGE GAMES

For 14-15 year-old teenagers. Soft cover, 19.5 x 27 cm, 64 pages. Retail price : 4.99 € Book code : 2588987


100 Jeux en Japonais 100 JAPANESE LANGUAGE GAMES

100 Jeux en Chinois 100 CHINESE LANGUAGE GAMES

A comprehensive work on cigars, with the history of the savoir-faire, an illustrated catalogue of over 200 cigars presented by brand and area (from Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua).

Improve your English vocabulary and grammar during holidays while investigating with Sherlock Holmes and get tricks to meliorate your language level and your knowledge of the British way of life.

100 Jeux Ultra British 100 ULTRA BRITISH GAMES

Le Petit Larousse des cigares PETIT LAROUSSE OF CIGARS

Hard cover, 13 x 18 cm, 256 pages. Retail price : 7.90 € Book code : 5122208

Spécial énigmes en anglais 3e-2nde ENGLISH ENIGMAS – SPECIAL 9TH-10TH GRADE

Leisure & Entertainment Gardening

140 quiz and games to improve your English : crossword puzzles, anagrams, pronunciation exercises, “true or false” games… Soft cover, 21.5 x 28.5 cm, 64 pages. Retail price : 4.99 € Book code : 2944547

Hard cover, 12.6 x 18.8 cm 352 pages, 450 illustrations, 420,000 characters. Retail price : 19.95 € Book code : 1324360

Et maintenant, je fais quoi ? THE CRAZY-ANSWERSTO-NON-ESSENTIALQUESTIONS BIG BOOK Paul Frison-Roche, Patricia Rigaud

Exclusive answers to 50 questions that, for sure, you’ve asked yourself once, such as “I met a woman, how to behave?” or “I want to get rid of my children, how can I do?” discover answers through humoristic labyrinth boards that will give you a variety of preposterous solutions. Soft cover, 28 x 38 cm 120 pages over 100 illustrations 350,000 characters. Retail price : 15.95 € Book code : 6578018

Cooking & Wine Le Grand Larousse du vin THE GREAT LAROUSSE OF WINE

This great reference book, with a foreword by Olivier Poussier, best sommelier in the world, includes 3 parts : discovering vines and wine choosing, storing and tasting wine the worlds’ great vineyards. Hard cover, 22.5 x 29.7 cm, 600 illustrations, 36 wine maps, 528 pages., around 1,600,000 characters. Retail price : 39.95 € Book code : 5591698

Le Petit Larousse des vins THE LITTLE WINE BOOKCASE Collective work

A compact useful encyclopedia of everything you need to know about wines : how to select it, best value for money, wine tasting, wine service, wine storage… With complete up-todate information on French and worldwide vineyards.

Rainbow Cocktails RAINBOW COCKTAILS Laurent Gréco, Loran Dhérines (phot.)

Making layer-cocktails requires a specific knowledge about liquid density, color and taste. Through illustrated steps, learn how to use the required special pouring spout and to succeed in these 25 spectacular cocktail recipes, from the classics to unique ones. Box : format 23.8 x 26.1 x 5.6cm. Booklet : 64 pages, hard cover, format 11 x 21 cm, 30 photos 40,000 characters. Accessories : one rainbow-special pouring spout, 4 reusable stirrers. Retail price : 19.95 € Book code : 1104166

For parties, go for giant cocktails! Prepare punch in big batches, sangria jars or giant glasses to share with straws. 45 recipes of both classic cocktails, such as the Mojito or Cuba libre, and original ones like the champagne soup and some alcohol-free, such as the ginger lemonade… Hard cover, format 20 x 34 cm 96 pages, 35 photos 50,000 characters. Retail price : 14.95 € Book code : 8793500

Petit manuel de biérologie EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT BEER Under the direction of Étienne Bellin

Petit Larousse des cocktails PETIT LAROUSSE OF COCKTAILS

Sandrine Houdré-Grégoire, Fabrice Besse (phot.)

Hard cover, 19.5 x 23.5 cm, 352 pages, 250 illustrations, around 300,000 characters. Retail price : 24.90 € Book code : 5931829


Sandrine Houdré-Grégoire, Fabrice Besse (phot.)

Hard cover, 13 x 19 cm 1,024 pages around 2,200,000 characters. Retail price : 19.90 € Book code : 5292958

250 cocktail recipes, with or without alcohol, in a nice gift book!

Un rhum à la mer! RUM AHOY! Liven up your parties with this box-set including one bottle, 6 shot glasses, a pestle, a lemon-squeezer and a 25-recipe booklet. In addition you will find a scroll in the bottle to know about the various types of rum. Box : format 20 x 30.5 x 9 cm. Booklet : 48 pages, hard cover, format 21 x 11 cm, 15 photos 40,000 characters. Accessories : 1 glass bottle, 6 shot glasses, a masher, a lemon-squeezer. Retail price : 20.95 € Book code : 1103551

History of beer, production process, typology, evolution are part of an encyclopedic development that ends with a tasting guide (robe, nose, beer aging…) and tips about how to pair up beer and food. 500 beers from all over the world, presented by country and breweries, are described with their characteristics (typology, alcohol level, serving temperature…) and illustrated. Hard cover, format 19.5 x 23.5 cm 336 pages, 500 photos 550,000 characters. Retail price : 22.95 € Book code : 8793992

Hipsters cocktails HIPSTERS’ COCKTAILS Sandrine Houdré-Grégoire

Do you know about hipsters? A kind of weird individuals, often tattooed, bearded, bow-tied and wearing check shirts… associated to a category of barmen, fond of vintage cocktails, looking for organic products and local producers. The book includes 45 recipes such as the Side Car, the Bacardi Fizz or the Negroni… Hard cover, format 19. x 28.5 cm 96 pages, 45 photos 16,500 characters. Retail price : 14.95 € Book code : 1794329

Forthcoming in 2016 Vins d’excellence TOP RANKED WINES

Collective work, under the direction of David Cobbold and Sébastien Durand-Viel, co-founders of the Wine Academy of Paris.

From the Hungarian Tokay to some French Bordeaux or the high quality Italian wines from Tuscany, 80 worldwide famous wineries are presented in 1 or 2 double pages. Hard cover, format 25.5 x 31 cm 288 pages, around 300 photos. Retail price : 35.00 € Book code : 1020444

Institut Paul Bocuse L’école de l’excellence culinaire PAUL BOCUSE INSTITUTE THE COOKING EXCELLENCY Collective work by the chefs of the Bocuse Institute.

The Bocuse Institute trains chefs of the leading restaurants. To celebrate its 25-year birthday, the school has decided to write a 650-page reference book. An impressive work, illustrated with over 1,500 photos. Over 300 techniques, classified in 3 difficulty levels, are explained step-by-step. 100 original recipes created by the chefs, where they show the cooking techniques mentioned earlier. General information about cooking basics, meat pieces and their choice, fruit and vegetables are provided. Hard cover, format 26 x 30 cm 720 pages, more than 1,500 photos 650,000 characters. Retail price : 49.95 € Book code : 1020567

Gâteaux waouh ! JAW-DROPPING CAKES Noémie Strouk, Delphine Constantini (phot.)

Unusual desserts unique by their shape or topping, are featured in this book. 50 attractive recipes of cakes, tarts, puffs, individual pastries such as raspberry and rose cake or Angel cake with mango and passion fruit. Tasty as it looks! Hard cover, format 25.5 x 31 cm 240 pages, 100 photos 140,000 characters. Retail price : 22.95 € Book code : 1794821

L’Atelier gourmand d’Éric Kayser ERIC KAYSER’S GOURMET WORKSHOP Blandine Boyer, Éric Kayser, Massimo Pessina (phot.)

Éric Kayser’s 50 best recipes of pastries, such as raspberry macaroon, lemon meringue little pies, mousses, almond and apricot tart… Step-by-step, tips and advice to create amazing pastries even by beginners. Hard cover, 22.5 x 25.5 cm, 192 pages around 250 illustrations and 200,000 characters. Retail price : 24.90 € Book code : 2188912

Olalakilébo ! WONDERFUL CAKE, ISN’T IT! Le Grand Larousse gastronomique THE GREAT LAROUSSE OF GASTRONOMY 7th edition, gastronomy committee directed by Joël Robuchon

THE international reference work for all fine food lovers : 4,000 articles on products, ingredients, techniques and about 2,500 recipes (a fifth signed by the most well-known chefs). Biographies of famous worldwide chefs and a central 32-page booklet of illustrated step-by-step tips and techniques. Hard cover, in a case : 22.5 x 29.7 cm, 992 pages around 1,700 illustrations. Retail price : 75.00 € Book code : 5936638

Hugues Pouget, Delphine Constantini (phot.)

Enter the workshop of a talented young pastry chef, supplier of French celebrities such as Catherine Deneuve, and impress your friends and relatives with 50 awesome recipes that brings a fresh perspective to the art of pastry. Hard cover, format 25.5 x 31 cm 224 pages, 100 photos 200,000 characters. Retail price : 22.95 € Book code : 8963517

Tartes gourmandissimes d’Éric Kayser OVERLY SCRUMPTIOUS TARTS BY ERIC KAYSER Éric Kayser

Éric Kayser has opened several successful bakeries in 19 countries all over the world. After sharing best bread and pastries recipes, he focuses on sweet and savory tarts. Technical advice and knowledge (cake pan choice, variety of tart doughs, tart cooking, caramel, custard layer, sweet and savory coulis…) complete 80 sweet and savory recipes, classic or unusual such as tuna pie with cranberries.

Burgers chics CHEFS’ BURGERS Thérèse Rocher, Delphine Amar-Constantini (photos)

100 recipes of burgers created by 40 to 50 starred chefs, sometimes associated with bakers : a close encounter of the third type. Among them : Guy Martin, Guy Savoy, Alain Passard, Marc Haeberlin… The opportunity to discover burger in chic and prestige garment. Hard cover, 22 x 30 cm, 224 pages around 300 illustrations and 200,000 characters. Retail price : 24.90 € Book code : 1966687

Hard cover, format 21 x 27 cm 240 pages, around 150 photos 145,000 characters. Retail price : 24.95 € Book code : 1122008

Le Larousse du pain The Larousse of bread Éric Kayser & Jean-Philippe de Tonnac, Massimo Pessina (photos)

Succeeding at home (and without a bread machine) over 80 recipes for breads and pastries, by one of the best bakers in Paris. Hard cover, 19,2 x 26 cm, over 600 illustrations, 304 pages. Retail price: 29.90 € Book code: 5936497

Gardeningof/Petit Larousse Larousse

Collection Petit Larousse illustré


The essence of Larousse reference about cooking and pastry.

From 416 pages to more than 600, all you need to know about cooking and pastry. Each book is organized in several sections, according to its theme.

Each volume : hard cover, 19 x 26 cm, 304 to 579 pages. Retail price : 29.90 € and 35.40 € for Desserts

Each volume : hard cover, 19.5 x 23.5 cm. Retail price : 24.90 and 24.95 €

Larousse des confitures LAROUSSE OF JAMS AND MARMALADES Christine Ferber, foreword Brad Pitt

Larousse des poissons, coquillages et crustacés LAROUSSE OF FISH AND SEAFOOD

Petit Larousse des cupcakes, macarons & petits gâteaux PETIT LAROUSSE OF CUPCAKES, MACAROONS & SWEET SNACKS

“Jam fairy” supplier of stars as Brad Pitt, Christine Ferber delivers here 340 recipes of jams, marmalades, jellies, compotes, fruit pastes, chutneys, fruit setting as spreads, purées… and 40 recipes of pastries or dishes.

Under the direction of Jacques Le Divellec

Jacques le Divellec, uncontested master of this cuisine, offers over 400 delicious, simple yet elegant and easyto-prepare recipes, using 110 different varieties of fish and seafood.

304 pages around 150 illustrations and 600,000 characters. Book code : 5931779

384 pages over 300 illustrations around 400,000 characters. Book code : 2211134

464 pages around 500 illustrations and 400,000 characters. Book code : 2744617


Petit Larousse pâtissier PETIT LAROUSSE OF PASTRY

Under the direction of the great pastry chef Pierre Hermé, 800 recipes of classic, regional, personal or foreign specialties of cakes, desserts, pastries. 464 pages 460 photos around 1,500,000 characters. Book code : 5924923

200 easy and tasty recipes of macaroons, cupcakes and muffins, mini tarts, bites, coffee snacks and famous world specialties.

200 recipes : “classic”, with chocolate, fruit desserts, festive pastry, crunchy biscuits, iced desserts, afternoon snacks and delicacies, marmalades. 512 pages, 300 photos and around 350,000 characters. Book code : 5931787

Petit Larousse du chocolat PETIT LAROUSSE OF CHOCOLATE With the prestigious international school Le Cordon Bleu®

170 recipes for a day-to-day home cooking : moist chocolate cake, chocolate cream and mousse, icecream, snacks and sweets… 416 pages around 250 illustrations and 330,000 characters. Book code : 8733485

Petit Larousse des apéritifs dînatoires PETIT LAROUSSE OF DINNER SNACKS Collective work

200 recipes organized thematically : quiches and tartlets, verrines, skewers, turnovers and puffs, tempura and fryings, sandwiches and bruschettas, cakes and muffins, savory appetizers and snacks, sweet snacks, cocktails and smoothies. 480 pages around 500 illustrations and 400,000 characters. Book code : 5931795

Petit Larousse de la cuisine facile PETIT LAROUSSE OF EASY COOKING Collective work

200 easy and tasty recipes accessible to all kinds of cooks, beginners or confirmed, covering the whole meal, from starters to desserts, with 40 of them detailed step-by-step. 528 pages around 600 illustrations and 400,000 characters. Book code : 7377826

Petit Larousse cuisinier PETIT LAROUSSE OF COOKING The pleasure of cooking in 300 recipes : aperitif, starters, traditional and daily dishes, vegetables only, exotic cooking…And the basic techniques. 624 pages, 500 photos and around 450,000 characters. Book code : 5931811

Joyeuses tribus, grandes tablées LARGE GOURMET DINNER PARTIES Anne Loiseau, Emanuela Cilo (phot.)

Desserts in a jar DESSERTS IN JARS Bérengère Abraham, Fabrice Besse & Valérie Lhomme (phot.)

Associate the pleasure of the eyes to the taste with these 30 recipes of layer desserts to keep in the fridge, put in a lunchbox or offer as afternoon snacks. You just have to mix them at the last moment… Spectacular! Box : format 30 x 20 x 6.5 cm. Book : 15 x 12 cm, hard cover 64 pages, 30 photos 30,000 characters. Accessories : 6 small glass jars. Retail price : 19.95 € Book code : 1335075

Jus & smoothies santé HEALTHY JUICE & SMOOTHIES Collective work

Nothing is more simple : just mix fruit, vegetables, herbs… it’s quickly done and healthy! In a box : 4 smoothie bottles and a booklet of 40 recipes get your daily vitamins and minerals intake. Detox and relaxing effect altogether with guaranteed pleasure! Box : format 18 x 18 x 8 cm. Booklet : 13 x 18 cm 64 pages 25,000 characters. Accessories : 4 smoothie bottles. Retail price : 16.95 € Book code : 8961057

Pata negra L’art du jambon ibérique PATA NEGRA – THE FLAVOR OF IBERIAN HAM Bertrand Nouël, Maximiliano Portes

Protected by a royal decree, the “pata negra” is one of the best smoked ham in the world. Issued from an Iberian black pig, it requires special preparation and slicing. The box-set includes a book written by Spanish specialists and a knife especially adapted to ham-slicing. Box : format 27 x 40 x 3 cm. Book : 20 x 34 cm 96 pages 102,000 characters. Accessories : a high-quality knife. Retail price : 25.95 € Book code : 8953553

100 easy sweet and savory recipes to feed numerous guests: family meetings, holiday parties at the beach, weekends in the countryside. The recipes are planned for 8, 12 or 16 guests. They can be prepared in advance, or cooked without special care in order for you to feel free…

Coffret sushis SUSHIS BOX Collective work

From classic to original ones, 15 gourmet recipes, with several step-by-step, of sushis, sushis nigiri, makis, onigris. with salads, soups and desserts recipes, to succeed in preparing the perfect Japanese menu. Box size : 27.7 x 24.8 x 4.5 cm. Book : hard cover, 11.5 x 19.5 cm, 64 pages 26 illustrations, around 40,000 characters. Accessories : 1 sushi mat, 1 sushi box, 1 knife. Retail price : 17.95 € Book code : 1103797

Hard cover, 25.5 x 31 cm, 256 pages 100 recipe photos + atmosphere ones 160,000 characters. Retail price : 24.95 € Book code : 5155588

Apéro Cheese CHEESE APPETIZERS Collective work

Faire son fromage maison HOMEMADE CHEESE Josselin Thibaudault

Succeed in making your own homemade cheese with cow or goat milk, with a 96-page book explaining how to proceed and its accessories : 4 strainers, a wooden spoon, a ladle and 4 cheesecloths. Box : format format 24 x 17.8 x 11.3 cm. Book : 11 x 15 cm, hard cover 96 pages, 120 photos 60,000 characters. Accessories : 4 strainers, a wooden spoon, a ladle, 4 cheesecloths. Retail price : 19.95 € Book code : 1138499

Using a Girolle® (ie a cutting wheel), included in the boxset, prepare wonderful cheese flowers and make 25 recipes for a finger food dinner based on cheese thanks to the book included. Box : format 39 x 24 x 4 cm. Book : 16 x 23 cm, hard cover 64 pages, 25 photos 30,000 characters. Accessories : a cheese Girolle®. Retail price : 19.95 € Book code : 1507776

Saveurs Vegan VEGAN TASTE Ellen Frémont

Vegan cooking excludes meat, fish, milk products and eggs. The book explains how to preserve flavors and enjoy this kind of cooking how to make a balanced vegan diet and avoid deficiency how to make vegan butters, cheese, steak… With 100 recipes for everyday life or special occasions. Hard cover, 22 x 22.8 cm, 304 pages 200 photos 200,000 characters. Retail price : 24.95 € Book code : 3244521

Les recettes faciles et légères d’une ex-grosse EASY & LIGHT RECIPES OF A FORMER FATTY Anna Austruy, Élise Delprat-Alvares

Bérangère Abraham, Fabrice Besse (phot.), Liz Herzog (ill.)

Salades in a jar SALADS IN A JAR Salad jars reinvent salad with a very simple principle : a layered salad with several ingredients to keep in a glass jar and mix at the last moment. At the bottom of the jar, put the sauce, then add the carbs, the vegetables and finish with the most fragile products, as green salad. 45 sweet and savory salads are presented in the book.


Soft cover, 17 x 24 cm 224 pages 100,000 characters. Retail price : 15.90 € Book code : 2133353

100 recipes using pork for finger food : sticks, turnovers, petit-four and bites, cakes and muffins, balls and skewers, toasts, pâtés… Hard cover, 22 x 28 cm, 208 pages 100 photos around 180,000 characters. Retail price : 15.95 € Book code : 1508391

Recettes flambées FLAMING RECIPES Valéry Drouet, Pierre-Louis Viel (phot.)

The flambé technique is always spectacular : it’s done at the last minute in front of your guests! With 80 recipes using various alcohols and advice to flame your dishes without risk, flambé can apply to the whole meal, from starter to dessert. Hard cover, 21 x 28.5 cm, 192 pages 100 photos 140,000 characters. Retail price : 24.95 € Book code : 2700171

Soft cover, 19.5 x 23.5 cm 176 pages, 70 photos 140,000 characters. Retail price : 14.90 € Book code : 4222301

Étudiants, régalez-vous ! STUDENTS, ENJOY! Collective work

When you are a student, you lack time, money, cooking utensils and often a proper place to cook. This book helps you find solutions and prepare quick, easy and cheap meals according to your mood, what you have in the fridge, incoming exams and other occasions (parties, sweet snacks…) Hard cover, 21 x 27 cm, 208 pages around 100 photos 150,000 characters. Retail price : 9.95 € Book code : 8969915


Recettes coupe-faim & anti-kilos KILO-BUSTER & APPETITESUPPRESSANT RECIPES Hopeless foodies, lazy people or always in a hurry… will find in this book means to fulfill their specific needs and avoid food cravings, while enjoying their meals. From breakfast to supper, 100 sweet and savory recipes with menus established by a nutritionist.

Bérangère Abraham, Delphine Amar-Constantini (phot.)

Hard cover, 19 x 28.5 cm 96 pages, 30 photos, 15 illustrations 70,000 characters. Retail price : 12.50 € Book code : 2722393

In a humoristic style full of tips, tricks and anecdotes, 100 light, quick and easy recipes, following the seasons, that put forward gourmet pleasure and food balance. From the successful author of Diary of a Former Fatty.

Forthcoming in 2016 Cuisiner en quelques gestes COOKING IN A FEW EASY STEPS Collective work, Lise Herzog (ill.)

80 recipes of starters, meat, poultry, fish and dessert explained through step-by-step drawings and one photo of the finished dish, such as shrimp accras, beef kefta with carawy and feta, salmon gravlax, tiramisu… For beginners mainly. Hard cover, 25.5 x 31 cm, 208 pages 100 illustrations 140,000 characters. Retail price : 19.95 € Book code : 1122131

Over 50 recipes with variations to make bread with or without a bread machine, from the kneading, choice of ingredients and basic shaping to the recipes of all sorts of breads : cereal breads (spelt, kamut…), brioche ones, extraordinary ones… Hard cover, 21 x 25.7 cm, 144 pages around 50 illustrations around 180,000 characters. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 8872730

A series of original little books in the shape of your favorite product! Each title includes 25-30 recipes and beautiful photos : an excellent value for money!

A series of original books in the shape of a frying pan. Each title includes 35 recipes and beautiful bird’s-eye view photos.

Each volume : hard cover, 64 pages, 25 to 30 illustrations, from 30,000 to 50,000 characters. Retail price : from 5.00 € to 7.90 €

Each volume: hard cover, format 28 x 28.8 cm 80 to 128 pages, 25 to 30 illustrations, from 55 to 65,000 characters. Retail price: 10.90 €


Lindt à cuisiner 70% cacao COOKING CHOCOLATE

Book size : 10.5 x 16.5 cm. Retail price 5.90 € Book code : 5972948

Book size : 9 x 19.5 cm. Retail price 5.90 € Book code : 5972898

Oreo® - Les meilleures recettes OREO® COOKIES

Bérengère Abraham, Valérie Lhomme

Crêpes & galettes SWEET & SAVORY PANCAKES

Wok et saveurs du monde WORLDWIDE WOK RECIPES

Louise Browaeys, Hélène Shermberg

Anne-Cé Bertin, Nathalie Carmet (photos), Motoko Okuno (stylism)

Book size : 11.2 x 11.1 cm. Retail price 5.90 € Book code : 5980248

Poêlées végétariennes TASTY FRIED VEGETABLES 35 recipes organized per season, for a healthy, quick and efficient cooking. Some of them are a full meal, others should be served with rice or cereals.

35 sweet and savory recipes of pancakes, explained step-bystep.

35 recipes inspired by worldwide cuisine to cook poultry, meat, seafood and vegetables.

Nutella® NUTELLA® Collective work

Book size : 13.8 x 15.7 cm. Retail price 5.00 € Book code : 5965652

Burgers - Les meilleures recettes BURGERS Jean-François Maillet

Book size : 11.1 x 11.2 cm. Retail price 5.90 € Book code : 5966098

Gratins malins HOMEMADE GRATINS Sushis, makis et autres petits plats japonais SUSHIS, MAKIS & OTHER JAPANESE DISHES Collective work

Book size : 10.5 x 18.5 cm. Retail price 6.90 € Book code : 5931993

Connaître et choisir son vin WINE : HOW TO KNOW & CHOOSE IT Collective work

Hard cover, 7.8 x 29 cm 64 pages around 82,000 characters. Retail price : 7.90 € Book code : 5948880

80 sweet and savory recipes : various potatoes with various meats gratins, but also vegetarian or fruit ones. Book code : 5932017

Tajines & couscous faciles TAJINES & EASY COUSCOUS Jean-François Mallet

35 tajines & couscous recipes with meat, poultry, fish, seafood and vegetables. From classic ones as Chicken and lemon tajine to more unusual as Gambas and mango couscous. Book code : 5948781

Collection Saveurs & bien-être SERIES : HEALTHY CUISINE The series to let you enjoy savory and healthy food, with strong health topics as gluten free, quinoa, raw food or vegan proteins.

In each book : 50 original recipes and the collaboration of a nutritionist to explain the nutritive benefits. Each volume : soft cover, 96 pages, 35 illustrations 80 to 100,000 characters. Retail price : 8.90 €

Desserts aux légumes VEGETABLE DESSERTS Noémie Strouk

Beetroot, carrot, peas, rhubarb, corn, beans, zucchini: 50 recipes of delicious new-flavored desserts. Book code : 3688954

Des super graines dans mon assiette SUPER SEEDS Noémie Strouk

Quinoa, spelt, squash, pumpkin, chia, flax seeds: the new stars of your health. Book code : 2700104

Recettes bien-être pour intestins fragiles WELL-BEING RECIPES TO PRESERVE YOUR INTESTINE

To overcome intestine fragility, an appropriate diet can sometimes replace medication. Book code : 3933393

Gâteaux légers et gourmands TASTY LIGHT CAKES Classic cakes and biscuits recipes revised to be light, healthy and tasty, such as speltflour and cranberry muffins, almond-milk clafoutis… Book code : 2111156

Recettes santé au chou kale KALE GREEN CABBAGE RECIPES Sophie Dupuis-Gaulier, Dr Florence Solsona

Kale covers our needs in calcium, vitamins A, C and K in a few bites. Just learn how to cook it… Book code : 4177895

Cocktails bien-être HEALTHY COCKTAILS

Recettes vegan VEGAN RECIPES

Sandrine Houdé-Grégoire, Mathilde Letassey (dietetician)

From starters to desserts, vegan recipes excluding fish, meat, milk products, eggs…

Antioxidant vitamin cocktails based on fruit, vegetables, super foods, good for skin, energy…

To suppress or reduce meat, cook lentils, peas, beans, tofu, quinoa or sprouted seeds!

Savory and fruit tasty soups for detoxifying, rehydrating effects, lightness…

Cuisiner sans gluten GLUTEN FREE RECIPES

Les super aliments santé HEALTHY SUPERFOOD Ellen Frémont (naturopath)

Tasty recipes of bread, tarts, cakes but also gluten-free breadcrumbs and sauces.

20 high nutrient products: fruits and berries, algae, oilseeds, rhizomes, powders, seeds…

Quinoa, boulgour et autres céréales QUINOA, BULGUR & OTHER GRAINS

Découvrir et cuisiner les produits bio ORGANIC PRODUCTS USES

Valéry Drouet, Dr Florence Solsona

Mix green vegetables with fruits try milkshakes! Vitamins, relaxing and detoxifying effect guaranteed!

Learn how to cook healthy grains such as spelt, buckwheat, barley, millet…

Organic products: choice, nutritional properties, impact on health, storage…

Desserts aux sucres naturels NATURAL SUGAR DESSERTS

Soupes bien-être HEALTHY SOUPS

Pains bien-être HEALTHY BREADS Breads with natural yeast (rye pita, kamut bread), spelt paved bread, light oat bran brioche, or gluten-free.

Protéines végétales VEGAN PROTEINS

Green smoothies et jus santé GREEN SMOOTHIES & HEALTHY DRINKS

Recettes détox DETOX RECIPES Ellen Frémont (naturopath)

Having eaten too much? Feeling tired? A detox diet will help your body to eliminate toxins: soups, salads, main courses… Book code : 2233380

Cuisiner sans protéines de lait MILK-PROTEIN FREE COOKING Coralie Ferreira, Aline Princé

Intolerance to animal milks : use vegetable substitutes, oleaginous puree, vegetable fat! Book code : 3755621

Use raw, low calorie and noncariogenic sugar : rapadura, muscovado, molasses, maple, xylitol, stevia… Book code : 5292800

Recettes végétariennes VEGETARIAN RECIPES Collective work

100% healthy cuisine for vegetarians or for those who wish to reduce the part of meat and fish in their diet. Book code : 4766688

Aliments fermentés FERMENTED FOODS Desserts anti-diabète ANTI-DIABETIC DESSERTS Le régime FODMAP : anti maux de ventre et ballonnements THE LOW FODMAP DIET : AGAINST BELLY PAINS & BLOATINGS Pâtisserie maison sans gluten GLUTEN-FREE PASTRY Eaux de fruits spécial détox DETOX EFFECT OF FRUITBASED WATER Desserts sans sucre SUGAR-FREE DESSERTS Pâtisserie maison sans gluten GLUTEN-FREE PASTRY

Collection Tendances gourmandes g Throughout the Seasons

SERIES : GOURMET TRENDS A series of square books offering a variety of greedy and trendy cooking topics. In each volume, 30 easy recipes in a handy format, a clear and lively layout, very nice photos, an excellent value for money.

Barbecue et plancha BARBECUE & PLANCHA Jean-François Mallet

Each volume : hard cover, 19.5 x 19.5 cm, 72 pages from 35 to 50 illustrations from 32,000 to 60,000 characters. Retail price : 7.90 €

Beignets, churros et donuts FRITTERS, CHURROS & DONUTS V. Drouet, P.-L. Viel (phot.)

Gâteaux magiques MAGIC CAKES Blandine Boyer, Emanuela Cino (phot.), Anne Loiseau (styl.)

Angel Cakes FAT-FREE ANGEL CAKES A. Loiseau, E. Cino (phot.)

Légumes d’été SUMMER VEGETABLES B. Abraham, V. Lhomme (phot.)

Fruits d’été SUMMER FRUITS B. Abraham, V. Lhomme (phot.)

Rainbow cakes RAINBOW CAKES Pierre Chivoret, Aude Royer

Sarah Schmidt, Aline Caron

Cheesecakes comme à New York NEW-YORK STYLE CHEESECAKES

Made in Brasil MADE IN BRAZIL


Made in Bretagne MADE IN BRITTANY

Alain Caron, Sarah Schmidt

C. Jausserand, C. Faccioli (phot.)




C. Jausserand, C. Faccioli (phot.)

Bricks, samosas et feuilletés BRICKS, SAMOSAS & PUFF PASTRY

S. Dupuis-Gaulier, G. Czerw (phot.)

Choux, poireaux, carottes et autres légumes d’hiver WINTER VEGETABLES

Pommes, poires, coings et fruits d’hiver WINTER FRUITS B. Abraham, V. Lhomme (phot.)

Made in India MADE IN INDIA Book code : 7200013

Made in London MADE IN LONDON S. Pain, T. Birotheau (phot.)

Made in New York MADE IN NEW YORK Jean-François Mallet

Mini pies MINI PIES S. Pain, T. Birotheau (phot.)

Mug cakes au microondes MICROWAVE MUG CAKES Élise Delprat-Alvares, Tiphanie Birotheau & Sidonie Pain (phot.)

My American Market MY AMERICAN MARKET Bruno Hug, Marin Balme (phot.)

Petites conserves CANNED FOOD B. Abraham, V. Lhomme (phot.)

Petites tartines entre amis OPEN SANDWICHES WITH FRIENDS Collective work

Petits choux MINI PUFFS B. Abraham, M.Pessina (phot.)

Pizza PIZZA Collective work

Recettes de fête FESTIVE RECIPES Collective work

Sorbets & glaces à la sorbetière HOMEMADE SORBETS & ICE-CREAMS P. Lusseau, C. Faccioli (phot.)

Tartes gourmandes maison TASTY HOMEMADE TARTS Collective work

Cooking Series g Exclusively Sweet

Collection Carrés mousse SERIES : SQUARE & PADDED Trendy, tasty and chic finger food and snacks : 35 recipes in a large square-format book to enjoy the pleasure of friendly meals or afternoon parties.

Cupcakes CUPCAKES Corinne Jausserand, Caroline Faccioli (phot.)

Desserts cultes de mon enfance DESSERTS OF MY CHILDHOOD Foie gras maison HOMEMADE FOIE GRAS Françoise di Vanni

Each volume: padded hard cover, 26 x 26 cm 80 pages, 40 illustrations 55 to 60,000 characters. Retail price : 10.90 €

It’s tea time! IT’S TEA TIME! Collective work

Mes desserts aux bonbecs ! MY CANDIES DESSERTS Collective work

Mes petits biscuits MY LITTLE BISCUITS Anne Loiseau, Emanuela Cino (phot.)

Mugcakes salés SAVORY MUG CAKES Élise Delprat-Alvares

Mugs cakes pour le goûter AFTERNOON MUG CAKES Noémie Strouk

Viva la plancha ! VIVA LA PLANCHA!

Pâtisseries des 1 001 nuits ORIENTAL PASTRIES

Macarons & gourmandises MACAROONS & DELICACIES

Anne-Cé Brétin, Amélie Roche (phot.)

Corinne Jausserand, Caroline Faccioli (phot.)

Tacos, fajitas, enchiladas & Cie TACOS, FAJITAS, ENCHILADAS & CIE

Semifreddos SEMIFREDDOS Élise Delprat-Alvares

One Pot Pasta PASTA AS A MAIN COURSE Book code : 2277797

Tartes repas TARTS AS A MAIN COURSE Book code : 2277797

Gâteaux à la poêle PAN-COOKED CAKES Book code : 2277797


200 to 250 recipes to cook every day, according to your needs.

Handy books aimed at helping you to make the best use of cooking tools.

Each volume : padded hard cover, 19.5 x 23.5 cm 400 pages, 200 to 400 illustrations 300 to 425,000 characters. Retail price : 19.90 €

1 001 idées pour cuisiner sans se ruiner COOK ON A BUDGET

Each volume : hard cover, 13 x 19 cm, around 40 illustrations. Retail price : 9.90 € (9.95 € for Ice-Cream Maker)

Camille Depraz, Fabrice Besse & Nathalie Carnet (phot.)

Recettes à la sorbetière ICE-CREAM MAKER RECIPES 1 001 idées pour cuisiner tout l’été COOK ALL SUMMER LONG Collective work

250 healthy and tasty recipes for summer : dinner parties, picnics, slimming recipes, barbecues… Book code : 5948914

Blandine Boyer, Olivier Ploton (phot.)

More than 130 fresh, smooth and creamy ice-cream recipes using fruit, fresh cream, milk, eggs. 208 pages 186,000 characters. Book code : 3644510

Recettes au siphon SYPHON RECIPES Collective work

200 sweet or savory recipes, including a variation of mousse and Chantilly. Book code : 5926498

Recettes au blender BLENDER RECIPES Noémie André

1001 idées pour inviter sans stresser INVITE WITHOUT STRESSING-OUT

Recettes à l’autocuiseur PRESSURE COOKER RECIPES

Over 140 recipes to enjoy the benefits of the pressure cooking.

Each volume: soft cover, 19.5 x 245 cm, 128 pages 50 to 60 illustrations 100 to 120,000 characters. Retail price: 12.90 €

256 pages around 375,000 characters. Retail price : 9.95 € Book code : 7166680

Over 160 fast recipes : warm, cold, iced, sweet or savory.

250 recipes made in a twinkle of an eye and in every situation : friend or love dinner, parties…

15 French well-known bloggers share their best favorite recipes. Each book includes their self-portrait and 3 recipes per blogger.

250 healthy, extra-fast, tasty and economical recipes prepared thanks to the microwave.

250 tasty recipes to cook without going bankrupt and use of seasonal fruit and vegetables. Book code : 5972724

Cuisiner au micro-ondes MICROWAVE COOKING

Noémie André, O. Ploton (phot.)

Cuisiner avec un robot cuiseur USING A COOKING MACHINE Book code : 2277797

Les Blogueuses cuisinent vegan THE BLOGGERS COOK VEGAN 45 simple, tasty, original and diversified recipes as lentil soup, two-beans pate, tofu burger…

Atelier pâtisserie chez les blogueuses THE BLOGGERS’ PASTRY WORKSHOP 45 recipes of delicious pastries, with the bloggers’ girly touch and tips and tricks! Book code: 2333356

Les blogueuses vous invitent à l’apéro THE BLOGGERS’ FINGER FOOD Fed up with chips and peanuts for snacks? Make chorizo cookies or mini puffs with tuna… Book code: 2255578


75 quick and easy recipes for cooking lovers, reflecting the current trends. The perfect series for beginners : “Sleight of hand”, “Avoid the recipe traps”, “Professional trick” or “Choose the accurate product” give the reader 100 percent chance to succeed in cooking.

Cooking good and tasty meals is a real challenge for those who always run to finish on time! With these 55 recipes per title, cooking in 15 minutes at the maximum with only 3 ingredients is possible!

Each volume : soft cover, 19.5 x 26 cm 192 pages, 120 illustrations 110 to 200,000 characters. Retail price : 7.95 €

Each volume : hard cover, 19.5 x 22.8 cm 104 pages, 400 illustrations around 100,000 characters. Retail price : 7.95 €

Gâteaux faits maison HOMEMADE CAKES Book code : 5932157

Recettes végétariennes VEGGIE RECIPES

Saveurs d’Italie ITALIAN RECIPES

Desserts magiques MAGIC DESSERTS

Recettes à moins de 5 € RECIPES FOR LESS THAN 5 €

Petites recettes du samedi soir entre amis SATURDAY NIGHT RECIPES FOR FRIENDLY DINNERS Book code : 5933023

Petits plats pour la semaine (à préparer le dimanche) TASTY MEALS TO PREPARE IN ADVANCE

Petits plats étudiants COOKING FOR STUDENTS

Classiques indémodables CLASSICS OF ALL TIMES Book code : 5933064

Petites recettes pour l’apéro FINGER FOOD RECIPES Book code : 5933049

Petits plats de nos régions TRADITIONAL FRENCH CUISINE Book code : 5933056

Forthcoming in 2016 Recettes magiques MAGIC RECIPES

Forthcoming in 2016 Recettes végétariennes VEGETARIAN COOKING Pizzas, quiches & tartes PIZZA, QUICHES & TARTS Tout chocolat CHOCOLATE ADDICT !

Petites recettes du soir DINNER RECIPES

Apéros dînatoires FINGER FOOD DINNERS Book code : 2355574

Petits plats à la mijoteuse SLOW COOKER RECIPES Petits plats prêts d’avance READY TO WARM COOKING

Recettes pour ma tribu FAMILY RECIPES

Spécial pomme de terre POTATOES ADDICT! Tout poulet CHICKEN FOCUSED! Œufs EGGS

Pregnancy & Early Childhood NEW

Le Petit Larousse des futures mamans PETIT LAROUSSE OF THE MUMS TO BE Under the supervision of Dr Anne Théau

A month-by-month chronology of the pregnancy evolution with questions from mothers to mothers. Written by specialists (gynaecologist, obsterician, midwives, pediatrician…), it also gives a place to fathers and adds an original point of view : the baby’s one! Hard cover, 19.5 x 23.5 cm, 496 pages over 200 color illustrations, around 1,400,000 characters. Retail price : 25.25 € Book code : 5923065

A month-by-month chronology of the pregnancy, from the beginning to the return at home: the baby’s development, the mother’s evolution, feeding, medical assistance, health and self-care, beauty…

A weekly overview on the 42 weeks of pregnancy. For each week : on the left page, information about the baby’s evolution, the pregnancy followup, etc. on the right one, place to note appointments, things to do, personal feelings… And a calendar to customize, include medical examination dates…

Maman dans 9 mois IN 9 MONTHS I’LL BE A MUM!

Hard cover with wire’o, 24 x 24 cm, 448 pages over 100 photos and illustrations around 850,000 characters. Retail price : 23.00 € Book code : 6400025

L’Agenda de ma grossesse MY PREGNANCY DOODLE BOOK

Hard cover with rounded corners, elastic band and pencil 14 x 19.5 cm, 128 pages around 60 photos 55,000 characters. Retail price : 9.90 € Book code : 6288913

Se soigner au naturel pendant la grossesse et l’allaitement NATURAL HEALTHCARE DURING PREGNANCY & BREASTFEEDING Carole Minker

A practical guide to fight stomach or digestion problems, back ache, allergies, nauseas, stress and anxiety, stretch marks…, using “natural” remedies, alternative medicines and some allopathic medication.

Le journal de moi… enceinte DIARY OF MYSELF… PREGNANT Muriel Ighmouracène

The story of an ordinary pregnancy like so many others… except it’s all hers! funny, moving and without inhibitions. Hard cover, 14 x 20.5 cm, 224 pages, 100 illustrations, around 200,000 characters. Retail price : 13.70 € Book code : 5926241

Integra, 15 x 19.5 cm, 224 pages around 100 illustrations and 250,000 characters. Retail price : 14.90 € Book code : 1766685

Journal de moi … papa DIARY OF MYSELF… A DAD Benjamin Buhot

Guide de l’accouchement THE CHILD DELIVERY GUIDEBOOK Benoît Le Goedec

An indispensable practical guide to prepare future mothers for the birthing process. Soft cover with flaps, 18.3 x 23.5 cm, 128 pages, over 200 illustrations, around 300,000 characters. Retail price : 10.05 € Book code : 5599527

Guide du nouveau né AT HOME WITH BABY A concrete and complete guide for the young mother as she is just back home, that shows all the right gestures to take care of her infant at every key moment in the day or night. Soft cover with flaps, 18.5 x 23.5 cm, 128 pages, 200 illustrations around 85,000 characters. Retail price : 9.90 € Book code : 5938493

Le Guide de l’allaitement THE BREASTFEEDING GUIDE

Le journal de moi… maman DIARY OF MYSELF… A MUM!

From the beginning of pregnancy to the end of nursing, advice, either “technical” (find the good position, handle the weaning, avoid chaps…) or psychological, of an expert about breastfeeding benefits.

Young Muriel, from the Diary of myself… Pregnant, is now a mum, back at home. Follow her first steps as a mother until her baby’s first birthday.

Paperback, 12.5 x 19.2 cm, 256 pages 40 drawings around 280,000 characters. Retail price : 5.90 € Book code : 5993829

Hard cover, 14 x 20.4 cm, 224 pages, 100 illustrations, around 200,000 characters. Retail price : 13.50 € Book code : 5938410

Humoristic though serious : how to become a perfect dad in 100 lessons! During pregnancy, helping the future mum just after the birth (visits to the maternity, taking care of the baby) during the toddler age (first words, sleeping ritual, first “no” phase…) Soft cover, 14 x 20.5 cm, 448 pages around 100 illustrations 200,000 characters. Retail price : 13.50 € Book code : 6833407

Maman et bébé zen ZEN MUMMIES & BABIES

Toddler Age & Childhood NEW

Parents au bord de la crise de nerfs PARENTS ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN

Petit Larousse des 0-3 ans PETIT LAROUSSE OF toddlers Under the supervision of paediatrician Véronique Gagey

A practical guide, from feeding to sleep or medical care, to accompany you child, month by month, from birth to 3 years old. Hard cover, , 19.5 x 23.5 cm, over 200 photos, 480 pages, around 1,000,000 characters. Retail price : 24.90 € Book code : 5599519

Les 100 questions que se posent toutes les mamans 100 QUESTIONS EVERY MOTHER ASKS Collective work

The answers of professionals to the most common questions parents ask about children from 0 to 3 years old : feeding (breastfeeding, bottle feeding, food diversification) health (growth, teething, diseases) early childhood development (sleeping, toilet learning, education, anger…). Soft cover, 12.5 x 19 cm, 224 pages 200,000 characters. Retail price: 6.90 € Book code: 3244482

L’enfant de 6 à 11 ans THE CHILD FROM 6 TO 11 YEARS OLD Gilles-Marie Valet

From the child environment to helps and therapies, 7 chapters to understand the child’s evolution, behavior and feelings during this peculiar period we call “age of reason” or “latency phase”, between 6 and 11 years old. Hard cover, 12.5 x 19.2 cm, 256 pages, around 400,000 characters. Retail price: 5.99 € Book code: 5993878

Mon enfant mange mal! MY CHILD HAS BAD EATING HABITS Dr F. Solsona

Eating, like speaking, has to be learnt! Gathering all children eating disorders, from birth to preadolescence, this book helps parents succeed in their children’s dietary education. Soft cover, 14 x 22 cm, 240 pages around 250,000 characters. Retail price : 15.90 € Book code : 5928205

101 règles d’or pour se faire obéir sans s’énerver HOW TO RAISE CHILDREN WITHOUT YELLING AT THEM

How to manage the conflicts that usually infuriate the parents. Organized thematically (sleep, meal, school education, dirty words, TV, cell phone, family rivalries…), each case gives the parents’ accounts, deciphers the child’s behavior and explains how to solve the problem.

Basic rules such as understand the real meaning of obedience trust in your own authority, be conscious that you can be wrong… Rules linked to the child : understand why he doesn’t obey teach him how to control his impulses… Everyday rules : simplify the rules by dividing them, give time to your child, develop his learning apetite…

Soft cover, 14 x 20.5 cm, 224 pages around 30,000 characters. Retail price: 13.50 € Book code: 3811195

Soft cover, 12.5 x 19 cm, 208 pages 200,000 characters. Retail price : 6.90 € Book code : 1066716

Soigner son enfant au naturel NATURAL HEALTHCARE FOR CHILDREN

Temps calme ! Quand la méditation aide les petits à se concentrer HELP YOUR CHILDREN BE FOCUSED WITH 50 EASY MEDITATIONS

Your child cannot keep focused or stand frustration? He sleeps badly? Developing his concentration skill can help him. In 5 to 10 minutes, everywhere, simple exercises give a 3/10 year-old child calm and rest by controlling his breathing, emptying his mind, managing his anger… Soft cover, 14 x 20.5 cm, 192 pages 200,000 characters. Retail price : 13.50 € Book code : 7211139

Se faire obéir sans (forcément) punir GET THEM TO OBEY WITHOUT (NECESSARILY) PUNISHING THEM Gilles-Marie Valet

Psychiatrist for children and teenagers, the author gives parents keys to exert their authority (adding a small guide of good and bad punishments) and take in account the psychic development of their child. Soft cover, 14 x 22 cm, 192 pages around 330,000 characters. Retail price : 15.90 € Book code : 5923057

Collection Livres animés SERIES : ANIMATED ALBUMS Nice and attractive animated books to keep everlasting memories of strong moments of your life. Collective work

Each volume : hard cover with wire’o. Format : 19.5 x 23.5 cm, 18 x 25.2 cm for My Baby’s Book 64 pages, around 200 illustrations, around 5,000 characters except for The Wedding Album. Retail price : 19.90 €

L’Album de mariage THE WEDDING ALBUM Collective work

Mes années maternelle MY PRESCHOOL YEARS Collective work

Around 30 topics such as : My first day at school, It’s my birthday!, Inner artist…, My class photos, Let’s celebrate, My best pals, My little foibles… Pop-up, flaps, envelopes to store souvenirs and secrets, notebooks, folding : an amazing animated album to keep the memory of the 3 to 6 year-old time.

Mon album de famille MY FAMILY ALBUM

Mon album de future maman MY FUTURE MUM ALBUM

Around 20 topics about family life : family tree, similarities, houses, celebrations, parties, Sunday meals, joys and pains, letters and postcards… all that gives its price to the precious relationship between generations in the family.

An attractive album to fill out to keep in mind the strong moments of pregnancy. Decision to conceive a baby, pregnancy steps, tips given by the relatives, choice of the forname, baby’s room sketch… an animated memory book with envelopes, little notebooks, pop up…

From the marriage proposal to D-Day and the honeymoon: announcement, selection of guests, dressing, ceremony, cocktail, seating arrangement, menu, wedding night… An animated book to fill out, to keep a memory of this unforgettable event. Around 18,000 characters. Book code : 5928288

My Photo Book Le Journal de mon bébé MY BABY’S DIARY

A 5-chapter sweet and tender animated book to remember and keep in mind baby’s first steps : before the birth (parents, forname, arrival), the first moments, the arrival at home, the relatives, growing up (first experiences, learnings). With a first-year calendar to fill with stickers of “first times”. Book code : 5967468


Le Livre de mon bébé MY BABY’S BOOK

An album-book for writing down memories and keeping photos from your baby’s first months with 26 themes and 30 animations.

A book to be filled out with the stories your baby’s first months in order to keep hold of the tender memories of these unique moments.

A series of memory books to keep all that matters to you, photos or other things, linked to the revival of snapshots. A vintage style reminding the Polaroid period, thanks to the craft cover. Five titles : I, Me and My Selfies, The Nicest Baby of the World, My Cat & Me, Journeys & Holidays, My Best Recipes, Me & My Friends. Each volume : soft craft cover with rounded corners and jacket, 14.5 x 19 cm 96 pages 5,000 characters. Retail price : 6.95 €

Psychology & Well-Being NEW

Art-thérapie. Mettre des mots sur les maux et des couleurs sur les douleurs. ART THERAPY. PUT WORDS ON ACHES & COLORS ON PAINS Johanne Hamel & Jocelyne Labrèche

During a psychotherapy, people may find difficult to talk about their pain. Art therapy can help them to express themselves, using feelings and emotions. It can be practiced with or without a therapist, at the office as well as at home. Concrete examples are commented to link theory and practice.

Petit Larousse de la psychologie Petit Larousse of Psychology Preface by Dr Sylvie Angel

The essential of psychology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis and the great questions of everyday life.

Hard cover, 13 x 19 cm, 960 pages, around 1,500,000 characters. Retail Price : 19.90 € Book code : 5977095

We often build ourselves out of (false) beliefs inherited from social models. Practice exercises to break chains cure your wounds (humiliation, treason, rejection…) be conscious of the bad influences around you, of your beliefs and fears. Use several therapies: balance between energy and emotions, art, music, flower, color therapy… The golden rules to feel yourself: find your essence, be free, stop judging you, rely on yourself write, draw, meditate…

Under the direction of Dr. Sylvie Angel

Gathering the essential psychology, psychiatrists and psychoanalysts answer the great questions of everyday life: family, love, pains, work unease…

Décoder le langage du corps DECODING THE BODY LANGUAGE Isabelle Duvernois

How to interpret your interlocutor’s gestures and pay attention to your own body postures. Soft cover, 12.5 x 19.2 cm, 256 pages, around 120,000 characters. Retail price : 5.90 € Book code : 5599691

Décoder les visages DISCOVER MORPHOPSYCHOLOGY Anne-Sophie Boutry

Looking at faces informs us about everyone’s personality and behavior. Soft cover, 18.5 x 23.5 cm, 128 pages around 200,000 characters. Retail price : 9.90 € Book code : 5913108

La Be Yourself attitude! BE TRUE! BE YOURSELF!


Comb binding, 19.5 x 23.5 cm, 992 pages, 120 illustrations, around 1,000,000 characters. Retail price : 16.90 € Book code : 5993811

Soft cover, 12.5 x 19 cm, 320 pages 420,000 characters. Retail price : 9.90 € Book code : 4411174

L’Estime de soi. S’aimer pour vivre mieux SELF-ESTEEM FOR A BETTER LIFE Patricia Ras

What is exactly self-esteem? Is it a need? Where does it come from? How can it help?… and mostly, How to develop it? After answering all these questions, the book analyses the 6 self-esteem levels : identity, decisions, words and deeds, success or failure, emotions, interpretation of the results). It ends with the way to develop selfesteem, by yourself or being helped. Soft cover, 12.5 x 19 cm, 192 pages 192,000 characters. Retail price : 6.90 € Book code : 5993928

Soft cover, 12.5 x 19 cm, 192 pages 200,000 characters. Retail price : 6.90 € Book code : 1066683

Se libérer des émotions négatives FREE YOURSELF FROM NEGATIVE EMOTIONS Latifa Gallo

We are always the prey of negative emotions that destabilize and scare us : fear, anguish, anger, sadness… Instead of repressing them, learn how to win them and live better. The book explains how emotions work and describes their typology : innate or acquired, those that make us suffer… It gives advice on how to manage emotions, to face the others’ ones, to preserve children’s ones and identify cases for psychotherapy. Soft cover, 12.5 x 19 cm, 224 pages 282,000 characters Retail price : 6.90 € Book code : 8333470

Stress is a cause for lack of concentration, anxiety and insomnia. The 101 Golden Rules offer a strategy that links body and mind to face it in personal and professional situations. To succeed, enjoy the present, be self-conscious, work on yourself, manage the professional stress, learn how to think differently, rephrase, change your emotional reactions in allies.

Procrastination has to do with waiting for the last moment to do something and to be relieved when it is done. To understand this attitude is good, but to find solutions to remedy is better. Being conscious is the first step. After that, face the choices, take your responsibility, decide to renounce to the ones you didn’t choose… Finally, you did it!

101 règles d’or pour ne pas stresser 101 GOLDEN RULES FOR STRESS RELIEF

Soft cover, 12.5 x 19 cm, 144 pages 180,000 characters. Retail price : 6.90 € Book code : 1100049

La procrastination. Aujourd’hui peut-être ou alors demain… PROCRASTINATION : THE ART OF POSTPONING

Se sentir mieux en rangeant HOME TIDIYNG UP TO FEEL BETTER

L’Intelligence émotionnelle HOW TO DEAL WITH EMOTIONS

Serenity, zen attitude, positive mind, meditation, happiness are necessary by the time being. A strong content, easy to carry and store everywhere thanks to an extra light paper.

Toutes les sagesses du monde WISDOMS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD Gilles Diederichs

An illustrated panorama of 30 civilizations, cultures or religions of the world and their vision of wisdom and life philosophy: from Aboriginal to Zulu, passing by Aztec, Buddhist or Inuit but also shamanism, kabbalism and freemasonry. Hard cover, 16 x 22 cm, 288 pages 340,000 characters. Retail price: 19.95 € Book code: 1644585

Toltèques. Sur la voie de la guérison intérieure TOLTEC SPIRIT: ON THE WAY TO INNER RECOVERY

Yoga sur mesure YOGA WHEN YOU WANT

Claire Armange, Julie Banville

Certified yoga teachers in Canada, the authors propose short sessions to practice yoga all day long, in all kinds of situations: at work when traveling at home before or after practicing sport after a trauma, a disease, a loss… The exercises are illustrated step-by-step with focus on the benefits of the posture. Soft cover with flaps, 18.8 x 23.5 cm, 160 pages 275 photos 200,000 characters. Retail price: 12.90 € Book code: 3688982

Ce chat qui a changé ma vie THAT CAT CHANGED MY LIFE

To live in harmony with nature, gods and their inner selves, the Toltec developed a spiritual and shamanic knowledge associated to celestial bodies and seasons, using kinds of self-contracts. The principles are described and applied to daily life. They link theory and practice. A way to find serenity and inner recovery by self-knowledge inside the environment.

50 exceptional testimonies of writers, painters, doctors, jurists, veterinarians, actors, journalist of their privileged relationship with their cat, that had an impact on their life: professional orientation, personal development, major help faced to the ups and downs of life (separation, disease, death…)

Soft cover with flaps, 18.8 x 23.5 cm, 160 pages around 255,000 characters. Retail price: 12.90 € Book code: 3688982

Each volume : soft cover, 9 x 14.5 cm 224 to 256 pages. Retail price : 5.90 €

Hard cover, 14 x 20.5 cm, 224 pages around 300,000 characters. Retail price: 15.95 € Book code: 1555695

Forthcoming in 2016 Plaidoyer pour la gentillesse KINDNESS: A CHOSEN ATTITUDE Petit dictionnaire de la gentillesse THE LITTLE DICTIONARY OF KINDNESS

SERIES : 52… TO COLOR AND MEDITATE 52 drawings, presented on tear-off cards with messages, and 52 quotes from philosophers, writers, artists, to color and meditate. Each volume: soft cover, 16.5 x 16.5 cm 112 pages, 52 illustrations around 4,500 characters. Retail price : 7.90 € See also page 19.

52 pensées positives et remonte-moral à colorier 52 POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS TO COLOR AND CHEER UP Collective work

50 petites leçons d’optimisme 50 LESSONS OF OPTIMISM Jean-Paul Guedj

Being happy is a question of choice. So let’s visit, with an optimistic point of view, all the day-to-day life situations rediscover the benefits of laugh, love, sharing, friendship, empathy, work, creativity… Stimulating small lessons fed by famous philosophers such as Socrates, Epictetus, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Sartre… 200,000 characters. Book code : 2922329

Petites leçons de sérénité LITTLE SERENITY LESSONS Marie-Pascale et Anne Boutry

« You cannot look at the stars while walking when you have a pebble in your shoe », says a Chinese maxim. This book helps the reader identify the pebbles of our lives and learn how to live with them. Offering a clear synthesis of a healthy lifestyle, the book alternates advice and exercises, enlightened by meaningful quotes. 200,000 characters. Book code : 3033441

Drawings symbolizing joy, radiance, personal fulfillment (sun, flower), dream, escape, lightness (bird, moon), peace, confidence, security. Book code : 3922311

52 messages zen et antistress à colorier 52 ZEN AND ANTI-STRESS MESSAGES TO COLOR Collective work

Zen and anti-stress drawings: idyllic worlds, light and aerial (butterflies, flowers), stained glass patterns, kaleidoscopic images, symbols of harmony… Book code : 3966756

52 bonnes résolutions à colorier 52 GOOD RESOLUTIONS TO COLOR To get off on the right foot, do the right choice, transcend yourself, drawings symbolizing positive thought, zen spirit, energy, engagement, goodwill. Book code : 8907792

52 messages de sagesse à colorier 52 WISDOM MESSAGES TO COLOR To be in harmony, step back and keep the course each week of the year : drawings symbolizing peace, serenity, patience, love, contemplation. Book code : 8907669

Gardening Workshops Well-Being

Collection Les Ateliers du bien-être THE WELL-BEING WORKSHOP SERIES A series that brings back to life our traditional skills and savoir-faire in the field of well-being. Trendy topics appealing to nostalgia. A revival of the past in a vintage style with engravings or sepia photos. Each volume : soft cover, 16.8 x 22 cm 64 pages, 64 illustrations. Retail price : 4.99 €

Use quiz, check-lists, breathing, movements, yoga-sophrology-qi qong, self- massages, writing, drawing… to face situations and avoid stress. In addition : some anti-stress mandalas to color.

30 drawings to color that are sources of meditation, with, for each, 5 steps of learning : I understand, I act, I meditate, I am engaged. A coloring instruction extends your inner development.

Petits exercices anti-stress LITTLE ANTI-STRESS EXERCISES

120,000 characters. Book code : 4577843

Petits exercices de méditation LITTLE MEDITATION EXERCISES Sashila Dahan, Latifa Gallo

Rules to enter meditation, with: tests, check-lists, well-being recipes, breathing, relaxation exercises, writing… and anti-stress mandalas to color. 50,000 characters. Book code : 6900075

Petits exercices d’affirmation de soi LITTLE SELF-AFFIRMATION EXERCISES Sashila Dahan, Latifa Gallo

How to gain in self-assurance? Here’s the help of art therapy, quiz, check-lists, quotes, well-being recipes, writing, drawing… and anti-stress mandalas to color. Around 50,000 characters. Book code : 6922297

Inpiration Chat zen INSPIRATION : ZEN CAT Gilles Diederichs

30 lessons given by Master Cat through drawings to color and quotes to meditate: body care, yoga practice, relaxation, meditation, purr…. Around 5,000 characters. Book code : 1255273

Inspiration toltèque TOLTEC INSPIRATION

Petits exercices pour lâcher prise et se relaxer LITTLE ANTI-STRESS & RELAXING EXERCISES Helen Monnet

Understand what slows us down and succeed in relaxing and outperforming: quiz, check-lists, breathing movements, yoga-sophrology-qi qong, self massages, writing, coloring.

Around 5,000 characters. Book code : 2955667

60,000 characters. Book code : 8255712

Petits exercices toltèques LITTLE TOLTEC EXERCISES

Petits exercices de ronron-thérapie… pour bien vivre avec son chat LITTLE EXERCISES OF CAT-THERAPY… TO ENJOY LIFE WITH YOUR PET Gilles Diederichs

The relaxing effects of cats : soothes the mind, cures insomnia, helps get rid of dark thoughts and use massages and meditation. Around 65,000 characters. Book code : 5522445

Petits exercices de pensée positive POSITIVE THINKING EXERCISES Latifa Gallo

Increase your aptitude to happiness and fight against spleen and depression : positive psychology basis, happiness performing, relaxation advice… and mandalas to color. Around 65,000 characters. Book code : 1788968

A meditation and coloring book inspired by Toltec and shamanic thought. 30 drawings (natural elements, totem animals) and their meaning 30 meditations with a wisdom sentence, an engagement to accomplish…. Around 100,000 characters. Book code : 2955667

Petits livrets de méditation

SERIES : MEDITATION BOOKLETS Serenity, zen attitude, positive mind, meditation, happiness : trendy topics by the time being, are associated here to a candle holder. Just light the candle, and meditate! Box : 6.8 x 6.8 x 12 cm. Booklet : soft cover, 6.7 x 11 cm 24 pages 10,000 characters. Accessory : a candle holder with one candle inside. Retail price : 5.95 €

Massages Gardening & Gym NEW

SERIES : I OFFER YOU… A nice 8-side box to offer as a gift. It includes 52 rolled quotes of famous authors, illustrated with a photo, about tenderness and happiness.

Auto-massages express INSTANT SELF-MASSAGES

Box : 12 cm width. 52 messages, 52 photos. Retail price : 5.95 €

Sagesses de chat CATS WISDOM Brigitte Bulard-Cordeau

Je t’offre de la sagesse et de l’amitié I OFFER YOU WISDOM & FRIENDSHIP Collective work

Je t’offre du bonheur et de la tendresse I OFFER YOU HAPPINESS & TENDERNESS Collective work

Mail accessories, focused on famous quotes on cats wisdom. 20 calling cards with quotes and, on the verso, blank space to stamp with cats’ postures. Box-size : 30 x 18 x 2.5 cm. Booklet : 9.2 x 12 cm, 48 pages, around 28,000 characters. Accessories : a wooden handle, 6 stamping end pieces. Retail price : 12.95 € Book code : 1166027

60 Massages minute partout & pour tous INSTANT MASSAGES FOR ALL & EVERYWHERE Joël Savatofski

60 massages for the whole body to do by yourself or with others. Five parts: everywhere at home at the office during transport or holiday with friends (feet massage for 3, slow massage). With answers to the questions: Where? When? How? Why? How long? Integra cover, 14.5 x 19 cm, 160 pages 160 drawings 100,000 characters Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 6588911

A smart and innovative guide to use all the idle situations, stopped at a red traffic light, stuck in a lift, in front of the TV… to practice easy little gestures to relax and feel well. 50 self-massages are detailed step-by-step, from the top of the head to the tip toes. Integra cover, 13 x 17.1 cm, 96 pages, around 70 drawings, around 75,000 characters. Retail price : 6.90 € Book code : 0999992

Ma gym express QUICK GYMNASTICS Véronique Schapiro-Chatenay

Méditation positive POSITIVE MEDITATION Collective work

Méditation anti-stress ANTI-STRESS MEDITATION Collective work

Méditation zen ZEN MEDITATION Collective work

Micro Gym GYM EXERCISES EVERYWHERE Véronique Schapiro-Chatenay

A program, based on short exercises, easy to fit in a personal time schedule: in your bed under the shower when brushing your teeth going to work in the lift. With advice on ways to relax, postures to avoid. Integra cover, 12 x 17.1 cm, 96 pages over 70 drawings 75,000 characters Retail price : 7.90 € Book code : 2633435

Short exercises, focused on every part of the body: posture stretching by working on the feet, the basin, the head, the shoulders and the breath training all day long to get muscles. With 30 exercises that associate several postures and more focused exercises on specific zones: abdominal, leg muscles… Soft cover, 18.3 x 23.5 cm, 144 pages over 150 drawings 200,000 characters Retail price : 9.90 € Book code : 7222295

Auto-massages bien-être RELAXING SELF-MASSAGES Janine Bharucha

A silicone glove, flexible, with 9 rolling steel balls, to release all the body tensions and for reflex zones massages with a book presenting 50 movements to relax, to practice from the top of the head to the tiptoe, described step-by-step. Box : 30.3 x 17.4 x 3 cm Book : integra cover, 13 x 17 cm, 96 pages around 70 drawings and 75,000 characters. Box set : 1 book about self-massages 1 silicone glove with rolling steel balls. Retail price : 14.90 € Book code : 8444499

Le Petit Larousse médical PETIT LAROUSSE OF DISEASES Collective, under the supervision of Pr. Jean-Pierre Wainstein

The 200 main diseases, with their symptoms and treatments, organized by body organs or major functions (brain and nervous system, genital area, heart…). Around 30 focuses on current medical matters (cancers, insomnia, addiction, memory…). Hard cover, 20 x 24 cm, 512 pages around 150 illustrations 1,400,000 characters. Retail price : 29.90 € Book code : 5993787

Mieux vivre avec le diabète HOW TO LIVE BETTER WITH DIABETES Dominique Simon, Anne Eveillard

100 questions and answers about diabetes, an expanding pathology: general knowledge about the disease (men/women, typology) habits and cares to take in account advice to make daily life better cure… Soft cover, 12.5 x 19 cm, 192 pages 200,000 characters. Retail price : 6.90 € Book code : 7266740

Accompagner la maladie d’Alzheimer HOW TO LIVE WITH THE ALZHEIMER DISEASE

Adoptez le régime paléolithique FOLLOW THE PALEOLITHIC DIET

A guide to help the patients as well as their relatives better understand this trouble, have the best treatment and live better. Questions such as : how to distinguish Alzheimer disease from other dementias? What are the main troubles? Which kind of treatment? Which helps to find?

Return to the nutritional past of our ancestors: eat “rough” products, favor fruit and vegetables, lean meat and fish, suppress dairy milk, gluten, sugar, salt, cereals and legumes. History, principles and uses are developed here.

Soft cover, 12.5 x 19 cm, 192 pages 300,000 characters. Retail price : 6.90 € Book code : 7333407

Mieux dormir et vaincre l’insomnie SLEEP WELL AND FIGHT INSOMNIA Joëlle Adrien

Explains the sleep mechanisms, gives the keys to improve sleep at every age and according to one’s needs, presents the various categories of pathologies and sleep disorders and explains how to fix them. Soft cover, 14.5 x 18.9 cm, 160 pages, around 200,000 characters. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 5993944

Soft cover, 14 x 22 cm, 192 pages 300,000 characters. Retail price : 15.90 € Book code : 7366741

Bienfaits et vertus du jeûne BENEFITS AND HEALING VIRTUES OF FASTING Aline Perraudin

(Re)discover the benefits of eating less, or even not eating at all. The book separates what is right from what is wrong, states objectively on the therapeutic aspects of fasting. Soft cover, 13 x 17.1 cm, 128 pages, around 200,000 characters. Retail price : 6.90 € Book code : 5993969

Le Cahier anti-kilos d’une ex-grosse THE ANTI-WEIGHT NOTEBOOK OF A FORMER FATTY Anna Austruy

The author analyzes what slows down diet or makes us gain weight again despite our efforts. Over 50 various topics such as: I eat at night, Drinking water, Do the accurate shopping, Do I need to have breakfast? Soft cover, 16.8 x 22 cm, 160 pages over 100 illustrations 70,000 characters. Retail price : 7.90 € Book code : 6033399

Le journal d’une ex-feignasse DIARY OF A FORMER LAZYBONES Anna Austruy and Charlene Sarrouy

After her low-calorie diet, Anna decides to do sport and succeeds in overcoming small difficulties and greedy temptations. Soft cover, 14 x 20.5 cm, 224 pages around 100 illustrations around 160,000 characters. Retail price : 13.50 € Book code : 5993985

Dis-moi comment tu manges, je te dirai comment maigrir TELL ME HOW YOU EAT, I’LL TELL YOU HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT Through the concrete case of 20 emblematic female “eaters”, the author highlights the causes of overweight. She gives notions of food balance and practical advice to lose weight. Soft cover, 14 x 22 cm, 240 pages around 340,000 characters. Retail price : 15.95 € Book code : 5923297

Le journal d’une ex-grosse DIARY OF A FORMER FATTY Anna Austruy

Anna has lost 35 kilos… and she hasn’t gained them back! Coaching, advice and recipes treated with humor. Soft cover, 14 x 20.5 cm, 224 pages over 140 illustrations, 20 photos 160,000 characters. Retail price : 13.50 € Book code : 5924931

200 aliments santé 200 HEALTHY FOODS Good health, well-being, punch… Eat better to live better! The best foods by category, their virtues, how to find and keep them, the research… Soft cover, 14 x 22 cm, 448 pages around 800,000 characters. Retail price : 16.90 € Book code : 7989046

200 plantes qui guérissent 200 HEALING PLANTS 200 medicinal plants either to pick up or buy from the herbalist’s that help cure every complaint : focus on the current research, use. Soft cover, 14 x 22 cm, 448 pages, 220 illustrations 650,000 characters. Retail price : 16.90 € Book code : 8066825

Forthcoming in 2016 Ce que dit notre ventre THE HEALTH MESSAGE OUR BELLY DELIVERS Faire maigrir son homme MAKE YOUR MAN LOSE WEIGHT!

Collection Les secrets de…

Petit Larousse des secrets et astuces de grand-mère PETIT LAROUSSE OF GRANNY’S SECRETS & TIPS

Presented in an elegant and fun layout, illustrated with unconventional drawings, a series of complete practical guides accessible to everyone on the trendy topic of well-being.

Whether it’s about health, beauty, gardening or for the house, learn how to make the best use of the old “remedies” of yesteryear : over 1,000 grandmothers’ secrets based on natural products.

Each volume : integra cover, 11.8 x 15.5 cm, 128 pages, around 50 illustrations and 100,000 characters. Retail price : 5.90 €

Hard cover, 19.5 x 23.5 cm, 352 pages, around 800,000 characters. Retail price : 22.90 € Book code : 5938386

Petit Larousse des huiles essentielles PETIT LAROUSSE OF ESSENTIAL OILS Thierry Folliard

Stomach aches, sleep disorders, dry hair, fatigue, oily skin, infectious diseases… The essential oils can cure or ease many pains. This bible presents 140 major essential oils and how to know them, blend them and ease mild or more serious pains. Hard cover, 19.5 x 23.5 cm, 352 pages around 400,000 characters. Retail price : 24.90 € Book code : 5993720

Petit Larousse des plantes médicinales PETIT LAROUSSE OF MEDICINAL PLANTS F. Couplan, G. Debuigne, P. et D. Vignes

300 medicinal plants with full information and illustration : a reference guide to learn how to identify and pick up your own herbs, prepare safe remedies to relieve your little diseases with plants.

La Bible Larousse des huiles essentielles THE LAROUSSE BIBLE OF ESSENTIAL OILS

Hard cover, 19.5 x 23.5 cm, 396 pages around 800,000 characters. Retail price : 25.25 €

Le Guide des additifs alimentaires THE GUIDE OF FOOD ADDITIVES Le Grand guide Larousse du bicarbonate THE BIG LAROUSSE SODA GUIDE Marina Krczmar, editor-in-chief of the magazine Médecine naturelle (Natural Medicine)

Ecological and money saver, soda is THE miracle product to store in your cupboard. A true bible, this guide presents 500 recipes for health, beauty, cooking and homecare. Soft cover, 14 x 22 cm, 256 pages around 450,000 characters. Retail price : 15.00 € Book code : 1044457

Petit Larousse des plantes qui guérissent PETIT LAROUSSE OF HEALING PLANTS Gérard Debuigne, Thierry Folliard, François Couplan

A complete updated work to know everything about over 500 medicinal plants and their use. Hard cover, 13 x 19 cm, 992 pages over 500 photos and drawings around 250,000 characters. Retail price : 19.90 € Book code : 5927678

L’Influence de la lune THE INFLUENCE OF THE MOON

La Levure de bière BREWER’S YEAST

La Pharmacie de mamie GRANNY’S REMEDIES


Les Secrets de la lavande THE SECRETS OF LAVENDER

Le Chlorure de magnésium (ou Nigari) MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE (OR NIGARI)

Le Citron LEMON Collective work

Les Secrets des tisanes bien-être THE SECRETS OF WELL-BEING INFUSIONS Bénédicte Boudassou

Vertus et secrets de l’ortie VIRTUES & SECRETS OF NETTLE Collective work

Le Guide des additifs alimentaires FOOD ADDITIVES Rachel Frély

Vitamines et oligo-éléments VITAMINS & TRACE ELEMENTS Collective work

Collection Petit Larousse de

SERIES: PETIT LAROUSSE OF Petit Larousse des bonsaïs LITTLE LAROUSSE OF BONSAIS Isabelle & Rémy Samson

A great reference about bonsais, with a guide of 80 interior, exterior or greenhouse species and over 40 rare ones. Hard cover with cloth spine, 19.5 x 23.5 cm, 352 pages, around 220 illustrations and 680,000 characters. Retail price: 22.90 € Book code: 5927124

Petit Larousse des techniques du jardinage PETIT LAROUSSE OF GARDENING TECHNIQUES Catherine Delvaux & Michel Loppé

Jardin malin – Trucs de pros THE SMART GARDENER

The first visual encyclopedia of gardening, completely dedicated to the technical gestures, a step-by-step to maintain your garden, your lawn, your vegetable garden and your orchard.

Hard cover with cloth spine, 19.5 x 23.5 cm, 384 pages, 18 drawings and 200 photos, around 450,000 characters. Retail price : 24.90€ Book code : 5904008

Hard cover with cloth spine, 19.5 x 23.5 cm, 480 pages, 1500 illustrations, around 400,000 characters. Retail price : 24.90€ Book code : 5911318

A smart guide to the garden, full of clever tips, routed in modernity (ecology, healthy living…) which reviews gardening fundamentals with practical examples.

Petit Larousse des plantes vivaces PETIT LAROUSSE OF PERENNIAL PLANTS New edition Book code : 1722366

Truffaut du jardin écologique THE GREEN GARDEN C. Delvaux, J.-M. Groult, P. Asseray, P. Beucher, E. Gen

A reference guide for gardeners concerned by environment who wish to develop “bio” up-to-date techniques. 3 parts : think the garden as a coherent ecosystem to garden along with nature and not against her use the good farming practices enjoy your green garden. 90 practical topics are presented in double-page. In addition : miniguides (mulching, compost…) and encyclopedic developments (biodiversity, water cycle…).

Le Carnet jardinier THE GARDEN NOTEBOOK

Merveilleuses orchidées AMAZING ORCHIDS

Colette and Dominique Barthélémy, Philippe and Françoise Lecoufle, Gérard Schmidt

An original interactive book on gardening, presented in an amusing way but offering a truly practical, technical information on gardening. Highly illustrated and stylish, for garden lovers. Hard cover with wire’o & magnet flap, 19.5 x 23.5 cm, over 400 photos, drawings and 40 activities, 64 pages, around 220,000 characters. Retail price : 20.20 € Book code : 5924444

Hard cover, 20 x 28 cm, 288 pages 600 illustrations 80,000 characters. Retail price : 24.90 € Book code : 5936018


An encyclopedia more focused on practical needs : wishes/achievements, garden limitations/solutions… Book code : 1722257

In an attractive box-set, with a nice water spray, all you need to know to cultivate orchids : what they need (light, watering, ventilation, fertilization), how do they behave in the garden, stake, potting, slab cultivating, multiplicating, plants diseases, buying advice. Box size : 17.5 x 18.5 x 8.1 cm Box-set : 1 water spray, 1 book Book : hard cover, 8 x 16 cm, 128 pages, 120 illustrations. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 4688908

Un mini-jardin dans un aquarium AQUASCAPING – AQUARIUM GARDENING Pierre Yang

The art of underwater gardening. Discover amazing aquatic landscapes through this practical book organized in 3 parts : basic knowledge about aquascaping (definition, styles, relaxing effects) how to create aquatic landscapes (shopping, hardscape, location, water, lighting, set up) plants choice (20 plant sheets), and cleaning. Soft cover with flaps, 25 x 21 cm, 128 pages 100 illustrations 200,000 characters. Retail price : 24.90 € Book code : 5936018

Potager en carrés SQUARE FOOT VEGGIE GARDEN Le Carnet potager THE VEGETABLE GARDEN NOTEBOOK Catherine Delvaux

An interactive guide with practical sections on the vegetable garden and animations, aimed to the gardeners at all levels. Hard cover with wire’o & magnet flap, 22.2 x 24 cm over 500 photos, drawings and animations, 64 pages, around 185,000 characters. Retail price : 19.90 € Book code : 5911490

Catherine Delvaux, Lise Herzog

All the necessary advice to build a square foot vegetable garden nice photos and illustrations what to do monthby-month and a catalogue of the 60 best plants. Soft cover, 22.7 x 22.7 cm, 60 drawings and 125 photos, 128 pages, around 150,000 characters. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 5935952

Larousse Attitude Collection Larousse attitude SERIES : LAROUSSE ATTITUDE Larousse Attitude : a series for all gardening situations. To succeed with your flowers, vegetables and herbs seeding to avoid a stiff back and a painful neck when digging and enjoy hammock instead of pruning shear to make a diagnosis of your plants diseases and treat them with efficiency.


Des plantes médicinales pour mon balcon MEDICINAL PLANTS ON MY BALCONY

Catherine Delvaux, Lise Herzog

A simple and complete guide to grow 50 medicinal plants on your balcony and learn how to grow, prepare, harvest and use them according to their benefits: against sore throats or digestive problems, to strengthen the immune system…

Seedling, yes, but how? Realistic drawings show you, month by month, the evolution from the seed to the plant and tell you when to transplant, harvest… 40 main vegetables are then presented with, for each : an illustrated time-line of evolution, special tips and tricks (when to sow, harvest, create good plants associations, prevent your plants from declining…).

Each volume : integra cover, 11.8 x 17.5 cm, from 96 to 128 pages, around 50 illustrations, around 80,000 characters. Retail price : from 5.00 € to 5.90 €

Soft cover, 14 x 20.5 cm, 128 pages around 170 illustrations and 200,000 characters. Retail price : 9.90 € Book code : 5936257

Hard cover with wire’o, 22 x 12 cm, 128 pages 120 drawings, 60 photos around 200,000 characters. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 5936141

Mon jardin de plantes médicinales MY GARDEN OF MEDICINAL PLANTS Serge Schall

A complete guide to grow your own medicinal plants and learn how to prepare them: the practical advices to create your garden of medicinal plants and 60 plants that can be cultivated and used safely by any amateur gardener. Soft cover, 14 x 20.5 cm, 160 pages around 200 illustrations and 250,000 characters. Retail price : 9.90 € Book code : 5936117

Le Petit livre du paillage et de la permaculture THE CONCISE BOOK OF MULCHING & PERMACULTURE C. Delvaux, G. Bonotaux (ill.)

The book focuses on the mulching choices, techniques and materials (inert like canvas or pebbles, organic like castor meal, dead leaves, compost…) before opening on a more and more growing trend: permaculture, that makes earth ever productive and fruitful. Book code : 3922232

Faites-en moins au jardin ! DO LESS IN THE GARDEN! Serge Schall, Gilles Bonotaux

How to spare your efforts in gardening: good habits, good tools, less watering and weeding, less fertilizer and treatments, less tillage. Humorous and useful. Book code : 5936042

Encore raté ! SPOILT AGAIN! Philippe Bonduel

90 tips of professionals to avoid spoiling your garden and to become an expert gardener. Book code : 5927140

Les Bonnes potions du jardinier : purins d’orties, décoctions & Cie THE GARDENER’S POTIONS : MANURE, BREWS & CO!

Ces herbes… pas si mauvaises RANK WEEDS… REALLY?


Jean-Paul Collaert, Gilles Bonotaux

All the clues to recognize weeds and sort out those that are really undesirable (rank weeds), along with methods to get rid of them and avoid them in the future.

A clever little guide to make a garden at little cost, with common sense and respect of nature.

Ramène ta fraise! 100 TIPS TO GROW ORGANIC FOOD Catherine Delvaux

The good techniques (that really work!) and a clever selection of fruit and vegetables that guarantees a successful harvest the first year. Book code : 5911235

S’taupons les taupes ! STOP THE MOLES ! Philippe Bonduel, Gilles Bonotaux

50 serious and half-serious tips to get rid of number-2 enemy of your home garden after slugs : moles. Book code : 5589197

Un hareng dans mon jardin ! A HERRING IN MY GARDEN Jean-Paul Collaert

All potions and other nettle manure… Those that work (and on what) and the useless ones, illustrated with humor!

100 tricks from old-wives tips deciphered by an expert to confront with humor preconceived ideas about gardening to proved reality, “good tips that work” from frauds.

Jean-Paul Collaert, Gilles Bonotaux

Jardiner en terre argileuse GARDENING ON A CLAY SOIL

Avoid the nightmare of a clay soil! As solutions : advice for soil improvement, choice of plants adapted to the soil… The book focuses on 60 particularly adapted plants (buddleias, boxwood, banana tree, Japanese quince…) and adds a list of 94 plants (trees, bushes, perennial plants) to enlarge the choice. Soft cover, 14 x 20.5 cm, 160 pages 150 illustrations 250,000 characters. Retail price : 10.90 € Book code : 1766699

Les 101 règles d’or de la green attitude ECOCITIZEN NOWADAYS

Jardiner sur sol vivant GARDENING ON A LIVING SOIL Gilles Domenech

When worms replace the spade! Based on the principles of natural agriculture, it aims to produce a quality harvest with the minimum of amendments and soil work. Some garden visits show the various ways of practice. Integra, 19.5 x 24.5 cm, 160 pages 200 illustrations 250,000 characters. Retail price : 14.90 € Book code : 1966676

New Jardin anti-crise ANTI-CRISIS GARDEN Bénédicte Boudassou

Ideas, tricks and techniques to garden without spending too much money : manage your garden in a better way, save and recycle, favor neighbors’ trades and choose cheap plants. Soft cover, 14 x 20.5 cm, 128 pages, 150 illustrations, around 200,000 characters. Retail price : 9.90 € Book code : 5924543

Des jardins dans des caisses à vin GARDENING IN WINE BOXES Jean-Paul Collaert, Gilles Lacombe, phot. J.-L. Leibovitch

Give a second life to wine boxes! The pros and cons of this container. How to prepare it, which plants to choose, how to take care of it… Proposals of design and uses: mini English-style mixedborders gardens, fruit and vegetable wine-boxes, Californian garden… Integra, 20 x 24.5 cm, 160 pages 200 photos and drawings 250,000 characters. Retail price : 14.90 € Book code : 5155545

Le Coffret Larousse des champignons THE LAROUSSE BOX-SET OF MUSHROOMS

Practical advice, tips and tricks to live eco-friendly every day. Eat “green” (local products, plastic bags free), cook organic and homemade… Travel “green”: hasten slowly, use carpool and public transport. Work “green”: spare paper, switch off light and computer… Spare water, re-use objects, repair, recycle, use local labor force…

From A to Z (Latin names), 170 of the most common mushrooms plus a high quality foldable knife to cut them, clean them and measure them: natural biotope, how to recognize it, from which specie of similar aspect distinguish it, eatable or not, dangerous or not…

Soft cover, 12.5 x 19cm, 160 pages 20 illustrations 310,000 characters. Retail price : 6.90 € Book code : 1011161

Box : 21.2 x 29.2 x 3.5 cm. Book : hard cover, 10.6 x 13.5 cm, 352 pages 170 photos 270,000 characters. Accessory : an especially mushroom-dedicated foldable knife. Retail price : 17.95 € Book code : 1029061

Larousse des champignons LAROUSSE OF MUSHROOMS New edition

The practical reference encyclopedia to learn how to recognize, pick up but also cook mushrooms. 400 species are described and richly illustrated with large format photos of mushrooms in their natural environment and at every stage of development and with drawings. A photographic index gives keys to recognize immediately the specie. Hard cover, 21.5 x 28.5 cm, 408 pages 500 illustrations 800,000 characters. Retail price : 29.95 € Book code : 1083222

Guide de la survie douce en pleine nature LIVE SELF-SUFFICIENT IN THE WOODS… AND AT HOME New edition

In the distressing context of everyday life, spend time in nature, in contact with the “wild” calms down the body and the spirit and leads to harmony. The author gives advice to “survive” in nature and live as autonomous as possible once back home. Soft cover, 18.3 x 23.5 cm, 256 pages 20 illustrations 700,000 characters. Retail price : 17.90 € Book code : 5292321

Reference Collection Mini dictionnaire bilingue SERIES : MINI ANIMAL LANGUAGE DICTIONARIES All the key words from A to Z, illustrated, in 3 categories : - How to decode and understand your pet/horse ? - How does the pet/horse interprets your behaviour ? - inter-animal communication.

Le Petit Larousse du chat et du chaton PETIT LAROUSSE OF CATS AND KITTENS Dr. Jean Cuvelier

A complete book, practical and educational, that explains in 14 chapters everything a cat owner should know about their pet : how to choose, educate, feed, take care of it … Hard cover, 19.5 x 23.5 cm, 320 pages 800 illustrations 400,000 characters. Book code : 5904222

Larousse du Chien et du Chiot LAROUSSE DOGS & PUPPIES

Chats (carnet animé) CATS (ANIMATED ALBUM)

The practical reference encyclopedia about dogs, taking in account the new trends about the relationship between the animal and his master: interest for the dog’s behavior (ethology) and for the puppy’s education, essential to live in harmony with the pet. 268 most commons races with practical information: size, weight, portrait, temper, particularities, behavior…

The only animated cat book for adults, an amusing book, but with real practical content and veterinary advice.

Each volume : integra cover, 11.8 x 15.5 cm, 240 to 352 pages around 120 illustrations and 250,000 characters. Retail price for each volume : from 10.50 € to 10.90 €

Around 289,000 characters. Retail price : 20.20 € Book code : 5924451

Hard cover, 21.5 x 28 cm, 384 pages 450 illustrations 1,450,000 characters. Retail price: 29.95 € Book code: 737677934

Mini dictionnaire bilingue français/chat - chat/français MINI CAT LANGUAGE DICTIONARY

Mini dictionnaire bilingue français/cheval - cheval/français MINI HORSE LANGUAGE DICTIONARY

Dr. Jean Cuvelier, Gilles Bonotaux

Emilie Gillet & Christophe Besse

Forthcoming in 2016 Le Petit Larousse des oiseaux d’Europe PETIT LAROUSSE OF EUROPEAN BIRDS Book code : 5666717

Chiens (carnet animé) DOGS (ANIMATED ALBUM) Dr. Jean Cuvelier

Records, the most beautiful races, do you speak dog ?, figures… A surprise book full of entertaining discoveries and activities. Around 148,000 characters. Retail Price : 19.90 € Book code : 5927603

Mini dictionnaire bilingue français/chien - chien/français MINI DOG LANGUAGE DICTIONARY Dr. Jean Cuvelier & Christophe Besse

Collection Guides de compréhension

Collection Larousse attitude



Illustrated by drawings, these guides help you interpret your pet’s physical attitude in order to know if he is satisfied, angry, sick.

You love pets of all kinds : cats and dogs, of course, but also bees? You want to get rid of creepy crawlies at home? You like to observe birds in your garden? You will then enjoy the Larousse Attitude series! Comics and humor are used to depict animal behavior or give practical advice.

Each volume : integra cover, 13.5 x 17.6 cm 112 pages. Retail price : 6.90 €

Miaou! Le guide du parler chat MEOW! THE CAT’S LANGUAGE

Ouaf ! Le guide du parler chien WOOF WOOF! THE DOG’S LANGUAGE

When the cat’s pupils are dilated, when he leases, when he hides his tail under his belly, when he mews, purrs, growls, he means something. Learn how to interpret your cat’s behavior to meliorate your relationship with him but also take care of him more accurately.

When his ears are pricked, when he moans, when he puts his leg on your arm, when he digs holes everywhere, your dog is meaning something. Learn how to interpret his behavior. Each posture is illustrated and decoded. Simple advice and tips will help you to identify the problem and solve it.

100 illustrations 45,000 characters. Retail price : 6.90 € Book code : 5800066

Each volume : integra cover, 11.8 x 15.5 cm, 80 to 128 pages, 20 to 90 illustrations, around 65,000 characters. Retail price : 5 € and 5.90 € for the new titles

100 illustrations 45,000 characters. Retail price : 6.90 € Book code : 5922288

Mon chat sur le divan MY CAT IN PSYCHOANALYSIS Claire Gagnon, Gilles Bonotaux

Mon chat est un hypocrite MY CAT IS ARROGANT Hélène Lassere, Gilles Bonotaux

An hilarious comic that tells about all typical and silly behavior of cats. For all cat lovers. Book code : 5589155

Les Vacances du chat hypocrite THE ARROGANT CAT GOES ON VACATION Hélène Lasserre, Gilles Bonotaux

When the arrogant cat meets his cat pals in the countryside: mouse hunting, night life… Book code : 5918198

In the manner of sessions on the couch, the behaviour troubles of a cat narrated by himself and the therapist’s recommendations. Humoristic and practical, thanks to a veterinarian’s explanations and advice. Book code : 5968284

Mon chien est un trouillard, roublard, cabochard… mais c’est mon chien ! MY DOG IS A CHICKEN, A DODGER, A PIGHEADED… BUT IT’S MY DOG! Hélène Lasserre, Gilles Bonotaux

Le Bébé du chat hypocrite THE ARROGANT CAT’S BABY

The dogs’ typical and silly behavior: eating everything, asking for food, facing other dogs, fond of mud…

Hélène Lasserre, Gilles Bonotaux

When a kitten joins the family, life becomes complex: cohabitation is not an easy way… Book code : 5927165

Halte aux sales bêtes qui foutent la trouille! STOP CREEPY CRAWLIES Hélène Lasserre, Gilles Bonotaux

The anti-phobia guide, to slay or get around 17 of the most hideous creatures of the house and of the garden. Book code : 5904495

Drôles d’oiseaux! FUNNY BIRDS! Bird habits (songs, love stories, migration, food), common garden species and the way to help the birds and welcome them. Book code : 5927397

Je veux des abeilles! I WANT BEES! Patricia Beucher

A complete little guide to have a beehive in your garden, keep it up and make your own honey. Book code : 5904099

Coffret Mon chat est un hypocrite THE BOOK-CASE OF THE ARROGANT CAT This book-case gathers 3 titles of the “Arrogant Cat” series : My Cat Is Arrogant, The Arrogant Cat in Vacation, The Arrogant Cat’s Baby. Box size : 12.5 x 16.2 x 3.2 cm Retail price : 15.00 € Book code : 9077812

Forthcoming in 2016 Psy-chats CATS’ PSYCHOLOGY

Mon chien sur le divan MY DOG IN PSYCHOANALYSIS Book code : 1029676

Mon animal et moi, mode d’emploi SERIES: THE BASIC RULES TO HAVE A PET In partnership with the SPA (French Humane Society).

Two thematic guides illustrated in a humoristic way to welcome your new pet! To face the most current situations and problems: care, tattooing, sterilization, cleanliness, food, sleep, psychology.

SERIES : WELCOMING A PET Welcoming a pet is not a matter of improvisation! All the needed information to choose, welcome, educate and take care of your cat or dog, with, for each choice, the advantages and disadvantages, the masters’ obligations and responsibilities, all the tricks and tips before, when and after he arrives at home. This series is made in partnership with the SPA (French Humane Society). Each volume : soft cover, 18.3 x 23.5 cm, 128 pages, 150 illustrations, around 40,000 characters. Retail price : 9.90 €

45 races of little dogs adapted to city life: Bichon, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chihuahua. Aimed at helping the future master to choose the “right” dog, the book also gives the practical advice to educate, understand and take care of him.

50 writers, painters, doctors, jurists, veterinarians, actors, journalists tell about the impact of a cat on their life: professional orientation, personal development, major help faced to the ups and downs of life (separation, disease, death).

Hard cover, 19.5 x 19.5 cm, 160 pages over 200 illustrations 280,000 characters. Retail price : 15.95 € Book code : 1677920

Hard cover, 14 x 20.5 cm, 224 pages 300,000 characters. Retail price : 15.95 € Book code : 1555695

Each volume: integra cover, 13 x 17.1 cm, 96 pages, 150 illustrations, around 43,000 characters. Retail price: 6.90 €

Mon chat et moi, mode d’emploi THE BASIC RULES TO HAVE A CAT Gilles Bonotaux

Mon chien et moi, mode d’emploi THE BASIC RULES TO HAVE A DOG Gilles Bonotaux

Recettes santé pour mon toutou HEALTHY COOKING RECIPES FOR MY DOGGY

Recettes santé pour mon matou HEALTHY COOKING RECIPES FOR MY CAT

Tu peux pas comprendre, t’es pas un chat ! YOU CAN’T UNDERSTAND, YOU’RE NOT A CAT! Alice Zabée, Aurélie Lemoine

A positive education, helped by the revolutionary clicker-training technique : puppy’s education as well as pleasure for him and his master.

You wish to have a dog while living in a flat? Some conditions are required to succeed in this project…

À l’école des chiots PUPPIES EDUCATION Accueillir un chien WELCOMING A DOG Sandrine Otsmane

Ce chat qui a changé ma vie THAT CAT CHANGED MY LIFE

Accueillir un chat WELCOMING A CAT

Élever un chien en appartement HAVING A DOG IN AN APARTMENT

Cat addicts never get enough watching them : their lazy attitudes, their way of doing exactly what they want are a permanent source of wonder. Find them gathered through 300 funny photos. Hard cover, 15 x 18 cm, 256 pages around 300 photos. Retail price : 12.50 € Book code : 8793008

Une ruche dans mon jardin A BEEHIVE IN MY GARDEN Book code : 1029922

Vétérinaire de l’extrême THE GLOBE-TROTTER VET Norin Chai

Amazing and unusual stories of a vet who travels all over the world to cure and save sick or wounded wild animals. Book code : 1392937

La Bible expliquée par la peinture THE BIBLE DEPICTED BY PAINTING


Why is there a ram besides Isaac when Abraham is about to sacrifice him? Who are the figures at crucified Jesus’ feet? Through one to three paintings, discover 50 Bible scenes, the story they tell and interpretations given by the artists. Details underlined by zoom effects show what to look at and how to decipher the painting.

Building the gothic cathedrals gathered architects, carpenters, blacksmiths, stone-cutters, master glass-makers, painters… and required specific techniques to face their huge size. Discover from inside the building steps, the artwork and, thanks to facsimiles inserted in the book, replicas of the genuine plans of Saint-Denis abbey, sketches of Paris-NotreDame capitals, etc.

Hard cover, 23 x 28 cm, 224 pages around 80 illustrations 302,000 characters. Retail price : 25.00 € Book code : 1351687

Hard cover, plus a transparent band printed in silver, 25 x 30 cm, 128 pages around 300 illustrations and facsimiles 230,000 characters. Retail price : 29.95 € Book code : 1350825

Petit Larousse de l’histoire de l’art PETIT LAROUSSE OF ART HISTORY Vincent Brocvielle

The history of art, from the origins to present times, and a complete overview of the new art forms. 19.5 x 23.5 cm, 320 pages, 285 illustrations around 430,000 characters. Retail price : 24.90 € Book code : 5929864

Johann Protais, Éloi Rousseau

Johann Protais, Éloi Rousseau

Velázquez , the most famous painter of the Spanish Golden Century, greeted as major by Manet, was the heir of the Caravaggisti and developed a very personal vision of baroque art. He portrayed in an incredibly precise and realistic way the royal family but also painted mythological and dayto-day scenes with the same need to depict the human truth.

Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun was a famous portraitist of the 18th century. Official painter of the Queen of France, MarieAntoinette, she portrayed the royal family as well as Napoleon’s circle. She offers an elegant and refined testimony on one great period of history.

Hard cover with jacket, 19 x 23.5 cm, 128 pages 60 illustrations 100,000 characters. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 8885523

Hard cover with jacket, 19 x 23.5 cm, 128 pages 125 illustrations around 56,000 characters. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 6422267

Hard cover with jacket, 19 x 23.5 cm, 128 pages 87 illustrations 80,000 characters. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 5322298

Master of the Japanese print, Hokusai influenced the 19th century painters. Life and career, keys to understand his work and technique, focus on 100 major prints.

A journey through the tormented universe of Van Gogh who died at the age of 37. With 45 of his greatest masterpieces.

Collective work Collective work

19.5 x 23.5 cm, 320 pages, 260 illustrations around 1,350,000 characters. Retail price : 25.50 € Book code : 5929625

Johann Protais, Éloi Rousseau

Van Gogh, maître de la couleur VAN GOGH, MASTER OF COLOUR

Petit Larousse des plus grands chefs-d’œuvre de la peinture PETIT LAROUSSE OF THE GREATEST PAINTING MASTERPIECES A focus on history of painting, from the origins to today, through 75 key masterpieces.

L’Art contemporain CONTEMPORARY ART

Monet, orfèvre de la lumière MONET, LIGHT EXPERT

Hard cover with jacket, 18.3 x 23.5 cm, 128 pages 63 illustrations. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 5929559

Monet was the leader of the Impresssionism. His greatest paintings are presented and analyzed. Hard cover with jacket, 18.3 x 23.5 cm, 128 pages 63 illustrations. Retail price : 12.90 € Book code : 5929567

From Magritte to Anish Kapoor or Jeff Koons, 50 emblematic works of artists (Warhol, Pollock, Rothko, Basquiat, Twombly…), to go deep inside the creation and understand what troubles us, moves us, hurts us. Hard cover, 23 x 28 cm, 160 pages 55 illustrations 220,000 characters. Retail price : 25.00 € Book code : 1501380

Les grands courants artistiques, de la Renaissance au Pop Art THE MAJOR ART MOVEMENTS, FROM RENAISSANCE TO POP ART Gérard Denizeau

The essential of art movements: mannerism, baroque, impressionism, cubism, abstraction. Learn how to recognize the main characteristics of the movement, its sources, its impact on art history. Integra cover, 14.5 x 21 cm, 96 pages 51 illustrations 110,000 characters. Retail price : 9.90 € Book code : 4466735

La Philosophie pour ceux qui ont tout oublié PHILOSOPHY FOR THOSE WHO FORGOT IT

Atlas historique Duby Historical atlas duby Under the direction of Georges Duby

All the History of humanity through 325 annotated maps, known for their precision and richness. This completely revised edition includes the last international events, focuses on a chronological structure, with revised maps (lightened, simplified) and a smaller format. Soft cover, 15.5 x 23.5 cm, 325 color maps, 352 pages. Retail price : 19.90 € Book code : 5977087

Grand Atlas historique The Big Historical Atlas

From the Greek origins to the contemporary debates, 70 great philosophers, the main schools of thought and 25 focuses about concepts : art, happiness, freedom, reason… For teenagers and philosophy lovers.

Histoire de France FROM ITS ORIGINS TO TODAY Directed by Georges Duby

A detailed study of the political, economic and social structures of France from its origins until now. Integra cover, 19 x 22 cm, 1,416 pages. Retail price : 22.40 € Book code : 5915418

The entire history of humanity through 520 captioned maps, known for their detail and comprehensiveness. Illustrated thematic insets (Alexander the Great, Luther, etc.) complete the maps. Detailed index at the end of the book. Hard cover, 23 x 29 cm, 388 pages, around 1,000,000 characters. Retail price : 48.70 € Book code : 5915632

Atlas historique mondial Historical Atlas of the World Under the direction of Georges Duby

300 maps trace the history of humanity from the prehistoric era to the most recent events. A universal chronology of 50 pages and a very detailed index complete this book. Integra cover, 19 x 26 cm, 352 pages, 300 maps, around 850,000 characters. Retail price : 29.95 € Book code : 5915517

Soft cover with flaps, 19.5 x 23.5 cm, 512 pages, around 1,050,000 characters Retail price : 20.90 € Book code : 7211131

Petit dictionnaire de la philosophie LITTLE DICTIONARY OF PHILOSOPHY

Petit Larousse des grands philosophes PETIT LAROUSSE OF THE GREAT PHILOPHERS

In 400 articles, the essentials of philosophical reflection since Antiquity.

A clear and educacional work to decipher the ideas of the 65 greatest philosophers of history of thought. Hard cover, 19.5 x 23.5 cm, 320 pages, around 800,000 characters. Retail price : 24.90 € Book code : 5969589

Petit Larousse de l’histoire du monde en 7600 dates Petit Larousse of World History in 7,600 Dates

Petit Larousse de la philosophie PETIT LAROUSSE OF PHILOSOPHY Hervé Boillot

The most important dates of world history as well as the international cultural and civilization context. Hard cover, 13 x 19 cm, 800 pages, 50 maps, around 1,000,000 characters. Retail Price : 20.20 € Book code : 5915798

Dictionnaire de la Sociologie DICTIONARY OF SOCIOLOGY Collective work

A general overview of one of the most important disciplines of the human sciences. Some 400 articles on concepts, research and the recent issues. Soft cover, 12.5 x 17.5 cm, 288 pages, around 1,210,000 characters. Retail price : 12.50 € Book code : 5902671

An encyclopedic dictionary : accessible terminology, essential vocabulary, biographies of the major philosophers studied in high school. Plus 50 dissertation models, along with the issues in the universe of ideas. Hard cover, 13 x 19 cm, 960 pages. Retail price : 20.20 € Book code : 5954102

Soft cover, 13 x 19 cm, 320 pages. Retail price : 9.90 € Book code : 5982582

Dictionnaire de Philosophie Dictionary of Philosophy Didier Julia

In 400 articles, the essentials of philosophical reflection since Antiquity. Bound volume, 12.5 x 17.5 cm, 320 pages, around 6,000,000 characters. Retail Price : 12.20 € Book code : 5915376

Dictionnaires « Mini » et « Mini plus »

Dictionnaires « Poche » et « Poche plus »

“Mini” AND “Mini PLUS” Dictionaries


The perfect travelling companion for quick and easy translation – to take with you everywhere. • Over 100,000 words, expressions and translations (for the 2012 edition of English, Spanish, German and Italian), 70,000 for other languages (Polish, Portuguese and Portuguese from Brazil). • All the most useful vocabulary for the beginner and the tourist • Cultural and pratical information With: a 32 pages conversation guide.

The ideal companion for those who wish to understand and speak a language. • Around 55,000 words and expressions, 80,000 translations (in English, 180,000 for the whole in Portuguese, 44,000 words and 55,000 translations in Polish 40,000 words and 50,000 translations). • Lots of practical examples, neologisms and specialized phrases, abbreviations and proper nouns. • In English, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese : verb conjugation tables. In Italian : a supplement on numbers, weights and measures. In English : boxes on grammar rules, examples to illustrate difficult words and cultural tips. In German and Portuguese : boxed cultural notes. Each volume : 10.8 x 17.8 cm 992 pages.

720 pages. Book code : 5916879

720 pages. Book code : 5597554

720 pages. Book code : 5597570

720 pages. Book code : 5597562

880 pages. Book code : 5597588

Brésilien portuguese (from Brazil)

760 pages. Book code : 5597596

720 pages. Retail price : 5.95 € Book code : 5597604

And also, for English speakers “Pocket” French-English / English-French

Portugais Portuguese 880 pages.

Book code : 5597638 New editions

With 250 sentences to download Anglais ENGLISH 864 pages. Book code : 4500068

864 pages. Book code : 4522291

864 pages. Book code : 6888973

864 pages. Book code : 6877862

“POCHE” soft cover Retail price : 6.99 €

With 400 sentences to download. Anglais ENGLISH Book code : 6422367

And also, for Spanish speakers “Pocket” Español-Alemán / Alemán-Español “Pocket” Francés-Español / Espagnol-Français

Dictionnaires « Maxi poche plus »

Dictionnaires « Compact plus »

“Maxi poche plus” Dictionaries

Designed to make understanding and speaking languages easy! • 100,000 words and expressions • 130,000 translations • Idiomatic expressions • Abbreviations • Encyclopaedic boxes on cultural and historical aspects. With : verb conjugation tables and a supplement on numbers, weights and measures.

For high school and university students, all you need to know to read, write and communicate and become an expert: common and proper nouns (over 150 to 200,000 words, from 200 to 400,000 translations 1,700 to 2,500 proper nouns), useful and idiomatic expressions, practical examples, updated vocabulary adapted to nowadays, false friends, verbs, grammar difficulties, cultural focus… Hard cover, 14 x 23 cm.

Includes, in addition, a 64-page communication guide.

1,728 pages. Retail price : 20.50 € Book code : 5592803

1,280 pages. Retail price : 14.00 € Book code : 5588264

1,440 pages. Retail price : 14.00 € Book code : 5964408

960 pages. Retail price : 17.90 € Book code : 5575030

1,248 pages. Retail price : 14.00 € Book code : 5588256

THE reference for SpanishFrench/ French-Spanish : 300,000 words and expressions, 420,000 translations all registers of language covered, including computer, business… proper nouns, historical and cultural boxes, grammar supplement, verb conjugation tables…

1,728 pages. Retail price : 19.90 € Book code : 8077917

Hard cover, 19.5 x 26.4 cm, 2,368 pages. Retail price : 39.90 € Book code : 5294475

1248 pages. Retail price : 19.90 € Book code : 5981337

880 pages. Retail price : 17.90 € Book code : 5981279


Includes, in addition, 4,000 words and expressions from Latin America, labeled with their country or region of use.

1,568 pages. Retail price : 20.00 € Book code : 5588041

With a supplement on the Italian education system.

1,320 pages. Retail price : 14.00 € Book code : 6361638

“2 in 1” DICTIONARIES Enrich paper version with the possibilities offered by the e-book : e-reading and extended research capacities light and easy to carry everywhere. Russe russian

960 pages. Retail price : 17.90 € Book code : 5916697

And also, for Spanish speakers : “Compact” Francés-Español / Español-Francés “Compact” Alemán-Español / Español-Alemán And also, for English speakers: “Concise” French-English / English-French

The contents of the Compact Plus Spanish-French Dictionary : 350,000 words, expressions and translations, updated vocabulary, cultural focus, most common expressions… With a communication guide, letter and resume models, advice to write…

The contents of the Maxi-Pocket English-French Dictionary : 260,000 words, expressions and translations, updated vocabulary, cultural focus, most common expressions… With a conversation guide, a communication guide including letter and resume models, irregular verbs, measure units.

Espagnol 2 en 1 SPANISH 2 in 1

Hard cover, 1,728 pages. Retail price : 24.90 € Book code : 8611271

Anglais 2 en 1 ENGLISH 2 in 1

Integra cover, 1,440 pages. Retail price : 18.00 € Book code : 8622382

Grand dictionnaire Anglais UNABRIDGED ENGLISH DICTIONARY THE reference title for FrenchEnglish/English-French : 1,000,000 words, phrases and translations, all registers of languages covered, over 13 specialist subject areas and thousands of examples. Hard cover, 19.5 x 26.4 cm, 2,368 pages. Retail price : 36.00 € Book code : 5592811

Foreign Languages Dictionnaires visuels SERIES : VISUAL DICTIONARIES Remember 1,000 words and idiomatic expressions of each language by using thematically organized illustrations. Each volume: soft cover, 12.5 x 19.2 cm, 192 pages. Retail price : 8.90 €

Collection « Les clés de la réussite » SERIES : THE KEYS TO SUCCESS Complete educational books of vocabulary (8,000 words, more than 40 topics, useful sentences, use tips, games), grammar (notions, detailed explanations, exercises and progressive multiple-choice tests, false friends, irregular verbs), and learning books to communicate. Soft cover with flaps, 12.5 x 19.2 cm. Grammar : 352 pages. Vocabulary : 320 pages. Retail price : 7.90 €

Vocabulaire latin LATIN VOCABULARY

Vocabulaire chinois CHINESE VOCABULARY Book code : 8820440 New edition

Grammaire anglaise ENGLISH GRAMMAR

Soft cover, 12.5 x 19.2 cm, 320 pages. Retail price : 6.90 € Book code : 5981352

Vocabulaire anglais ENGLISH VOCABULARY

Les Verbes espagnols SPANISH VERBS

256 pages. Retail price : 7.95 € Book code : 1543456

Grammaire allemande GERMAN GRAMMAR

Grammaire active du chinois CHINESE ACTIVE GRAMMAR THE grammar reference for Chinese language. Soft cover, 17 x 24 cm, 192 pages. Retail price : 15.75 € Book code : 5575006

Grammaire espagnole SPANISH GRAMMAR

Soft cover, 12.5 x 19.2 cm, 320 pages. Retail price : 6.90 € Book code : 5967609

Vocabulaire espagnol SPANISH VOCABULARY

Integra cover, 12.5 x 19.2 cm, 320 p Retail price : 7.90 € Book code : 6361661

Les Verbes allemands GERMAN VERBS

Integra cover, 12.5 x 19.2 cm, 320 p. Retail price : 7.90 € Book code : 6361653

256 pages. Retail price : 7.90 € Book code : 8889095

Vocabulaire allemand GERMAN VOCABULARY Book code : 6444527

Grammaire italienne ITALIAN GRAMMAR Book code : 1011158

Vocabulaire italien ITALIAN VOCABULARY Book code : 1000047

1 300 QCM d’anglais 1,300 MULTIPLE-CHOICE ENGLISH TESTS For young adults and students taking entrance tests, a complete and pedagogical work in 2 parts : grammar (main notions and 750 multiple-choice tests with 2 levels in difficulty) vocabulary (625 multiple-choice tests with vocabulary lists at the end of each topic). Integra cover, 12.5 x 19.2 cm, 352 pages. Retail price : 7.90 € Book code : 2922253

Petit manuel pour négocier (subtilement) en anglais LEARNING TEXTBOOK TO SUBTLY NEGOCIATE IN ENGLISH

Gardening Study Aids / Companions

« 15 minutes par jour pour se mettre à…»

Collection Les cahiers de vacances


A pedagogical self-learning tool in 20 lessons plus 4 self-evaluation tests : dialogues introducing words and expressions to memorize, vocabulary focus, grammar explanations, written exercises, oral activities (pronunciation…). The language as it is practiced thanks to local documents (press articles, ads, advertisements) and real oral situations, with a growing level of difficulties. The content of the CD may be transferred to MP3. Two levels : refresh and start.

Learn a foreign language in your spare time! 20 topics to make you familiar with the language (reading and writing) and culture.

Make your first steps in a language by discovering the alphabet or characters, words and easy sentences: numbers, people, animals, nature, fruit and vegetables, human body, how to be located, how to move and react. 100 games and activities. Pronunciation training to download (

Soft cover, 20 x 20 cm, 160 pages. 1 CD inserted in a plastic pad inside the cover. Retail price : 14.90 €

Soft cover, 21 x 28.5 cm, 48 pages. Retail price : 5.99 €

Each volume : soft cover, 16.8 x 22 cm, 64 pages. Retail price : 4.99 €

Discuss, argue, decide… in English: 900 examples of efficient negotiations, with 4 levels of language (formal, professional, familiar, vulgar). With humoristic drawings of Christopher Smith in the New Yorker style. Soft cover, 11.8 x 15.5 cm, 192 pages. Retail price : 7.90 € Book code : 5981378

Se remettre à l’anglais REFRESH YOUR ENGLISH Book code : 6366712

Se remettre à l’anglais au bureau REFRESH YOUR BUSINESS ENGLISH Book code : 6377823

Démarrez le portugais Spécial vacances au Brésil START LEARNING BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE

400 courriers en anglais CORRESPONDENCE IN ENGLISH Over 400 letters adapted to all kind of circumstances:private life, e-mails, travelling, employment and business (+ specifics in UK and USA). Soft cover with flaps, 12.5 x 19.2 cm, 320 pages. Retail price : 7.90 € Book code : 8820071

Se mettre à l’italien START ITALIAN

Forthcoming in 2016 Se mettre au chinois START CHINESE

Se mettre à l’espagnol START SPANISH

Se mettre au japonais START JAPANESE






Démarrez Le russe START LEARNING RUSSIAN Book code: 5967641

L’ABC de l’hébreu HEBREW L’ABC de l’arabe ARABIC

L’ABC du japonais JAPANESE L’ABC du russe RUSSIAN

Foreign Languages Collection Guides de communication

SERIES : COMMUNICATION GUIDES For English and Spanish languages, the essential to speak, write and travel : 1,000 genuine and conversational phrases key rules frames on linguistic and cultural customs grammar self-learning exercises.

Collection Premiers pas en calligraphie SERIES: CALLIGRAPHY IN FOREIGN LANGUAGES To take the first steps in a foreign language by familiarizing with the characters and words: a quick and entertaining method adapted to beginners. Soft cover, 17 x 22 cm, 48 pages. Retail price: 3.99 €



Guides de conversation Larousse A phrase book and a cultural guide: essential vocabulary, hundreds of up-to-date terms and phrases, with phonetic transcription, cultural and practical information, bilingual dictionary, 250 sentences to download. Soft cover, 10 x 14 cm, 288 pages. Retail price : 5.90 €

A useful and humoristic guide aimed at teenagers, to help them prepare the trip and make their stay abroad a roaring success: essential words and phrases, useful tips, grammar… Soft cover, 12.5 x 19.2 cm, 160 pages. Retail price : 5.99 €

Soft cover with flaps, 12.5 x 19.2 cm, 336 pages. Retail price : 10.90 €

Premiers pas en chinois CHINESE CALLIGRAPHY

L’Anglais pour communiquer COMMUNICATE IN ENGLISH

Premiers pas en arabe ARABIC CALLIGRAPHY

Premiers pas en japonais JAPANESE CALLIGRAPHY New edition

L’Espagnol pour communiquer COMMUNICATE IN SPANISH Book code : 7855576

Premiers pas en russe RUSSIAN CALLIGRAPHY

Forthcoming in 2016 Portugais PORTUGUESE

Au Royaume-Uni IN THE UNITED KINGDOM Book code : 5916895

Forthcoming in 2016 Portugais PORTUGUESE


Foreign Languages Dictionnaires

« Mini » et « Mini plus » “MINI” & “MINI PLUS” DICTIONARIES

HARRAP’S SHORTER French-English / EnglishFrench

The essential dictionary for university advanced-level students.

• 375,000 words and phrases • 600,000 translations • wide-ranging, up-to-date content • extensive coverage of idioms, slang and technical terms • hundreds of-notes on language and culture and an extensive supplement

A concise and practical format. For immediate learners: 115,000 words and phrases, 140,000 translations, an extensive supplement.

Soft cover, 7.7 x 11.5 cm, 600 to 650 pages. Retail price : 4.50 €

A practical guide to modern French/ Spanish, packed with essential vocabulary for learners, general users, holidaymakers, business travelers 150,000 references and translations, comprehensive coverage of modern French/Spanish notes on false friends, etc.

Hard cover, 10.8 x 17.8 cm, 720 pages. Retail price : 7.50 €

Portable word-power : the biggest «Mini» available for learners, general users, holidaymakers, business travelers 45,000 words and phrases key words treated in depth carefully structured for easy navigation.

French-Spanish / Spanish-French Book code : 5956263

Titles also available in the “MINI PLUS” enriched version Integra cover, 9.5 x 13.7 cm, 750 pages. Retail price : 5.90 €

French-English / English-French Book code : 5967864

In this new edition : the latest vocabulary (maraude street outreach, eau vive white water tableau blanc interactif interactive whiteboard…) Hard cover, 18 x 27 cm, 2,304 pages. Retail price : 37.90 € Book code : 5920392

Hard cover, 14.5 x 23 cm, 1,280 pages. Retail price : 20.95 €

French-Spanish / Spanish-French Book code : 5907449


The most complete English-French bilingual dictionary available. For advanced-level students, academics, translators and other language professionals. • An exceptionally rich content : 1,300,000 words, expressions and translations, with an unrivalled coverage of idioms, slang and technical terms, and numerous examples.

• Over 100 notes on the words formation process.

• 240 references and quotes from literature, from the social and cultural context of the English-speaking and French-speaking countries.

French-Spanish / Spanish-French Book code : 5956271

Harrap’s « Collège » Français-Anglais / Anglais-Français HARRAP’S JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL FRENCH-ENGLISH / ENGLISH-FRENCH Over 70 000 words, expressions and translations, selected to meet the needs of young users.

PRATIQUE DICTIONARY French-English / EnglishFrench A concise and practical format. 80,000 words and phrases 100,000 translations current and up-to-date vocabulary irregular verbs, grammar, pronunciation guide, etc.

Integra cover, 12 x 21 cm, 680 pages. Retail price : 13.00 € Book code : 5907548

Hard cover, 13 x 19.5 cm, 740 pages 2-color. Retail price : 13.90 € Book code : 8600160

• Around 600 cultural focus to help you to understand the subtleties of Englishspeaking and French-speaking civilizations. • An encyclopedic addition including a historical chronology. • Another one dedicated to communication : personal and professional correspondence, e-mails… Book-case size : 21 x 31 x 11 cm Books format : soft cover, 20.3 x 30.8 cm 3,024 pages. Retail price : 79.90 € Book code : 9389081

Foreign Languages HARRAP’S GRAMMARS English Grammar / Spanish Grammar Comprehensive, practical and accessible grammars for college, students and adult learners 28 chapters with exercises pronunciation and spelling inserts. Soft cover, 15 x 24 cm, over 400 illustrations. Retail price : 12.10 €

Collection Harrap’s Study Aids

Collection Harrap’s Self-Study Books


Available languages : English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic. A complete set of revision tools for learners, from secondary to university level. Explanations of all grammatical areas, from adjective to verbs tenses and conjugations, vocabulary lists arranged by theme, plus essay-writing and homework help. MP3 dialogues in addition for the 11-15 years old.

Organized in 18 themes (18 double-pages), it allows students to revise, in a fun way, the main points of grammar and vocabulary studied during the school year. For aged 8 to 15 years old. Staple binding, 19.5 x 27 cm 32 pages (8 to 11 years old) & 48 pages (11 to 15 and adults). Retail price : 4.99 € (8 to 11) and 5.90 € (others)

Integra cover, 11.5 x 18.2 cm, 256 pages. Retail price : 5.60 €

TOEIC TRAINING BOOK Retail price : 5.99 € Book code : 5294855

TOEFL TRAINING BOOK Retail price : 5.99 € Book code : 5294848

English Grammar 352 pages. Book code : 5907522

For both works : 15 topics to test your professional English, with exercises at TOEIC or TOEFL level. • For each topic: essential vocabulary, multiple-choice tests, various exercises to review business English and grammar. • Tips, time indications for each exercise, and explanations for particularly tricky aspects of vocabulary or grammar.

Spanish Grammar 384 pages. Book code : 5596960

• Trials of reading and writing comprehension tests to train in the real conditions of the test. ADULT ENGLISH


• Comprehensive and detailed solutions.

Study Aids / Companions Gardening

Collection Guides de conversation

Collection Kit audio Harrap’s En 20 séances de 5 minutes

SERIES : CONVERSATION GUIDES 3,000 words, wide and up-to-date topics. Plus audio supplements to download on Soft cover, 10.5 x 15 cm, 320 color pages. Retail price : 6.50 €

Comprendre la presse anglo-saxonne UNDERSTAND THE ANGLOSAXON NEWSPAPERS An indispensable dictionary to anyone who wants to read English and American newspapers and magazines (from the general to the financial and economic press), with examples taken from the press.

Over 42,000 words and phrases all the current business vocabulary with examples and up-to-date quotes. English

Over 4,600 idiomatic expressions of British and American English with 6,000 examples, explanatory notes and illustrative drawings.

Stapled binding, 12.8 x 19.8 cm, 432 pages. Retail price : 10.50 € Book code : 5920368

START ARABIC in 20 five-minute sessions

START CHINESE in 20 five-minute sessions

START JAPANESE in 20 five-minute sessions

Over 25,000 words and phrases on finance, law, marketing and human resources examples and up-to-date quotes.

START RUSSIAN in 20 five-minute sessions

Stapled binding, 10.8 x 17.8 cm, 672 pages Retail price : 8.90 € Book code : 5920129

HARRAP’S SLANG English & American English slang 14,000 words & phrases packed with up-to-date slang and informal language extra information on interesting meanings and origins panels on the slang of sex, violence, drugs, etc. Soft cover, 12.9 x 19.8 cm, 352 pages. Retail price: 10.20 € Book code: 5920160


Soft cover, 12.9 x 19.8 cm, 352 pages. Retail price: 8.90 € Book code: 5967948

Dictionnaire des expressions anglaises DICTIONARY OF ENGLISH IDIOMATIC EXPRESSIONS

Learn a language in 20 five-minute sessions! The basics to be able to communicate when going abroad. The user learns vocabulary in authentic situations. The booklet contains games, exercises, cultural insights, tips and a comprehensive bilingual dictionary. The CD includes useful phrases and helps to practice. Plastic case, 10 x 13 cm inside, 1 CD + a 96-pages booklet. Retail price: 12.90 €

HARRAP’S BUSINESS French-English / English-French

Hard cover, 13 x 19.5 cm, 740 pages 2-color. Retail price : 19.90 € Book code : 8577938


START ENGLISH in 20 five-minute sessions

START ITALIAN in 20 five-minute sessions

START SPANISH in 20 five-minute sessions

START GERMAN in 20 five-minute sessions

Collection Parler en voyage SERIES : HARRAP’S PHRASE BOOKS Stylish easy-to-use guides for holiday-makers and business travelers. Themed chapters cover topics such as : accommodation, food and drink, emergency… In each title : • Words and phrases with the phonetic pronunciation to enable you to communicate in all situations abroad : using transport, at a hotel or restaurant, leisure, emergencies… • Cultural and practical information • A 4,000-word bilingual dictionary (2,500 for Korean) • A colour map of the relevant capital cities and main towns in each country • Concise grammatical tips to explain the basics of the language Soft cover, 10.2 x 14.5 cm, 192 to 224 pages 4-color printing. Retail price : 5.00 €

Collection Yes You can! SERIES: YES YOU CAN! You would like to improve your English by reading English and American novels or just enjoy reading in English with some help? Avoid tedious researches in a dictionary when reading and choose the series “Yes You Can”: in the original English-written text, difficult words and expressions are highlighted and marked by footnote numbers referring to translations in the same page margin. Reading is therefore facilitated and more pleasant. Each volume: hard cover, 12.5 x 19.2 cm. Retail price: 8.90 €

OTHER TITLES IN THE SERIES Bulgarian Croatian Hungarian Polish Slovenian

Published in 1925, the novel takes place in Long Island (USA) in 1922. It features a young and extravagant millionaire obsessed by a seducing married women. Exploring the themes of decadence, idealism, resistance to change and excess, it provides a critical view of American social history during the Roaring Twenties. It is considered as one of Fitzgerald’s masterpieces.

Book code : 5996269 Book code : 5294806 Book code : 5996277 Book code : 5294822 Book code : 8877897 Book code : 5996210 Book code : 8886138 Book code : 5996244 Book code : 8555712 Book code : 5294707 Book code : 8877773

Book code : 5294780 Book code : 5996251 Book code : 5294798 Book code : 5996285 Book code : 5996236 Book code : 5996236 Book code : 5996236

Book code : 5294772 Book code : 5294764

Le Chien des Baskerville THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Conan Doyle’s third crime novel featuring the detective Sherlock Holmes. First serialized in The Strand Magazine in 1901-1902, the novel, largely set on Dartmoor in Devon (England), tells the story of an attempted murder inspired by the legend of a fearsome, diabolical hound. The foggy atmosphere strengthens the feeling of anxiety inspired by the dreary, desolate and barren moor landscape. Gatsby le Magnifique THE GREAT GATSBY

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A three-way decision ensemble method for imbalanced data oversampling ☆

Synthetic Minority Over-sampling Technique (SMOTE) is an effective method for imbalanced data classification. Many variants of SMOTE have been proposed in the past decade. These methods mainly focused on how to select the crucial minority samples which implicitly assume the selection of key minority samples is binary. Thus, the cost of key sample selection is seldom considered. To this end, this paper proposes a three-way decision model (CTD) by considering the differences in the cost of selecting key samples. CTD first uses Constructive Covering Algorithm (CCA) to divide the minority samples into several covers. Then, a three-way decision model for key sample selection is constructed according to the density of the cover on minority samples. Finally, the corresponding threshold α and β of CTD are obtained based on the pattern of cover distribution on minority samples, after that key samples can be selected for SMOTE oversampling. Moreover, to overcome the shortage of CCA which may contain non-optimal by randomly selecting the cover center, an ensemble model based on CTD (CTDE) is further proposed to improve the performance of CTD. Numerical experiments on 10 imbalanced datasets show that our method is superior to the comparison methods. By constructing the ensemble of the three-way decision based key sample selection, performance of the model can be effectively improved compared with several state-of-the-art methods.

[5e] Building a Jedi (No Homebrew)

After watching the new star wars, I have been inspired to make the most Jedi like character I can in DnD. I would like it to be within the standard rules so I can bring it to Adventurer's League events. I have some ideas for abilities that I would like. If you can think of ways to implement them please let me know. Also I would like this build to finish around lvl 11. As fun as lvl 20 builds are I know I will never make it to that level.

-A battle trance of some sort

-Possible Force Lightning but I don't want to be evil

Way of the Four Elements Monk 6 / Eldritch Knight Fighter 3 / Bladesinger Wizard 2

Way of the Four Elements Monk for 2 of the following 3 abilities: Fist of Unbroken Air (retextured as force push), Water Whip (Force Pull), and possibly Clench of the North Wind (Force choke?). I don't know which 2 I want.

Eldritch Knight Fighter for:

-Weapon Bond (Jedi force grabbing their lightsaber)

-Friends Cantrip (shitty jedi mind trick)

I have also considered the possibility of using the new Bladesinger Wizard Archetype for the battle trance I'm looking for.

Pretty much any race will do unless I want to go Bladesinger.

What do you think? What should I change. I would like to not have go into wizard because then I need decent Int.

Great Old One Warlock with Pact of the Blade gives you exactly what you're looking for. Flavor is easy - "Great Old One" is just the Force. And it comes with everything you want as class features - summonable sword? Check (bonus points if you can get your hands on a Sun Blade). Mind Shielding. The ability to impose disadvantage on your enemies' attacks and turn it into advantage on yours. Plus, as spells and invocations:

Invocations: Armor of Shadows, Thirsting Blade, Otherworldly Leap. Now you don't need armor (Jedi don't wear armor!), can fight as well as any melee class, and can Jedi Jump at will.

Cantrips: Friends, Mage Hand. If you want to pick up Eldritch Blast later, you can combo it with the Repelling Blast invocation as a sort of Force-push-plus-damage.

Level 1 Spells: If you go Dark Side, Witch Bolt is a pretty perfect Force Lightning. Otherwise, Charm Person is a better Jedi Mind Trick, and Expeditious Retreat gives you the Jedi Run Trick. Hex is really good, and can be re-flavored as your Battle Trance pretty easily.

Level 2 Spells: Suggestion is another, even better Jedi Mind Trick, and Detect Thoughts lets you "sense a disturbance in the Force" since you can use it not only to read minds, but to detect thinking creatures.

Level 3 Spells: Clairvoyance feels very Jedi, obviously. Maybe also pick up Counterspell to reflect your superior Force use.

Level 4 - 5: Plenty of other neat options to pick up by the time you've gotten this far, though of course the clear winner at level 5 is Telekinesis.

As a feat, pick up Defensive Duelist for your parry-like ability and that's literally everything on your list, without all the sacrifices that come from multiclassing. High Dex and Cha is all you need, and you'll even have spell, invocation and feat choices left over. Iɽ go human, personally, but go with whatever feels right to you.

Watch the video: Class 6 noble exercise (September 2021).